GuidelinesImmigration Road Map For Nurse Aide Applicants -USA

Immigration Road Map For Nurse Aide Applicants -USA

The immigration process for the United State is a very long one that can discourage you from transiting from Africa to any state in your dreamland USA.

Good news to all applicants who want to move to the USA as a Nurse Aide and later further to become an RN.

Worldwide Health Staff, One of the USA’s best International Recruitment Agencies is offering the opportunity to move to the USA as a nurse Aide without spending a dollar on the process, In addition, they have outlined the process for all applicants to follow.

Below is a detailed immigration roadmap for Nurse Aides outlined by Worldwide Health Staff:


Congratulations on your journey to the United States. Below is a list of all the stages included in your immigration journey. We have included links for you to check on your personal progress, estimated costs you will incur and timelines. Please note that your new
employer does allow for certain reimbursements to offset some of these expenses. Your Case Manager can provide a detailed list of what is reimbursable to you. All contracts and individual circumstances are unique so please use your contract as your personal reference.



STAGE 2 – Job offer:

Please sign and return your offer letter within 3 to 5 business days.

STAGE 3 – ETA9089:

The ETA9089 form will be drafted by the attorney and sent to the candidate for approval. If the form is correct, please confirm with the attorney or provide any updates. Once the attorney receives the candidate’s approval, they will send the ETA9089 form to the
Department of Labor. Candidate to provide the following documents:
☐ Offer letter
☐ Current resume/CV
☐ A copy of your high school diploma
☐ A copy of your high school transcripts
☐ Passport bio page
☐ Letter verifying healthcare experience on company letterhead – COE. Total of 6 months experience required.
Please allow 5 to 6 months to be approved.

STAGE 4 – Document collection:

Send the following I-140 documents to the Case Manager email:
☐ A completed general information sheet
☐ A copy of your high school diploma
☐ A copy of your high school transcripts
☐ A copy of your college/university diploma (if applicable)
☐ A copy of your college/university transcripts (if applicable)
☐ A copy of your current resume/CV
☐ A copy of your passport photo page
☐ One COE from a current/previous employer. Total of 6 months experience required.
☐ A copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable)
☐ A copy of your dependents documents (if applicable) – birth certificate and passport
☐ Any previous USCIS approval notices (if you have one)
Premium processing is available ($2,500 per USCIS)
*From this point the attorney will draft each case (take into account that government offices close during holidays), starting from the date the last document was received either from you, the hospital and/or the Department of Labor (DOL). Sometimes these institutions
are delayed in sending their paperwork.

STAGE 5 – Petition filed:

Receipt notice received – check your case status at

STAGE 6 – Petition approved:

*Priority date must be current to proceed with your case. Check visa bulletin chart B at
*Some cases can be delayed due to retrogression that may occur from time to time.

STAGE 7 – National Visa Center (NVC):

The NVC issues fee bills for you and each dependent in the petition.
You must pay your dependents fee bills ($345 each) before we pay for yours.
Please inform your Case Manager of any life changing events since your petition was filed such as:
☐ Marriage

☐ Job Change
☐ Divorce

☐ Moving to a different country
☐ Children

STAGE 8 – Civil documents:

The following civil documents are needed for you and your dependents (if applicable):
☐ Birth certificate
☐ Marriage certificate
☐ Passport photo page
☐ Police certificate
☐ Divorce records of prior marriage

☐ Court/prison records
☐ Military records
☐ Deportation forms
☐ Passport style photographs (5cm x 5cm)
Approximately $50 per document per person if translation required

STAGE 9 – DS260:

Fill out form DS260 online but do not submit it until your Case Manager has reviewed it.
Become documentarily qualified per the NVC.
Complete the pre-orientation online education courses.
Wait for your priority date to become current per chart A for your embassy interview to be scheduled.

STAGE 10 – Embassy interview:

The NVC will send an embassy interview notice with a location, date and time and instructions on what to bring to the interview and where to take your medical exam.
Schedule your medical exam (Approximately $200 to $500 per person) no later than 2weeks before your embassy interview.
Bring with you the following documents:
☐ A copy of your embassy interview letter
☐ Unexpired passport valid for six months beyond your intended date of entry to the United States and a photocopy of the biographic page (where your name and photo are located). Children must have their own individual passports.
☐ Two (2) color passport style photographs of each person (5 cm x 5 cm).
☐ Confirmation page from the Form DS-260 Application for an immigrant visa you submitted online.
☐ Your original birth certificate, English translation and a photocopy. If an official birth certificate is not obtainable, present the best possible secondary evidence, such as a baptismal certificate, hospital certificate, school records, and/or a notarized affidavit from the
☐ Original or certified copies of birth certificates for all dependents of the principal applicant.
☐ Job reconfirmation letter from the employer
☐ Medical statement
☐ Civil documents – police clearance, marriage certificate, military records, deportation records, prison records, divorce records
Attend your embassy interview with dependents (if applicable).
Once your visa is approved and received, please send a copy of yours and your dependents to your Case Manager.
Pay the USCIS immigrant fee ($220 each per person) for you and your dependents before leaving your country to the U.S.

STAGE 11 – Transition:

If currently employed, give a resignation notice at your job after consulting with your Case Manager.
Provide the following details to your Case Manager when returning the travel information sheet:
☐ Travel date(s)
☐ Who’s traveling with you
☐ Destination
☐ (If applicable) relative/friend’s contact information whom you’ll stay with in the U.S.
WWHSS will book your one-way flight to the U.S. but you must pay for your dependents’ flights before your flight is paid.
(Approximate cost per one-way ticket is $900 to $1,400).
Depending on the employer, you may be responsible for arranging your own housing.
Review your U.S. arrival guide provided by WWHSS.

STAGE 12 – USA arrival:

Fly to your U.S. destination.
Take transportation to your housing (this depends on your employer).
Contact your Case Manager when you arrive and provide new contact information.
Go to a local Social Security office and verify your Social Security number (SSN) in person after consulting with your Case Manager.

STAGE 13 – Job placement:

Congratulations on successfully completing your journey to the United States!
Bring your SSN and your passport on your first day of work.
Contact your Case Manager after your first day of work to submit your reimbursement form, send in your receipts for reimbursement
(if applicable) and provide updated contact information (new address and phone number).


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