NewsSkilled Worker Visa: Supplementary Employment Restriction Lifted from April 24

Skilled Worker Visa: Supplementary Employment Restriction Lifted from April 24

The UK government has announced a significant change to the Skilled Worker visa rules, effective from April 24, 2024. The restriction on supplementary employment for Skilled Worker visa holders has been removed, allowing them to take up additional work in any occupation eligible for the Skilled Worker route.

Background: Skilled Worker Visa and Supplementary Employment

The Skilled Worker visa is a popular immigration route for skilled professionals from outside the UK to work in the country. Previously, Skilled Worker visa holders were only permitted to undertake supplementary employment (up to 20 hours per week) in the same occupation for which they were sponsored or in a shortage occupation.

This restriction limited the opportunities for visa holders to supplement their income and gain valuable experience outside their primary role.

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The government recognized that Skilled Worker visa holders are highly qualified and experienced professionals who have been thoroughly vetted, and allowing them to work in additional eligible occupations would benefit both the individuals and the UK economy.

Key Changes from April 24, 2024

From April 24, 2024, Skilled Worker visa holders will be permitted to undertake up to 20 hours per week of supplementary employment in any occupation that is eligible for the Skilled Worker route.

This means they can take up additional work outside their sponsored occupation, provided the secondary role meets the skill level and salary requirements for the Skilled Worker visa.

The change aims to provide greater flexibility and opportunities for Skilled Worker visa holders to diversify their experience and income streams while contributing to the UK workforce.

Implications for Employers and Visa Holders

This change is expected to benefit both employers and Skilled Worker visa holders in the following ways:

  1. Increased Talent Pool: Employers seeking to fill skilled positions may now have access to a broader pool of candidates, including Skilled Worker visa holders who were previously restricted from taking on supplementary roles.
  2. Improved Retention: By allowing Skilled Worker visa holders to pursue additional opportunities, employers may be better positioned to retain skilled talent within their organizations.
  3. Enhanced Career Development: Skilled Worker visa holders can now explore diverse career paths and gain valuable experience in different sectors, potentially enhancing their professional growth and employability.
  4. Supplementary Income: The ability to take on additional work can provide Skilled Worker visa holders with a means to supplement their income, improving their overall financial stability.

It is important to note that Skilled Worker visa holders must continue to meet the requirements of their primary sponsored role and obtain permission from their sponsor before undertaking supplementary employment.

Application Process and Eligibility

Skilled Worker visa holders interested in taking advantage of this change should consult with their sponsors and ensure they meet the eligibility criteria for the supplementary role they wish to pursue.

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Employers seeking to hire Skilled Worker visa holders for supplementary roles should familiarize themselves with the updated rules and ensure compliance with the relevant regulations.

To apply for a Skilled Worker visa or to explore opportunities under the revised rules, interested individuals and employers can visit the UK Government’s website or seek guidance from immigration professionals.

The lifting of the supplementary employment restriction is a positive step towards providing greater flexibility and opportunities for skilled professionals in the UK. It aligns with the government’s efforts to attract and retain top talent while supporting the growth and development of the UK workforce.

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