UniversitiesSelar Tuition Fund: Empowering Final Year Students to Achieve Their Dreams

Selar Tuition Fund: Empowering Final Year Students to Achieve Their Dreams

The path to obtaining a university degree can be filled with financial obstacles for many students in Nigeria. As the finish line draws closer after years of hard work, monetary burdens threaten to derail promising academic journeys. Selar, a forward-thinking organization, has stepped in to alleviate these pressures through an innovative scholarship fund targeting final year students.

Overview of the Selar Tuition Fund

  • Total Fund Size: N5 million
  • Number of Scholarships: 50 (N100,000 each)
  • Eligibility: Final year students at accredited Nigerian universities with a CGPA of 3.0/65% or higher grade and demonstrating financial need
  • Application Deadline: February 29, 2024
  • Required Documents: Application form, academic records, personal statement

The Selar Tuition Fund aims to empower 50 deserving final year students by providing N100,000 each towards tuition fees.

This will enable recipients to complete their undergraduate studies with less financial strain. The launch of this scholarship fund also represents the inauguration of Selar’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm. Through initiatives like this, Selar hopes to foster positive societal change and support the next generation of leaders.

Target Beneficiaries

The Selar Tuition Fund is open to all final year students, regardless of discipline, enrolled in any accredited tertiary institution across Nigeria, including:

  • Public universities
  • Select private universities
  • Polytechnics

By making the scholarship widely accessible, Selar seeks to have a broad impact on alleviating financial barriers to education.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Selar Tuition Fund Scholarship, applicants must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

1. Final Year Status

Applicants must be in their final year of an undergraduate degree program at an accredited Nigerian tertiary institution. This includes public, private, and polytechnic institutions.

2. Academic Excellence

A cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on a 5.0 scale or 65% cumulative average is required. Applicants must submit official academic transcripts validating their academic performance.

3. Nigerian Residency

Applicants must be Nigerian citizens or residents enrolled in an accredited Nigerian university.

4. Financial Need

Since the fund targets students facing financial constraints, applicants must demonstrate genuine financial or economic need. A personal statement clearly outlining the scholarship’s expected impact is compulsory.

5. Clear Objectives

In addition to the statement of financial need, applicants must submit a 500-word personal statement articulating their academic and professional goals. This grants the selection committee insight into applicants’ motivations and future aspirations.Nursing Abroad d62b9f776c007bc83149ce381b4c2ff8

Application Timeline

While the announcement does not specify an exact deadline, interested students are advised to apply immediately given the limited number of scholarships available. Early submission increases the likelihood of successfully securing this potentially life-changing funding support.

Application Process

To apply for the 2024 Selar Tuition Fund Scholarship, applicants must:

Step 1) Visit the Selar Tuition Fund application page: Application Link .

Step 2) Carefully fill out the online application form with accurate personal and academic details.

Step 3) Upload electronic copies of the following supporting documents:

  • Completed application form
  • Academic transcript
  • 500-word personal statement clearly articulating academic/professional goals and demonstrating financial need

Step 4) Click Submit. Successfully submitted applications will be forwarded to the selection committee for review.

Step 5) Await application results which are expected to be released shortly after the application deadline. Successful recipients will be directly notified.

Application Tips

To boost your chances of securing the Selar Tuition Fund Scholarship, consider the following application tips:

  • Provide accurate details and information throughout the application. Dishonest or inconsistent information is grounds for disqualification.
  • Craft an engaging personal statement that compellingly conveys your financial need and future aspirations. This is your chance to bring your application to life and make an impression.
  • Submit your application as early as possible. As a highly competitive scholarship, submissions close once the limited slots are filled.
  • Ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria, especially the 3.0 GPA/65% grade requirement, before applying. Ineligible applicants will automatically be disqualified.
  • Follow up if you do not receive feedback weeks after the deadline. Politely enquire about the status of your application.

Carefully adhering to the application instructions and tips maximizes your prospects of becoming one of the 50 lucky recipients of the N100,000 Selar Tuition Fund Scholarship.

Why the Selar Tuition Fund MattersNursing Abroad depositphotos 478211790 stock photo female student bachelor robe diploma

The Selar Tuition Fund Scholarship is an invaluable opportunity, providing both financial and empowerment benefits to some of Nigeria’s most academically gifted students.

Boosting Access to Education

With university fees in Nigeria beyond the means of many bright students, scholarships serve a vital role in promoting equal access to higher education. By covering tuition costs, the Selar Fund alleviates the monetary barriers that could otherwise prevent some students from completing their academic journey.

