GuidelinesThe Ultimate Guide To Moving Abroad As A Care Assistant In 2024:...

The Ultimate Guide To Moving Abroad As A Care Assistant In 2024: UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand…

Deciding to move abroad for work can be an exciting yet daunting task. As a care assistant looking to relocate in 2024, it’s important to research your options thoroughly before taking any leap. This definitive guide will explore the very best countries to move to as a care assistant next year, what you need to do to get there, expected salaries you can earn, what day-to-day life will look like, and top tips for applying for jobs.

Read on for all you need to know to kickstart your global care career…

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Why Move Abroad As A Care Assistant?

There are many excellent reasons to seek care assistant roles overseas. As many developed countries face aging populations and increased demand for care services, new job openings arise every year. Relocating enables you to:

  • Earn Higher Salaries: Countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and parts of the USA will often pay visiting care workers considerably more than the UK average. Even basic assistant wages can equate to £30,000+ back home.
  • Travel Opportunities: Few careers offer the chance to live and work in different countries like care assistant roles do. Whether a short or long term relocation, you can gain global experience.
  • Career Progression: Overseas environments provide invaluable opportunities to expand your skillset and take on more senior positions faster than would be possible in the UK. Valuable for future career options.
  • Lifestyle Change: A move abroad serves as an exciting chance to experience different cultures, communities, landscapes and ways of living. Improving quality of life is a major incentive.

Global demand for skilled, compassionate care means more doors are open to relocate as an assistant than ever before. And with extensive shortages set to increase over the next decade in top destinations, 2024 presents a prime time for travel.

Top Destinations To Relocate To As A Care AssistantNursing Abroad images 2023 11 30T093155.178

Though opportunities exist almost everywhere, certain countries stand out most when planning an overseas care assistant move. As of 2024, the following nations provide exceptional prospects:

United Kingdom

  • Continues facing severe care sector staffing shortages, with over 105,000 vacancies in England alone as of late 2023. Rising demand with aging demographics will further intensify recruitment needs.
  • Highly regarded qualifications and previous experience will secure roles across the UK quickly. Both care homes and home care providers urgently hire assistants.
  • Salary packages very location dependent, but averages around £19,000 nationally. Major cities and the South East pay higher wages.
  • Cost of living crisis places financial strains, but care roles include extensive benefits like paid holidays, sick pay, training funds and pension contributions.


  • Over the next decade, Canada aims to welcome over 1.5 million new immigrants to fill abundant in-demand jobs – including over 300,000 openings for care assistants, orderlies and patient service associates.
  • Fast-track visa schemes like the Federal Skilled Worker Program make relocating much easier for overseas assistants with solid experience.
  • Average salaries of CAD $34,000 (£21,500) significantly higher than the UK. When factoring in exchange rates and lower taxes, equivalent to £30,000+ back home. Free healthcare also boosts savings.
  • Major demand across Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. Care assistants currently listed as ‘in demand’ occupations.


  • As the American population ages, care assistant and home health aide numbers must swell from 2.6 million currently to over 3.8 million by 2030. To fill hundreds of thousands of vacancies, overseas recruitment is rising.
  • Salaries higher than in the UK, averaging $30,000 (£25,000) but ranging vastly between $22-40,000 depending on state. California and cities like New York and Chicago pay the most.
  • Weather varies dramatically across the 50 states, enabling you to choose an ideal climate lifestyle. Coastal regions like Florida and California most popular with ex-pats.
  • Can prove more tricky to secure long term visas than other locations. Often easier to arrange contracts with employers first.

New Zealand

  • Over 10% of care industry workers already immigrants. Expected to recruit over 2,000 overseas assistants and aides by 2025 as aging population fuels demand.
  • 12 month working holiday and temporary work visas easy to obtain for under 30s. Skilled Migrant Category targets those with solid care experience looking to relocate long term.
  • Salaries very competitive, ranging NZD$40-60,000 based on skills/experience. Equates £20-30,000+ in the UK. Low living costs stretch income further.
  • Most care roles situated in major cities like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in the North Island. Outdoor, active lifestyles appeal to newcomers.

Essential Requirements To Work Abroad As A Care Assistant

While each country determines its own entry criteria, some core requirements apply universally when hoping to work internationally as a care assistant:

Relevant Qualifications

Ideally at minimum NVQ/QCF Level 2 standard or equivalent. Extra training in healthcare essentials like first aid, mental health, dementia and palliative care also prove advantageous.

Proven Experience

Have demonstrable background working directly with vulnerable adults in care environments. Track record of competency and sensitivity handling challenging situations.

