The total cost of travel to the UK as a Midwife, including IELTS/OET, CBT & Visa fees.


Many Midwives traveling to the UK do not know how much it cost them to make it to the UK their dreamland, we are going to outline the total budget for prospective candidates, so they can have an idea of how much they need to work around as a budget.

This article is supposed to give you a general insight into how much it will cost a Midwife to travel to the UK.

Requirements to become a Registered Midwife in the UK

We have outlined all the requirements(documents) necessary for midwives who wish to work in the UK as a midwife in the link below:

Requirements for International Midwives who want Register as A United Kingdom Registered Midwife (UKRM) with UK NMC

We have also written a detailed article on the steps to follow to land in the UK as a UKRM or UK Midwife:

Step-by-Step Process of Becoming A United Kingdom Registered Midwife (UKRM)

Before we kick start with the budget, It is advisable to check the current exchange rates of your bank at the time you want to pay for the specific product or service, not the exchange rate on google.

Explanation of cost of travel to the UK as a UKRM, including IELTS/OET, CBT & Visa fees.

Cost of Ministry of Health Clearance (Ghanaian Diploma Midwives Only):

This clearance is a form of authorization given to the candidate by their government through a state body like the Ministry of health in Ghana

Click here to know more about Ministry of Health Ghana clearance process for Diploma Nurses and midwives.

The cost of clearance is now GH₵ 100.00 approximately £5.84, as of Today December 1. 2022 the ministry has held the sales of the forms, which suggests there could be an increase from the current fee. below is a copy of the release.

Nursing Abroad moh clearance form

Cost of NMC UK portal registration & Evaluations

Aside from Ghanaian diploma midwives who have started their processes for their MOH clearance, All other midwives can begin learning for their specified English test whether OET or IELTS and as well as follow to the next step, thus creating their NMC UK Portal Account by completing a checklist of questions accessible via steps to register for NMC UK, Nigerians and any other international nurse/midwives can follow the steps from this stage including Degree Midwives.

The cost of the registration is £140, Convertible to your local currencies.

Cost of NMC Foreign Verification by your Home NMC

This verification is done by your home NMC, it is usually done after your clearance has been approved by MOH Ghana and sent to NMC Ghana, you will be required to make payment to ADB bank for your foreign verification.

For Degree Midwives in Ghana who do not require clearance can proceed to the NMC headquarters in Accra to make payment for foreign verification after creating NMC UK portal.

Midwives in Nigeria can do their foreign verification online via the NMCN Portal after making payment via REMITA.

it is necessary to specify your preferred Country which in this case is the UK.

The cost of verification in Ghana for NMC UK is GH₵ 550.00 (£32.11)and N21,875 (£40.41) for Nigerians.

Cost of English Proficiency Test (IELTS) or (OET)

According to the Nursing and Midwifery Council and the government of the UK, A foreign trained Midwife who wants to work in the UK as a registered Midwife must Present evidence to prove their knowledge of English.

The accepted English Language tests are;

  1. The International English Language Test System (IELTS) Academic
  2. The Occupational English Test (OET).
  3. A pre-registration nurse, midwife or nursing associate qualification was taught and examined in English.
  4. Recent practice of at least one year in a majority English-speaking country.

The cost for the exams alone varies per country due to the exchange rates.

The International English Language Test System (IELTS) Academic

In Ghana, the Academic IELTS cost GH₵ 2660.00 approximately £155.80.

In Nigeria, the Academic IELTS cost N83,000 approximately £153.31

The Occupational English Test (OET)

The cost of OET is AU $587 approximately £324.04 that is GH₵ 5549.51 and N175352.42 cedis and naira equivalence respectively.

Note: You need just one either IELTS or OET

Cost of Police Clearance Ghana & Nigeria

Police clearance is a requirement for Nurses or Midwives who want to work in the UK healthcare setting, it serves as a form of background check.

The cost of the Police clearance according to the Ghana Police Service website is 50.00 but we estimate 100.00 (£5.84)excluding transport fare to the police Headquarters.

How to apply for Police Clearance certificate in Ghana

Nigerian Police charges N40,000.00(£73.90) for Police Character Certificate (PCC), also known as police clearance.

Here is an article on the 3 Ways To Obtain Police Clearance Certificate in Nigeria

One major thing the potential applicant should be worried about is that they will most likely pay double the official price.

Cost of Computer-based test (CBT)

Once NMC Uk has told you that you will need to take the CBT, you may book your CBT online or over the phone. The NMC UK will let you know by when you must complete your CBT, and they are not able to change this date. Bookings can be made up to one working day in advance.
You will receive notification of any bookings, reschedules, and cancellations by email. All correspondence from Pearson VUE will end with “”. The organizers of the exam.
Please ensure that you check your email ‘junk’ folder for emails.
Candidates must ensure they book the CBT that is consistent with their application type. For example, if you’re applying for registration as a Registered Midwife, you will need to select and book the Registered Midwife: NMC_RM CBT. A full list of CBT exam series codes are provided below:

Registered Adult Nurse: NMC_RNA
Registered Childrens Nurse: NMC_RNC
Registered Mental Health Nurse: NMC_RNMH
Registered Learning Disabilities Nurse: NMC_RNLD
Registered Midwife: NMC_RM
Registered Nursing Associate: NAR

The cost for the CBT is £83.

