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Working as a Nurse In Canada Without IELTS or NCLEX-Do It The Fastest And Easiest Way Via Nova Scotia(NSCN)


Many dreams of international nursing have been cut due to the long process of application and immigration. If you are one of the many nurses who have dreamt to work in Canada but have not been successful your chance has come. With the increased demand for nurses in Canada, there is come a simpler way to go about it. Nova Scotia College of Nursing recently was approved by the Canadian government as a regulatory body to help in admitting more nurses to Canada.

Working as a nurse in Canada Without IELTS or NCLEX

Geographically Scotia is the smallest province after Price Edwards and is an intensively densely populated province. Since people are shifting in big numbers there has been a shortage of nurses in health care facilities. The living standards in Scotia are affordable compared to the other provinces in Canada hence this could be the reason for the high population.

Nurses incentives in Nova Scotia

  • $ 10,000 for permanent nurses since January 2023
  • Additional $10,000 retention incentive for nurses who signed a contract of 2 years.
  • $10,000 incentive for returning nurses from a publicly funded system and have agreed to sign two years contract.

Some benefits of working as a nurse in Canada are; 

  • Competitive salary 
  • Good health system
  • High standards of living
  • Opportunity to further studying
  • E.t.c

The Application Process For International Nurses Through Nova Scotia- you do not require IELTS or NCLEX

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The requirement for this process is the national council licensure examination(NCLEX) but don’t need to worry, why? you can practice with a temporary license as you wait to do the exam. Let us embark on the process now;

Step 1: Online application through the NSCN site

Register and log in to the NSCN registration and licensure portal then apply as an RN applicant(expedited). Fill out the form provided correctly and ensure you have given valid details.

Step 2: Submit 2 documents of identification

Secondly, you will need to submit identification documents such as national identification, driver’s license, birth certificate, Canadian-issued government- ID, or any other. This is for your identification in the process of registration and licensure.

Step 3: Get verified with your current regulatory body

The regulatory body with which you are registered is required to send a verification directly to Nova Scotia through its website. As an applicant request your current regulatory body to do so. It is important that you have a good and commendable rapport with your current regulator so that they’ll give a good report about your ethics.

NB: You cannot do it for yourself.

Step 4: Submit proof of English proficiency.

Language ability is usually important when applying for a nursing job abroad. When applying through Nova Scotia’s new policy you provide the nursing certificates that show you completed a nursing course or program. You will not require the IELTS exam certificate.

Step 5: Arrange for a Criminal record Check.

A criminal record check (CRC) should be sent directly to the NSCN. If you are applying from outside Canada follow the correct procedure for clearing with CRC in your current country of residence.

Most Asked Questions

How much do you pay for the Nova Scotia registration?

After uploading all your requirements there is a fee you are expected to pay for the body to check and verify your documents. The amount of fee is $143 for first-time applicants which you will pay online.

Do I have to do the NCLEX exam when applying through NSCN?

Yes, The NCLEX exam is compulsory for licensure so in case you have not done it yet you’ll need to book and do it through NSCN. The advantage of NSCN is you can be a practicing nurse as you wait to do the exam.

How long should I expect a response after applying through Nova Scotia College of Nursing?

When you are done with the application process you can wait for an email to be sent to you from Nova Scotia School of Nursing within 10 working days.

Countries that are listed by Nova Scotia

  • Philippines
  • India
  • Nigeria
  • U.K
  • The U.S.A
  • Australia
  • New Zeeland
  • Any Canadian province

This program started in March 2023 and in some countries in May 2023. We hope as time goes by some more countries will be added to the list, You can always come back to check with us or from the NSCN official website.


Becoming a nurse has been simplified and this means more opportunities for nurses who want to work in Canada. We advise you to take advantage of these opportunities are fast as possible. Considering the advantages that come with working in Canada this could be a savior from the long and demanding process.

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