NewsNew Opportunity For Nurses In Nigeria- Work In Canada, Through British Columbia 

New Opportunity For Nurses In Nigeria- Work In Canada, Through British Columbia 

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Are you an internationally trained nurse in Nigeria? Do you need better salaries? Are you looking for better pay with added advantages? 

Look no further; we got you covered. Have you heard of the British Columbia funds, fees, and waivers? 

Okay, British Columbia is providing Nurses in Nigeria an opportunity to work in Canada by providing funds to support them.

If you are interested in this opportunity, there are some simple steps to follow. They include the following: 

Step 1: Create an Account With Nursing Community Assessment Service

Step 2: Upload your filled forms

Step 3: Upload Your Identification Documents

Step 4: BCCNM Application

Step 1: Create an account with Nursing Community Assessment Service

Creating an account on NCAS
  1. Open the NCAS website.
  2. Click on the license in British Columbia
  3. Choose Create an NCAS account and fill out the form
  4. Login to your account

Step 2: Complete and Upload the NCAS application form

The application has three sections. To access the form, go to and choose I’m seeking a license in British Columbia.

Fill in the form provided with the correct details.

While filling out the form, there is a place you need to fill in your NCAS ID. You will need to revert to your profile and get your NCAS ID. 

Remember to select British Columbia in the place of the country of practice.

The second section is the acknowledgment and release; sign this form with the correct details.

In section three, you are required to fill in your details. Give the correct details.

After filling out your form, you will need to save it on your form on your computer. 

Upload the application forms

Remember you just filled out the forms and downloaded them to your computer. The next step is to upload them. To upload them, you will sign in to the NCAS website and then upload your documents.   

Step 3: Upload Your Identification Documents

Login to your ncas account.  On the document type, select other then upload 2 identification documents. The first, the primary ID, is your national identification. You can upload any other such as a driver’s licence, birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate etc.

Yo must upload 2 valid identification. 

Note that your documents must all be notarized.

 Step 4: Create an Account With the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives

After placing your application with the NCAS, you can create an account with the BCCNM. It involves the following steps:

  1. To create an account, go to
  2. Fill in the required details
  3.  Verify your email as soon as possible.

NCAS Evaluation Of academic Credential

NCAS has approved 5 agencies to do the credential evaluation.

WES is a widely recognized organization that specializes in evaluating international academic credentials. Their prices are affordable since they are at Canadian $ 217. The timeline for application is 7 days to be approved.

These organizations play a crucial role in accurately assessing international academic credentials, enabling individuals to pursue educational and professional opportunities in different countries. 

How to be Assessed by World Education Service

  1. Create a WES Account: Sign up for a WES account on their website. This will allow you to initiate the evaluation process and track the progress of your application.
  2. Choose the Evaluation Type: Select the appropriate evaluation type for your profession, which would be nursing. WES offers different evaluation options based on the purpose of your evaluation, such as for education or employment.
  3. Submit Required Documents: Upload the scanned copies of your documents to your WES account. Make sure the scans are clear and legible. Provide all the information requested accurately and thoroughly.
  4. Pay the Evaluation Fee: WES charges a fee for their evaluation services. Check the current fee on their website ($217 in 2023) and pay using the available payment options. Keep a record of the payment receipt for future reference.
  5. Wait for Evaluation Completion: WES will start the evaluation process once you have submitted your documents and paid the fee. The time it takes to complete the evaluation can vary, so check the estimated processing time on the WES website. WES will review your documents and verify their authenticity.
  6. Evaluation Report: WES will generate an evaluation report once the evaluation is completed. This report will assess your academic credentials and their equivalency in the US or Canadian education system.
  7. Delivery of Evaluation Report: WES will send the evaluation report directly to the recipient(s) you specified during the application process. This could be an educational institution or a professional licensing authority.


The good thing about BCCNM is that they assess internationally educated applicants for both registered nurse, licensed practical nurse and health care assistant registration through one application. Hence, you can enter the Canadian healthcare workforce sooner in the designation that matches your current nursing competence. 

BCCNM Registration Services assess your application and determine your eligibility for either provisional registration authorizing you to practice as a Nurse in Canada. Then you can prepare for NCLEX while in Canada, granting you full practicing registration.

Let us know if this was helpful in the comment section. You can also feel free to leave a question you may be having on the same.

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