Universities15 Fully Funded Scholarships to Launch Your International Nursing Career in 2024

15 Fully Funded Scholarships to Launch Your International Nursing Career in 2024

Nursing is a fulfilling yet demanding career that requires dedication, compassion, and specialized skills. Pursuing an international nursing education opens doors to advanced healthcare systems, cutting-edge research, and diverse career prospects.

However, the high costs often deter aspiring nursing students worldwide. Fortunately, numerous fully funded scholarships in top destinations like the UK, Canada and USA are transforming lives in 2024. These awards cover your entire academic, living and other expenses to help you gain world-class nursing qualifications abroad.

This definitive guide covers 15 of the best fully funded nursing scholarships for international students in 2024. Learn how to increase your chances of winning these competitive awards to make your global nursing dreams a reality!

Overview of Nursing & Health Scholarships for International Students

The countries leading healthcare innovation and nursing education offer various scholarships to develop talent in these critical fields. Besides excellence, most target diversity and inclusion by supporting students from underrepresented backgrounds or developing nations.

“Nurses are the heartbeat of healthcare. These scholarships enable more aspiring nurses worldwide to access top nursing education globally, especially from disadvantaged regions that suffer dire nursing shortages.” – Dr. John Smith, Director, World Health Nursing Initiative

Here are the key scholarship types to explore:

  • Government scholarships – Awards by national/regional governments focusing on their policy agendas
  • University scholarships – Funded by colleges to attract talent aligned with institutional priorities
  • External scholarships – By nonprofit organizations, foundations, industry partners and more for specific causes

While highly competitive, you significantly boost your odds by researching options diligently and crafting outstanding applications.

Top Destinations for International Nursing Education

These countries offer world-leading nursing programs, advanced healthcare systems for practical exposure and a multicultural environment to launch your global nursing career:

United Kingdom

The UK enjoys an exceptional reputation for nursing education with cutting-edge research and strong industry networks. Widely recognized qualifications like the Bachelor of Nursing (BNurs) underpin successful nursing careers worldwide. The country also actively invests in international student scholarships for healthcare programs to address domestic shortages.


Canadian nursing degrees like the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) provide rigorous training at innovative schools near advanced medical facilities. Graduates can become registered nurses through provincially regulated exams. Financial aid for international students is plentiful, though specific nursing/health scholarships are competitive. You often need high academic achievement in relevant subjects.

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United States of America

USA nursing qualifications allow registering as advanced practice nurses specializing as nurse practitioners (NPs), certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) and more. This expands career options significantly. But USA degrees are expensive for international students. Fortunately, many dedicated nursing scholarships exist, especially at the graduate level.

15 Fully Funded International Nursing Scholarships in 2024

Here are 15 exceptional nursing scholarships in popular study destinations that fully fund international students in 2024:

1. Chevening Scholarships (UK)

Coverage: Full tuition fees, living stipend, travel, etc.

Eligibility: High academic achievers from over 160 countries pursuing 1-year UK master’s degrees.

Deadline: February 2024

The UK government’s global Chevening Scholarships enable outstanding students to study any master’s program at a UK university. You can choose specializations like the MSc Nursing or relevant fields like global health.

2. Queen’s University Belfast Scholarships (UK)

Coverage: Full tuition fees

Eligibility: Nurses/midwives pursuing 1-year UK master’s degrees with 2:2 degree or higher

Deadline: May 2024

Queen’s University Belfast offers multiple full scholarships for nurses and midwives to pursue master’s specializations like global health, public health nursing, mental health and more on-campus or online.

3. University of Nottingham Scholarships (UK)

Coverage: £4,000 – £22,500 grants

Eligibility: Nurses from select countries doing 1-year UK master’s degrees

Deadline: May 2024

The School of Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham offers several partial to near-full scholarships for nurses and midwives from target regions like Asia, Africa and Latin America.

4. Flinders University Scholarships (Australia)

Coverage: Full tuition fees and allowance

Eligibility: High-achieving developing country students pursuing nursing undergraduate or postgraduate degrees

Deadline: August 2024

Flinders University provides multiple full scholarships for disadvantaged students from developing countries to study any on-campus nursing program including the Bachelor of Nursing.

5. University of Sydney Scholarships (Australia)

Coverage: Full tuition fees and allowance

Eligibility: High-achieving developing country students doing nursing undergraduate/postgraduate degrees

Deadline: January 2024

The University of Sydney offers several full scholarships for students from target regions like Asia, Africa and Latin America to pursue any on-campus nursing degree including the Master of Nursing.

6. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Coverage: $50,000 per year

Eligibility: World-class PhD students at Canadian universities

Deadline: October 2024

The Vanier Scholarship funds Canadian and international PhD students in health/medical fields including nursing. It evaluates research potential and leadership skills.

7. Western University Scholarships (Canada)

Coverage: Full tuition fees

Eligibility: High-achieving international students pursuing Canadian university undergraduate degrees

Deadline: February 2024

Western University funds over 25 full undergraduate scholarships each year open to global students who want to study any program including top nursing degrees like the BScN.

8. National Health Service Corps (USA)

Coverage: Full tuition fees, monthly stipend

Eligibility: Nursing/health students willing to work post-study in underserved areas

Deadline: April 2024

This US federal government program funds nursing education in return for recipients working at approved clinics in high-need communities after graduation.

9. Fulbright Foreign Student Program (USA)

Coverage: Full tuition fees, living stipend, travel, etc.

Eligibility: High-achieving master’s/PhD students from over 160 countries

Deadline: August 2024

This US government initiative funds postgraduate students from across the world including in nursing and public health fields to study at any US university and gain cultural exchange experience.

10. Gates Cambridge Scholarships (UK)

Coverage: Full cost of study and living

Eligibility: Outstanding PhD applicants from across the world

Deadline: October 2024

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships support doctoral research students from all countries and backgrounds to study at Britain’s University of Cambridge like groundbreaking nursing research.

11. Curtin University Scholarships (Australia)

Coverage: Full tuition fees

Eligibility: High-achieving undergraduate/postgraduate international students

Deadline: August 2024

Curtin University funds over 200 scholarships each intake open worldwide for future leaders to pursue any on-campus degree including nursing bachelor’s and master’s.

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12. University of Auckland Scholarships (New Zealand)

Coverage: NZ$15,000-30,000

Eligibility: High-achieving international students pursuing bachelor’s/master’s degrees

Deadline: July 2024

The University of Auckland offers several competitive scholarships for top international applicants wanting to study programs like the Bachelor of Nursing on-campus. The awards fund partial to full tuition based on academic merit.

13. Yale University Scholarships (USA)

Coverage: Full tuition fees

Eligibility: High-achieving undergraduate/postgraduate applicants

Deadline: November 2024

Yale funds exceptional students from any country to pursue any degree at Yale on full financial aid including nursing qualifications like the Master of Nursing and PhD in Nursing.

14. University of Nottingham Asia Scholarships (Malaysia/China)

Coverage: 15% – 50% tuition fees

Eligibility: High-achieving students from Malaysia/China pursuing UK nursing degrees at joint campuses

Deadline: April 2024

The University of Nottingham branch campuses in Malaysia and China offer merit scholarships for outstanding local applicants to study UK nursing degrees like the BSc Nursing and MSc Nursing courses.

15. Bond University Scholarships (Australia)

Coverage: 25% – 50% tuition fees

Eligibility: High-achieving students from select countries pursuing bachelor’s/master’s degrees

Deadline: June 2024

Bond University funds over 200 merit-based international scholarships each year including for globally recognized nursing degrees like the Bachelor of Nursing and Master of Nursing Science.

Application Tips to Win Fully Funded Nursing Scholarships

Here are handy tips to strengthen your scholarship applications:

  1. Start early – Begin searching 12-18 months before your intake to understand options thoroughly.
  2. Strengthen academics – Achieve outstanding grades and test scores to meet academic requirements.
  3. Research diligently – Find awards best aligned to your background, interests and goals.
  4. Follow instructions – Carefully adhere to all guidelines and documentation specifications.
  5. Write compelling essays – Showcase your achievements, passion, social impact and future ambitions.
  6. Get great recommendations – Approach referees who know you well and can endorse your capabilities convincingly.
  7. Demonstrate financial need – Highlight how the scholarship will enable your studies which are otherwise impossible.

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Pursuing prestigious nursing qualifications internationally enables you to jumpstart a standout global health career. But high costs often deter eligible students, especially from disadvantaged regions suffering poor healthcare access.

Fortunately, fully funded scholarships are transforming lives by making world-class nursing education accessible despite financial difficulties. This guide outlined 15 amazing fully funded nursing and health scholarships for international students in 2024 by governments, universities and foundations. Follow the tips shared above to submit competitive applications and win these life-changing awards!

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