Green Card Opportunity for International Nurses Without NCLEX & IELTS

A legal path to U.S. permanent residency and career advancement

Worldwide Health staff or health staff is an international health recruitment agency that has developed a model of direct hire international nurse recruitment that best meets the priorities of their healthcare employer clients and their healthcare applicants from around the world. They offer their clients and applicants the clear benefits of a direct hire-only model. This approach provides their clients with a recruitment pipeline of experienced health staff along with financial benefits. For applicants, this means you are placed with a named, known facility in one location.

Solutions for Healthcare Employers

The success of your recruitment program and healthcare facility is impacted by the experience, knowledge and integrity of the recruitment firm you use. In fact, our clients routinely report that we have been able to assist them in reducing overtime and contract staffing payments while at the same time enhancing existing staff morale and retention, overall quality of care and workforce diversity. When your choice is WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions, you benefit from our:

  • Over 20 years of experience in direct hire international nurse recruitment, hiring, immigration, credentialing and relocation processes – all for one flat fee!
  • Principals and staff with decades of experience in healthcare management and recruitment
  • Team that is well-versed in handling unique staffing and placement challenges
  • Long-standing and established record of professional, ethical dealings—both with our clients and our applicants
  • Experts dedicated to helping you optimize financial success and quality care
  • Single point of contact model, through a designated and dedicated Case Manager

Solutions for International RNs & Healthcare Professionals

If you are an international nurse or healthcare professional looking to expand your skill set and further your career, WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions will make the process simple and stress-free. Our experienced team will help you along the way in completing the immigration and placement process. We will help you:

  • Find opportunities for permanent placement with established, reputable healthcare facilities that meet your needs
  • Evaluate your job offer in order to make certain the offered position fulfills your financial and placement needs
  • Schedule an interview with your chosen employer
  • Coordinate the immigration process, as well as licensure and certification

WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions is proud to be a member of the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices and AAIHR (American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment).

Why Trust Us?

• We have a 23 year track record in international recruitment.
• We have an unblemished record of integrity, honesty
and innovation.
• We are the leader in DIRECT HIRE international
healthcare recruitment.
• We are now recruiting for Nurse Aide positions

No NCLEX? No Problem!

• Without NCLEX, international nurses are not able to apply
for U.S. permanent residency as a Registered Nurse.
• International nurses can, however, apply for
U.S. permanent residency as a Nurse Aide.
• Nurse Aides who apply for permanent residency
can include their spouse and dependent children
in their applications.

Your Career Path

• You will begin working in the U.S. as a Nurse Aide.
• If you completed a RN education program in your
home country, you can pursue a U.S. RN licensure
while you are working as a Nurse Aide.
• Upon attainment of RN licensure, you can fulfill
your return of service commitment to your employer
working as a RN.


• You must have completed a formal nursing education program.
• You must have minimum 1 year current bedside experience.
• You must have strong English speaking and writing skills.

Who Will Be My Employer?

CommuniCare Health Services

Facilities in:

Nursing Abroad wwhs employer

How Much Will I Be Paid?

• Hourly rates of pay vary by geographic regions based
on local cost of living.
• On average, hourly rates of pay will be in the range of
• You receive exactly the same pay and benefits as all
similarly qualified applicants working in the same position
at your location.

What Other Benefits Will I Receive?

• Employer pays for attorney and filing fees for permanent resident application.
• Employer pays for your National Visa Center Fee Bill.
• Employer reimburses you for Embassy Medical Exam.
• Employer pays for your one-way airfare to U.S.
• Employer provides 30 days of temporary housing on arrival in U.S.
• Employer pays for your Nurse Aide training and certification.

How Much Do I Need To Pay?

• Zero recruitment or placement fees.
• No cost for attorney fees to include spouse and children.
• You will need to pay NVC bill for accompanying family members.
• You will need to pay the medical exams for accompanying family members.
• You will need to pay for accompanying family members airfare to the U.S.

Your Commitment

In return for CommuniCare offering you a full time,
DIRECT HIRE position and paying for your immigration
application and more, you will be required to agree to
work with CommuniCare for at least three (3) years.
Failure to complete the 3 year return of service
commitment will result in the applicant having to repay a
portion of the fees the employer had expended in the
immigration and relocation processes.

How and When to Apply

• Email your resume to [email protected]
•Apply today as interview appointments are limited.
• Interviews will be held: April 26-30, May 3-7 July 26-30, August 2-6


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