Rewarding Academic Excellence

The scholarship’s eligibility criteria targeting high-achieving final year students with a minimum 3.0 CPA or 65% grade recognizes and rewards academic excellence. Receiving the scholarship reaffirms recipients’ academic efforts.

Relief from Financial Stress

Tertiary education places immense financial strain on students and families, compounded in a student’s final year. By providing N100,000 towards fees, the Selar Tuition Fund eases some of this monetary pressure at a pivotal moment so students can focus on their academics rather than finances.

Launchpad for Success

The funding and vote of confidence the scholarship represents can empower students to complete their studies and launch into graduate life or employment with momentum rather than debt. This energizes students to actively pursue their dreams.For eligible students facing financial hardship, the Selar Tuition Fund Scholarship is a potential life-changer, clearing the path to academic and career success.

How to Write a Stellar Selar Tuition Fund Scholarship Application

The key to securing the competitive Selar Tuition Fund Scholarship is submitting an exceptional application proving you are a worthy candidate.

Follow these tips when preparing your application:

1. Showcase Academic Achievements

With a minimum 3.0 CPA or 65% grade required, your transcript is a central application component. Ensure your grades and academic achievements are effectively highlighted to emphasize your intellectual aptitude.

Any academic awards or distinctions can bolster your application.

2. Articulate Financial Need

Since applicants must demonstrate financial need, convincingly convey your current financial limitations and how the scholarship funding would alleviate economic pressures. Quantify the expected impact the 100,000 Naira would have on letting you complete your academic journey.

3. Define Your Goals

Through your 500-word personal statement, compellingly articulate your academic and career goals. Share the vision that drives your educational journey and how receiving this scholarship would help fuel your commitment to achieving your ambitions. This gives evaluators insight into your motivations.

4. Proofread Meticulously

Carefully proofread your entire application, especially your personal statement, to eliminate any errors. Typos or sloppy mistakes can undermine your profile as a high academic achiever worthy of scholarship investment.

5. Apply Early

Given the small number of scholarships available, apply as early as possible to boost your chances. Stellar applicants who apply late risk missing out compared to less-qualified early birds.

Set your application apart from the pack by clearly communicating how this scholarship would empower you to excel both academically and professionally. Let your ambition, intellect, and potential shine through!

Gaining Visibility on Social Media to Promote Your ApplicationNursing Abroad Grad morter board girl 750 x 493

While not required, actively promoting your Selar Tuition Fund Scholarship application on social media can provide added visibility and boost your chances of success.

Step 1 – Craft Social Media PostsDraft compelling posts highlighting your application and desire to become a Selar scholar. Convey your academic record, leadership activities, future goals, and financial need. Explain how receiving this scholarship would impact your life.

Step 2 – Leverage HashtagsIncrease discoverability by incorporating relevant hashtags like:

  • #SelarScholars
  • #SelarTuitionFund
  • #Scholarships
  • #NigerianEducation
  • #AccessToEducation

Step 3 – Tag Selar’s Social Accounts

When posting on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, tag Selar’s account and the Tuition Fund announcement posts. This helps catch the attention of the selection committee.

Step 4 – Share Application MilestonesPost updates when you submit your application and receive confirmation. Build anticipation around potentially becoming a scholarship recipient. Gaining traction on social media with a compelling scholarship application story signals your suitability as an ideal Selar Fund scholar.

Preparing a Stand-Out Application Package

Make a powerful impression and stand out from other Selar Tuition Fund Scholarship applicants by meticulously preparing an exceptional application package.

Follow these tips:

Use a Professional Email Address

Avoid unprofessional or juvenile email addresses. Create a new address with your name like [email protected] . This presents a serious, career-minded image.

Email Subject Line

The subject line “Selar Tuition Fund Scholarship Application – [Your Name]” clearly conveys the email’s purpose to the selection committee.


Use a clear, easily scannable formatting style for your supporting documents:Academic Transcript

  • Include official school transcript
  • Export as a PDF
  • Clear headings stipulating institution, program, student name, and academic years covered

Personal Statement

  • 500 words maximum
  • Single spaced 12 pt Times New Roman font
  • 1 inch margins on all sides
  • Applicant name and “Personal Statement” heading
  • Save as PDF

Professional Communication

Use formal language in all communications, addressing selection committee members by name if known. Convey gratitude for their time and consideration.

Sign off emails with “Regards/Sincerely” and your full name.As the Selar Tuition Fund Scholarship application window remains open, diligently prepare an outstanding application package that convinces evaluators you deserve this life-changing opportunity.


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