Eligibility To Work

Must meet visa and work permit conditions for target country. Some arrange this themselves, but most overseas employers now provide advice and support.Fitness To Practice

Should have recent DBS checks, health exams, immunisation history, references and any other evidence confirming suitability to practice safely.

Language Skills

While some multicultural cities worldwide have provider shortages so great they now hire without local language abilities, having basic skills significantly boosts opportunities.

Note criteria differs between temporary, contracted and permanent care assistant roles abroad. But meeting all requirements confirms you can practice legally and ethically.

Expected Salaries: How Much Can You Earn Abroad?

Typical wages for care assistants and aides vary globally depending on:

  • Local economic factors like inflation, cost of living etc
  • Level of experience and qualifications gained
  • Type of employer (agency, private facility, home care organisation etc)
  • Which region/state/city you work in
  • Additional duties performed beyond standard personal careNursing Abroad images 71

Using the latest 2024 data and predictions, here are the average expected salaries within top destinations:United Kingdom – £19,000 per year / £9.80 per hour

  • Starts around £17,500 for entry roles, reaching £21,500+ for senior positions
  • Agencies pay £1-3 less. Inner cities and south east pay more

Canada – CAD $34,000 / $18 per hour

  • Ranges between CAD $27,000 in rural areas to $38,000 in cities like Toronto
  • Additional benefits often include relocation/travel funds, healthcare, insurance

USA – $30,000 / $15 per hour

  • Starts around $22-25,000 for basic experience, up to $40,000 in states like California
  • Major variance makes location key. Coastal cities and states pay higher rates

New Zealand – NZD $40-60,000 per year / $20-30 per hour

  • Around NZD $40,000 for starter roles, up to NZD $65,000 for specialised senior positions
  • Public healthcare and low taxes make this an excellent wage to live comfortably

So you can expect to earn over 50-100% more than the £18,000 UK average. In countries like Canada and New Zealand, savings potential significantly increases too.

What’s The Job And Lifestyle Really Like?

Wondering what daily life as an overseas care assistant involves? Responsibilities and environments tend to differ little from the UK, focusing on:

  • Providing personal care like washing, dressing, feeding vulnerable adults
  • Observing and reporting health condition changes
  • Assisting with mobility around homes/facilities
  • Light domestic duties like meal prep, cleaning, shopping
  • Social and emotional support through conversation, activities
  • Admin like record keeping and care planning

Most assistants work varied shifts based on rotas, including weekends and sometimes sleep-ins. Schedules balance nicely with overseas adventures.

You’ll likely base yourself in towns and cities where care services are highest in demand. Multicultural environments, yet smaller communities, help you settle in while enjoying a better quality of life.As most countries face growing staffing pressures, employers also work hard to retain visiting workers – offering extensive benefits, flexibility and investment in your development.Nursing Abroad images 75

Top Tips For Securing An Overseas Care Assistant Role

If you meet all the entry criteria for an exciting new life abroad supporting vulnerable individuals, what next? Follow these key tips to make that global job search successful:

1. Decide Where To Relocate

Research which countries have the best openings to match your skills, then shortlist locations suited to your lifestyle aims.

2. Search Specialist Job Boards

As well as broader sites, check portals like CareAbroad and Care Overseas focusing specifically on international vacancies.

3. Seek Recruitment Agency Help

Specialist organisations like Trust In Care and HC One Work Abroad can match your experience with employers overseas then support the relocation process.

4. Determine Necessary Visas

Establish which working rights must be arranged before departure dependent on role duration ie working holiday, temporary or permanent.

5. Prepare Standout Applications

Ensure you resume, cover letters and interview technique is customized for overseas hiring managers to impress.

6. Arrange Police/Health Checks

Some nations require extra clearance to prove you can practice legally and safely even with UK qualifications.

7. Get Supporting Evidence Ready

Have all visas, references, qualifications, health documents etc scanned and certified to supply employers quickly if required.With so many incredible opportunities abroad, making a successful care assistant job application is very achievable with the right guidance.

Start Your Adventure Abroad In 2024!

As major staffing shortfalls accumulate globally, doors have never been more open for care assistants to take their expertise overseas. With higher salaries, greater career potential and incredible new culture and lifestyle experiences awaiting in idyllic destinations, relocation benefits are immense.

Whether seeking permanent residence or a temporary adventure abroad, follow the steps above to turn your dreams of an international care role into reality in 2024. With employers desperate for both short and long term solutions across English-speaking countries like the UK, Canada, USA and New Zealand, timely applications are sure to succeed.

Bring your dedication, compassion and patience to provide vulnerable individuals excellent support in amazing new places, all while advancing personally and professionally. Take the leap into overseas care work – and 2024 could just be your best year yet.

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