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Relocating to Saskatchewan in July 2024: Essential Guide for Families Seeking Canadian Permanent Residency

Are you considering relocating to Saskatchewan, Canada with your family in July 2024?

Saskatchewan is a beautiful province known for its wide open spaces, friendly communities, and excellent quality of life.

With the Canadian government’s various permanent residency (PR) pathways, now is a great time to start planning your move. In this in-depth guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about moving to Saskatchewan, including the PR application process, what to expect when you arrive, and tips for settling into your new life in Canada.

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Why Move to Saskatchewan?

Relocating to Saskatchewan in July 2024: Essential Guide for Families Seeking Canadian Permanent Residency

Saskatchewan is an attractive destination for families looking for a high quality of life. Some key benefits of living in Saskatchewan include:

  • Strong economy and job market, especially in industries like agriculture, mining, and energy
  • Affordable cost of living compared to other parts of Canada
  • Excellent education system with top-rated schools and universities
  • Beautiful natural scenery and outdoor recreation opportunities
  • Welcoming, diverse communities
  • Universal healthcare and other social services

Saskatchewan’s two largest cities, Saskatoon and Regina, are both great places to live and work. They offer a variety of job opportunities, cultural attractions, and family-friendly amenities.

Permanent Residency Pathways for Moving to Saskatchewan

To live and work in Canada, you’ll need to obtain permanent resident status. There are several immigration programs that allow you to apply for Canadian permanent residency:

Express Entry

Express Entry is the main way that skilled workers can immigrate to Canada. It is an online application system that ranks candidates based on factors like age, education, work experience, and language proficiency.

The highest scoring candidates are invited to apply for permanent residency.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)Nursing Abroad pexels cottonbro studio 6344239 copy scaled 1

The SINP allows Saskatchewan to nominate individuals who want to immigrate to the province. There are several SINP categories you may be eligible for:

  • International Skilled Worker
  • Saskatchewan Experience
  • Entrepreneur and Farm categories

Study and Work Permits

If you plan to study or work in Saskatchewan, you may be able to get a study permit or work permit that can put you on the path to permanent residency.

For example, international students who graduate from a designated learning institution can apply for a post-graduation work permit, which can lead to PR eligibility.

How to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residency

To immigrate to Saskatchewan through one of the PR pathways, you’ll need to follow these general steps:

  1. Determine your eligibility for an immigration program
  2. Prepare your application with required documents
  3. Submit your application and pay fees
  4. Get a medical exam and police clearance
  5. Wait for an invitation to apply for PR (if applicable)
  6. Submit your PR application
  7. If approved, attend a landing interview and get your PR card

The specific application process varies depending on the immigration program. Be sure to consult the Government of Canada website for the most up-to-date information and application instructions.It’s important to note that processing times can be lengthy, so it’s best to start your application well in advance of your planned move date.

With the July 2024 timeline in mind, you should aim to apply before July 31, 2024 to allow enough time for processing.

Preparing for Your Move to Saskatchewan

Once you have your PR application underway, it’s time to start planning the logistics of your move.

Some key things to consider include:


Research housing options in your desired city or town. Rental properties are widely available, or you may prefer to purchase a home. Consider factors like budget, location, schools, and amenities when choosing where to live.


If you don’t already have a job lined up, start your job search early. Networking, online job boards, and recruitment agencies can help you find opportunities. Be sure your credentials are recognized in Canada.


If you have school-age children, research the education system and school options in Saskatchewan. You can choose between public, private, or faith-based schools. Consider enrollment deadlines and gather required documents like immunization records.


Apply for a Saskatchewan health card as soon as you arrive to access public healthcare services. Locate a family doctor and any specialists you may need. If you take prescription medications, ensure you have a sufficient supply and transfer prescriptions to a Canadian pharmacy.

Banking and Finance

Open a Canadian bank account and apply for a credit card. Research the best ways to transfer money internationally. Understand the tax system and your obligations.


Saskatchewan is a large province and you will likely need a car to get around, especially outside of major cities. You can purchase or lease a vehicle, or use public transit in urban areas. Get a Saskatchewan driver’s license and auto insurance.

Settling Into Life in Saskatchewan

Once you arrive in Saskatchewan, take some time to get settled and explore your new surroundings. Some tips for adjusting to life in Canada:

  • Attend newcomer information sessions and workshops
  • Join local community groups or associations
  • Enroll in language classes if you need to improve your English or French
  • Participate in local events and festivals
  • Take advantage of Saskatchewan’s outdoor activities and natural beauty
  • Be open to new experiences and ways of doing things
  • Reach out for help if you need it – there are many immigrant serving agencies available

Moving to a new country is a big adjustment, but with time and effort, you will start to feel at home in Saskatchewan. Embrace the opportunity to create a new life for yourself and your family in this welcoming province.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving to Saskatchewan

What is the weather like in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan has four distinct seasons. Summers are warm and sunny, with temperatures often reaching 25-30°C (77-86°F). Winters are cold, with temperatures dropping below -20°C (-4°F), but the province gets plenty of sunshine year-round. Spring and fall offer pleasant transitional weather.

Is it expensive to live in Saskatchewan?

Compared to other parts of Canada, the cost of living in Saskatchewan is quite affordable. Housing, transportation, and food costs are lower than in larger cities like Toronto or Vancouver. However, the province does have higher taxes than some other parts of the country.

What is the job market like in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan has a strong and diversified economy, with key industries including agriculture, mining, energy, and manufacturing.Nursing Abroad images 30 The province has a low unemployment rate and is often seeking skilled workers in various fields. With proper planning and qualifications, it is possible to secure employment.

Are there good schools in Saskatchewan?

Yes, Saskatchewan has an excellent education system, with both public and private school options.

The province is home to several highly-ranked universities, including the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina, as well as technical colleges and trade schools.

What is the healthcare system like in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan has a publicly-funded healthcare system that provides universal coverage to all residents. With a valid health card, you can access medical services like doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and emergency care for free. The province also has several world-class hospitals and medical facilities.

Can I bring my pet with me to Saskatchewan?

Yes, you can bring your pet with you when you move to Saskatchewan. Dogs and cats will need a rabies vaccination certificate and a health certificate from a veterinarian. Certain breeds may be restricted. Be sure to check the specific requirements and start the process early to ensure a smooth transition for your furry friend.

How can I make friends and build a social network in Saskatchewan?

Joining local clubs, sports teams, or community organizations is a great way to meet people and make friends in Saskatchewan. Attend events, volunteer, or take a class to connect with others who share your interests.

Many cities also have newcomer groups that can help you build a social network and adjust to life in Canada.

What should I pack when moving to Saskatchewan?

When packing for your move, focus on practical items that will help you adjust to the climate and lifestyle in Saskatchewan. Warm winter clothing, comfortable shoes, and layers are essential. If you’re shipping your belongings, consider what items you’ll need right away and pack accordingly. Don’t forget important documents like your PR card, passport, and driver’s license.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Moving to Saskatchewan, Canada with your family in July 2024 is an exciting opportunity. By understanding the PR application process, preparing for your move, and embracing your new life in Canada, you can make the transition a success.

Remember to give yourself plenty of time to complete the necessary steps and don’t hesitate to seek help along the way.

To get started, visit the Government of Canada website to determine your eligibility for permanent residency and begin your application.

Apply before July 31, 2024 to ensure you have enough time to process your application and make your move in July 2024.

Saskatchewan is a wonderful place to call home, with its friendly communities, strong economy, and beautiful natural surroundings. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can make your dream of living in Canada a reality. Good luck with your move to Saskatchewan!

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