NewsStand Out: How to Secure the VCIS Scholarship at Macquarie

Stand Out: How to Secure the VCIS Scholarship at Macquarie

The Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship (VCIS) offered by Macquarie University in Australia is a prestigious scholarship awarded to high-achieving international students commencing undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degrees at the university. With a value of up to AUD $10,000 towards tuition fees, the VCIS aims to “reward academic excellence and attract high performing students”.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be an international student from outside Australia or New Zealand
  • Achieve the minimum academic requirement.
  • Postgraduate applicants: Minimum weighted average mark (WAM) of 65 or equivalent
  • Undergraduate applicants: Minimum ATAR of 85 or equivalent.
  • Have an offer of admission for an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree at Macquarie University.
  • Commence study in the session indicated in the scholarship offer letter.
  • Meet the University’s English language requirements.
  • Not already hold another Macquarie University scholarship over AUD $10,000.

The VCIS is awarded based on academic merit, so meeting the minimum eligibility criteria does not guarantee a scholarship offer. Competition is high for this prestigious award .

Application Process

Eligible students must complete the following steps to apply for the VCIS.

  1. Submit an online application for admission to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Macquarie University and receive a student number
  2. Complete the online scholarship application form, entering “VCIS” as the scholarship name
  3. Provide copies of academic transcripts and English language test scores (if applicable)

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The VCIS application is open year-round, but students are encouraged to apply early to maximize their chances of success. Scholarship recipients will be notified along with their offer of admission to the University.

Benefits and Opportunities

The Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship is highly prestigious and provides both financial and career benefits:

Financial Support

  • Value of up to AUD $10,000 as a one-off payment towards tuition fees
  • Significantly reduces the cost of studying at Macquarie University
  • Eases financial pressures for high-achieving international students

Career Opportunities

  • Prestigious accolade to include on CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Demonstrates academic excellence to future employers
  • Opportunity to study at one of Australia’s leading universities
  • Chance to build professional network and connections

Academic Environment

  • Join a university community that values excellence and innovation
  • Collaborate with world-class researchers and academics
  • Access outstanding learning facilities and resources

Research Opportunities

  • Potential pathway to graduate research and PhD study
  • Apply for Macquarie University Research Fellowships and funding
  • Participate in industry-linked research projects

In addition to the VCIS, Macquarie University offers a wide range of other scholarships, grants, and bursaries that international students may be eligible for, from travel grants to equity scholarships.

The Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship offered by Macquarie University provides an outstanding opportunity for high-achieving international students to fund their studies, advance their careers, and collaborate in a world-class academic environment.

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With a prestigious scholarship title to add to their CV, access to research funding and potential PhD pathways, VCIS recipients are set up for future success. Meeting the eligibility criteria is highly competitive, but eligible students are encouraged to apply for this generous and valuable scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship worth?

A: The VCIS is worth up to AUD $10,000, provided as a one-off payment towards tuition fees.

Q: When should I apply for the VCIS?

A: Applications are open year-round, but early application is recommended as scholarships are limited.

Q: Can I hold the VCIS and another Macquarie University scholarship?

A: No, recipients cannot hold the VCIS and another Macquarie scholarship over AUD $10,000 in value.

Q: Am I a competitive applicant for the VCIS?A: The VCIS is awarded based on academic excellence. Postgraduate applicants should have a WAM of at least 65, while undergraduate applicants require an ATAR of 85 or equivalent. Competition is high for this prestigious scholarship.

Q: What happens if I withdraw from my degree early?

A: You may be required to repay the scholarship amount if you withdraw before completing your program of study. Check the conditions before accepting the award.

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