Cost of NMC UK registration

Successful candidates who have passed their CBT will need to login to their NMC UK Portal to continue the registration process. At this stage we believe you have completed all processes on NMC UK portal, check the link below to be sure you have submitted every document.

All you need to know about NMC UK

Pay an amount of £153 to complete your NMC UK registration.

Cost of Tuberculosis (TB) Test

According to the UK government, You must be tested for tuberculosis (TB) if you’re coming to the UK for more than 6 months. The test must be from a clinic approved by the Home Office and you will need to obtain an IOM medical certificate confirming that you are free from TB. UK government will not accept a TB test certificate from a clinic they have not approved.

The United Kingdom Tuberculosis Detection Programme (UKTBDP) involves the pre-departure testing of tuberculosis (TB) for individuals who intend to apply for a UK visa for longer than six (6) months. The UK Government designated the Migration Health Department of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to conduct the screening of applicants and issuance of certificates according to the UK Department of Health Protocol.

The test cost $130 approximately £106.74.

Cost of Visa application

There are varieties of work visas to apply for, but midwives who want to work in the UK fall under the Skilled worker visa formerly known as Tier 2 visa.

A Skilled Worker visa allows you to come to or stay in the UK to do an eligible job with an approved employer.

Skilled worker visas are also sub-classified but average travellers pay between $308 – $767, so we will say the visa application fee is $318 for both countries thus Nigerian and Ghanaian Nurses.

Cost of flight to the UK

Moving to the UK can be done in many ways, it’s either you book a transit flight or a straight flight to the UK. The cost usually depends on the individual traveling and the airline.

We have given the range of economy flight costs for both Ghana and Nigeria to London-UK.

The cost of an economy flight from Ghana to London ranges from $301 – $2480 depending on the day of booking and the above conditions, While an economy flight from Nigeria to London ranges from $2777 and above.

The cost of a flight may be less or more depending on your preference.

Pocket Money

All travelers must have some cash with them either physical cash or electronic cash, Physical cash must be declared at the airport including food at the agriculture department.

We advise you to save as much as you can for your own good.

Summary of cost of travel to the UK as a UKRN

Ghana ProcessCostNigerian ProcessCost
MOH Clearance Form (Diploma Midwives only)GH₵ 100/£5.84
NMC UK portal registration & Evaluations£140NMC UK portal registration & Evaluations£140
Foreign verification at NMC-GhanaGH₵ 550/£32.11Foreign verification at NMC-NigeriaN21,875/£40.41
English language TestEnglish language Test
IELTSGH₵ 2660.00/£155.80.IELTSN83,000/£153.31
OETAU $587/£324.04OETAU $587/£324.04
Police clearanceGH₵ 100/£5.84Police Character Certificate (PCC)N40,000/£73.90
NMC UK registration fee£153NMC UK registration fee£153
TB test$130/£106.74TB test$130/£106.74
Visa application fees$317/£260.29Visa application fees$317/£260.29
Flight cost$301 – $2480Flight cost$2777 above
Self pocket moneySelf pocket money
Total (Ghanaian Process)£1266.66/
Total (Nigerian Process)£1802.88/
The total cost excludes flight cost and self pocket money
This cost depends on your exchange rate, kindly re-calculate based on your current exchange rate.


We hope this article will guide you through your journey to your dreamland, we hope to hear from you as soon as you arrived in UK.

You can as well make your own budget by referring to the official websites of the various providers in red.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CBT or IELTS which should i take first?

According to NMC UK, whichever comes first, all you need to do is to satisfy the council’s requirement before finally submitting your application, This means that you respond to what you have at a certain time via your NMC-UK portal.

Why do clearance?

Clearance is necessary for Diploma Midwives who want to leave the country for further education or in search of greener pastures. This is to certify that you are not owing the government in any way.

Some Ghanaian-trained Public midwives (Diploma) received allowances during their training and have to serve the government for a specific period of time called “bonding”

Also, Professionals (Diploma and Degree) who have taken study leave or support of any form from the government or their institutions have to obtain clearance from the ministry.

How long is it going to take?

There are a number of factors to take into account, including preparing the evidence you need to show you meet our registration requirements and how much preparation time you feel you need before your take your CBT and OSCE. It might take 15 -30 days complete the registration application, once NMC UK received your supporting health, character and language evidence, where applicable your CBT and OSCE results, and your registration fee.

When should i book for my TB test?

It is advisable for applicants to do the TB test at least 10 weeks prior to their application because if chest x-ray findings are suggestive of pulmonary tuberculosis, they will have to do further testing (Sputum Smears/Culture) for 6-8 weeks before the results will be available. The certificate will be issued to applicants whose results are negative. If results are positive, the applicant will be referred for treatment for a period of at least 6 months.

How do i learn for IELTS, OET and CBT?

Most people do self-learning by downloading test materials via our website and other outlets like the various official websites, some also get it from friends whiles others buy the official learning materials. Some also attend classes organized by individuals and organizations.