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Get Paid Over £28K a Year to Work and Study in the UK with Visa Sponsorship – Opportunities for All

The UK offers incredible opportunities for people from all over the world to come and work or study, with the chance to build a bright future and career. Numerous programs provide visa sponsorship along with salaries over £28,000 per year. Best of all, these programs are open to applicants globally.

Overview of High Paying UK Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

The UK is home to many world-leading companies and organizations in fields like technology, academics, healthcare, engineering and more. These groups actively recruit international talent to fill key roles. When they sponsor your visa, it means providing full legal permission and paperwork for you to work in the UK.Salaries for sponsored positions often exceed £28,409 per year, along with other benefits like paid time off, retirement planning, healthcare coverage and more. Specific jobs paying this level or higher include:

  • Nurses
  • Software Developers
  • Engineering Managers
  • University Lecturers
  • Finance Managers
  • Architects

Applicants from countries across the globe are welcome to apply for these lucrative roles. All you need is an applicable degree or experience in your field. Language requirements are typically limited as well.Keep reading to learn more about the highest paying opportunities offering visa sponsorship.

In-Demand Jobs: Nursing & Healthcare

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) faces severe staffing shortages, especially nurses. As of 2023, the NHS lack over 250,000 healthcare workers in total.To fill this gap, NHS trusts are hiring internationally. Numerous nursing and allied health professional roles include visa sponsorship and salaries exceeding £28,409 per year:

  • Staff Nurses – £28,000 to £40,000
  • Specialist Nurses – £33,000 to £43,000
  • Radiographers – £28,000 to £48,000
  • Sonographers – £30,000 – £50,000
  • Paramedics – £28,000 to £40,000

Benefits also include a minimum of 27 days annual leave, comprehensive health coverage, and a competitive pension plan.Nursing Abroad images 2023 12 30T011701.192

No Experience Required

Incredibly, the NHS provides training to those with no prior nursing experience. You can join their 3 year nurse degree apprenticeship program with full salary and sponsorship.Upon completion, you’ll have a fully recognized nursing qualification and work authorization. It’s an amazing opportunity to start a high paying medical career from scratch.

Technology: Software Developers & Engineering Managers

The UK boasts one of the world’s strongest and most innovative tech industries. Cities like London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge host companies leading advancements in fields like AI, cloud computing, digital media and more.To continue this leadership, they seek talented technical professionals globally. Numerous high paying software and engineering roles provide visa sponsorship:Software Developers

  • Front End – £45,000 to £75,000
  • Back End – £50,000 to £90,000
  • Full Stack – £55,000 to £105,000
  • Engineering Managers – £65,000 to £120,000

These salaries rise even higher in prestigious firms focused on financial tech, machine learning, autonomous vehicles, and other cutting-edge domains.Nursing Abroad images 2023 12 20T114744.940

Top Companies Hiring

Global brands like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook have major UK engineering centers and hire from across the globe. So do leading finance/trading technologists like Jane Street, Citadel Securities, Optiver and Susquehanna International Group.Meanwhile, domestic stars like Ocado, Babylon Health, Monzo Bank, Starling Bank and more are disrupting their industries with great technology.

They provide amazing learning and career growth opportunities through visa sponsorship programs open worldwide.

Education: University Lecturers & Research Fellows

Did you know the UK has 4 universities in the global top 10, and 18 in the top 100? From Oxford and Cambridge; to Imperial College, UCL and more; UK institutions are world leaders in education and research.

To maintain this dominance, they recruit academics globally, with many positions providing visa sponsorship:

University Lecturers

  • £42,000 to £60,000

Research Fellows

  • £33,000 to £53,000

Higher salaries apply for senior lecturers and professors. All roles include generous benefits like paid time off, pension contributions and other perks.

Prestigious Institutions

Every top university in the UK hires international academics and researchers, including Oxford, Cambridge and all Russell Group members.

So if you hold a PhD or other advanced credential in your field, you can secure sponsorship to teach or research at one of the world’s best institutions. It’s an incredible way to advance your career while immersing yourself in groundbreaking scholarship.

Business & Finance: Management to Fintech

From massive multinationals to disruptive startups, the UK hosts all types and sizes of companies leading their field. Many now hire globally into lucrative positions with visa sponsorship:Finance Managers

  • Investments – £55,000 to £250,000
  • Analytics – £65,000 to £120,000
  • Actuarial Science – £80,000 to £300,000

Business Managers

  • Marketing – £42,000 to £117,000
  • Operations – £38,000 to 105,000
  • Strategy – £48,000 to £180,000

Salaries rise dramatically based on experience and specific field (e.g. hedge funds, private equity, venture capital). But even early career positions pay £28,409 or more.Top companies reside across the UK in London, as well as Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds and more. They want talented, driven professionals to take on leadership roles.

Engineering: Design to Construction Management

The UK stands at the forefront of engineering innovation. Landmark projects like HS2, Hinkley Point C nuclear plant, Crossrail and more push boundaries.Engineering disciplines like civil, mechanical, electrical and more are crucial to delivering this complex infrastructure. And there are shortages of qualified engineers.Numerous companies thus provide visa sponsorship globally; Nursing Abroad images 2024 01 01T142904.154

Engineering Roles

  • Electrical – £30,000 to £70,000
  • Civil – £32,000 to £120,000
  • Mechanical – £30,000 to £100,000
  • Chemical – £28,000 to £65,000

Construction Managers

  • £45,000 to £105,000

Higher salaries come with senior titles like principal engineer, project manager and director. But even graduate trainees earn over £28,409.Firms hiring include Laing O’Rourke, Atkins, Jacobs Engineering, National Grid and more. All are global leaders paying top rates for world-class talent.

Architecture & Design: Well Paid Creative Roles

From stunning new developments like Battersea Power Station to massive transport projects like HS2, architecture and design talent is crucial.Leading UK studios like Zaha Hadid, Foster + Partners and others are behind iconic buildings globally.

They also design complex infrastructure like airports, rail networks and commercial spaces.

To maintain their elite status, they hire architects and related experts worldwide into well paid roles:


  • £32,000 to £45,000

Interior Designers

  • £28,000 to £40,000

Graphic Designers

  • £26,000 to £39,000

Higher salaries come with qualifications and experience. But even junior designers and associate architects earn over £28K.Plus you’ll work on awe-inspiring developments while enjoying visa sponsorship and UK lifestyle perks.

Application Process for High Paying UK Visa JobsNursing Abroad Career Student Working Indoor GettyImages 1015029898

If you have qualifications and/or experience in an in-demand field, consider applying for these well paid UK visa jobs.

It’s a life-changing chance to advance your career while experiencing British culture.The application process includes several key steps:

1. Find OpportunitiesUse job boards like Indeed, Reed or specialist sites in your industry. Follow leading companies in your field for openings.

2. Choose Visa SponsorConfirm your potential employer offers approved visa sponsorship before applying.

3. Submit ApplicationProvide required documents like your CV, cover letter, portfolio etc.

4. InterviewIf selected, you’ll interview online or in-person.

5. Receive OfferIf successful, you’ll receive a formal offer letter and sponsorship details.

6. Apply for VisaSubmit visa application through the approved program tied to your sponsor.

7. Relocate to the UK!Upon approval, book travel to start your new UK job and life!So if you have skills in healthcare, technology, academia, engineering, business or design – explore these visa roles today.

Salaries exceeding £28,409 provide a comfortable life in vibrant UK cities. You’ll also join world-leading organizations to grow your expertise and career immensely.The UK offers incredible chances. Research opportunities and apply today to secure this rewarding sponsored lifestyle.

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