NewsUltimate Guide On How and Where To Get Nursing Internship Abroad

Ultimate Guide On How and Where To Get Nursing Internship Abroad

Are you looking for a nursing internship abroad? Sometimes searching for an internship abroad can be confusing, especially when just starting. Here is an ultimate guide on how to go about the process of getting an internship abroad as a nurse.

Nursing Internship Abroad
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How to get an internship abroad

Research: Begin by researching countries offering nursing internships or international student programs. Consider factors such as language requirements, cultural differences, cost of living, and the reputation of healthcare institutions.

Identify Opportunities: Look for hospitals, clinics, or healthcare organizations in your target country that offer internships or volunteer programs for foreign nursing students. Explore their websites, contact them directly, or search international internship platforms for relevant opportunities.

Check Eligibility Requirements: Understand the eligibility criteria, including any academic prerequisites, language proficiency requirements, and specific documents needed for the application. Ensure that you meet the minimum qualifications before proceeding.

Prepare Documents: Gather the necessary documents, such as your resume, academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and a statement of purpose. Ensure you have the necessary certifications, such as CPR or First Aid.

Language Proficiency: Assess if the internship requires proficiency in the local language. If so, consider taking language courses or exams such as the TOEFL or IELTS to demonstrate your language skills. If you’re fluent, highlight your language abilities in your application materials.

Apply Early: Internship opportunities can be competitive, so applying well in advance is crucial. Pay attention to application deadlines and submit your materials early to increase your chances of acceptance.

Network: Contact your professors, mentors, or nursing associations to inquire about any international internship opportunities. They might have contacts or recommendations that can assist you in securing a placement.

Funding: Consider the financial aspect of undertaking an internship abroad. Research scholarships, grants, or funding options specifically for nursing students. Additionally, explore whether your academic institution offers any financial support for international internships.

Visa and Travel Arrangements: Once you secure an internship, familiarize yourself with the host country’s visa requirements. Prepare the necessary documentation, such as a passport, visa application, and travel insurance. Make sure also to plan your travel logistics and accommodation arrangements.

Professionalism and Cultural Sensitivity: Remember to maintain professionalism throughout the application process. Respect cultural differences and adapt to your host country’s work environment and practices. Embrace the opportunity to learn from diverse healthcare settings and interact with healthcare professionals from various backgrounds.

Health and Safety: Prioritize your health and safety during your internship abroad. Familiarize yourself with local healthcare resources, obtain required vaccinations, and adhere to safety guidelines and protocols.

Where To Hunt Nursing Internships Abroad

Go abroad

GoAbroad is a comprehensive platform that provides information on various international programs, including nursing internships. You can search for internships by country, read reviews from past participants, and find detailed program descriptions.

Intern Abroad HQ

 Intern Abroad HQ offers a wide range of internships in different fields, including nursing. They provide internships in several countries, allowing you to explore various opportunities and destinations.

Global Placement 

 Global Placement is an international internship placement agency that helps students find internships in various fields, including nursing. They partner with healthcare institutions worldwide, providing access to diverse internship opportunities. Global placement has existed since 2003, making it gain a better reputation.


Idealist is a platform that connects individuals with volunteer, internship, and job opportunities around the world. You can search for nursing internships by country, read organization profiles, and apply directly through the platform.


Utilize LinkedIn’s job and internship search feature to find nursing internships abroad. Connect with professionals in the healthcare field and join relevant groups to stay updated on international internship opportunities.

University Career Centers

University Career centers would be a great place to get nursing internships. Check with your university’s career center or international office. They may have resources, partnerships, or databases specifically for nursing internships abroad.

Professional Nursing Associations

Professional nursing associations are a great place to get nursing internships abroad.Explore nursing associations or organizations in your home country or the country you wish to intern. They often provide information on international nursing opportunities, including internships or exchange programs.

Some of the Professional Nursing Association we recommend include; the American Nurses Association, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, the Oncology Nursing Society, etc.


With the guidance provided in this article, you can easily secure your nursing internship abroad. Remember to review the credibility and legitimacy of any platform or program before applying or providing personal information. Researching and verifying the organizations offering internships is essential to ensure they are reputable and provide valuable experiences.

We are here to make your nursing abroad journey easier.

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