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Relocate Your Family To Ireland | These Agencies Are Giving Ireland Work Visa To Job Seekers- Apply

Ireland is an attractive destination for those looking to relocate with their families. With beautiful landscapes, a strong economy, an English-speaking population, and a welcoming culture, many find it easy to envision building a life here. This guide covers key details on visas, jobs, housing, healthcare, education, and more to set you up for a smooth transition.

Why Relocate to Ireland?

Before detailing the logistics, understanding the appeal of life in Ireland helps paint the full picture. Main draws include:

Thriving Economy and Job Market – Ireland has one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. Major industries like tech, pharmaceuticals, and financial services offer abundant jobs. Unemployment sits below 5%, lower than most European nations.

English-Speaking Country – As Ireland’s first official language, English makes relocation easier for expats. All business and education are conducted in English.

Friendly, Welcoming Culture – The Irish place high value on community and hospitality. Many expats find it easy to integrate into local circles and feel welcomed.

High Quality of Life – Ireland scores highly in quality of life indexes. Factors like political stability, economic prosperity, affordable healthcare, good infrastructure, and more contribute to this.Nursing Abroad ee8a71e965364d48b8965f1b8a177857

Beautiful Landscapes and Scenery – From rugged cliffs along the Atlantic coastline to green pastures and medieval castles, Ireland’s natural beauty leaves a lasting impression.

Vibrant Cities – Cosmopolitan destinations like Dublin, Cork, and Galway offer urban amenities alongside quintessential Irish charm. Festivals, music, pubs, and more bring cities to life.

Family-Friendly Environment – Ireland’s family-oriented culture, kid-centric attractions, safety, and activities make it an ideal place to raise children.

Ireland Work Visas and Permits

If interested in living and working in Ireland, a work visa or permit allows you to do so legally. Those from outside the European Union (EU) typically need to secure an employment offer before applying for permission to work.

Employment Visa Scheme

Ireland’s employment visa scheme facilitates legal work authorization for non-EU/EEA nationals with job offers for shortage occupations. Valid for up to 2 years initially, these visas offer a path to longer-term residence if meeting certain conditions.EligibilityTo qualify, applicants must:

  • Have a full-time, permanent job offer in Ireland for an eligible occupation
  • Secure a salary exceeding €32,000 annually
  • Get sponsorship from the Irish employer
  • Show relevant qualifications and experience

Application Process

  • Submit online application form
  • Provide supporting documents (passport, qualifications, employment contract, etc.)
  • Pay required visa fees
  • Attend interview at Irish consulate or embassy

Once approved, you can travel to Ireland to start your sponsored employment. Renewing this visa demonstrates maintaining eligibility criteria throughout your stay.

Critical Skills Employment Permit

Another option is the Critical Skills Employment Permit for occupations Ireland lacks domestic talent to fill. Spouses and dependents also qualify for residence under this program.EligibilityCritical skills visas require:

  • Job offer in eligible critical skills occupation
  • Annual salary of at least €32,000
  • Qualifications proving aptitude (degree, experience, etc.)
  • Employer sponsorship & supportNursing Abroad 7559b43aecf842fa9c09fcbb58102c7a

Application Process

  • Submit online application and pay fees
  • Provide supporting documents
  • Show health insurance coverage
  • Attend interview if requested

When approved, workers can commence employment while residing in Ireland. Renewals maintain legal work and residency status.

Top Agencies for Jobs and Immigration

Specialized agencies help connect foreign talent with Irish employers. They also guide clients through complex immigration processes. Consider the top providers:

Emerald Isle Immigration

With over a decade of experience, Emerald Isle Immigration supports workers and families relocating to Ireland. Their services include:Visa Application Assistance – Advise and aid clients in preparing successful work permit or visa applications.Job Matching – Connect qualified candidates with Irish employers seeking foreign talent.Relocation Support – Guide clients in finding housing, schools, opening bank accounts, registering for healthcare, and other key setup steps.Website:


As Ireland’s largest visa services provider, Visafirst streamlines immigration processes for those moving for work or other purposes. Offerings encompass:

Visa Application Services – Assist in completing paperwork and gathering documentation needed for all types of Irish visa applications.

Document Translation – Work permits, bank statements, university transcripts, and other foreign documents get translated to meet visa requirements.

Business Immigration – Support companies in bringing overseas talent to Ireland through work permits and visas.Website: www.visafirst.comNursing Abroad b51a5fdd79c24a8fa48f3719db3d3b4f

Velocity Global

With expertise in global employment and immigration, Velocity Global helps companies compliantly hire talent abroad. Visa sponsorship and relocation assistance provide comprehensive support.

Global Employer of Record – Act as the legal employer to extend localized benefits and handle regional tax and employment compliance.

Immigration Support – Manage visa applications and renewals per Irish regulations.

Relocation Assistance – Aid with flights, housing, cultural training, language lessons, and other aspects to smooth transitions.Website:

Jobs in Demand for Foreign Workers

Ireland welcomes foreign professionals to fill talent gaps in fast-growing sectors.

In-demand fields include:Information & Communications Technology – With giants like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn basing European HQs in Ireland alongside startups and SMEs, tech talent is highly sought after.

Finance & Fintech – Major banks and financial institutions operate Irish hubs and innovation labs hungry for skilled finance and fintech experts.

Science, Engineering & Construction – Rapid economic expansion fuels demand for engineers, architects, surveyors, technicians, and tradespeople.

Healthcare – Ireland’s world-class hospitals and clinics actively recruit foreign-trained medical professionals, especially doctors and nurses.

Hospitality & Tourism – Continued tourism growth drives hiring across hotels, restaurants, bars, attractions, and related industry providers.

Education – From primary schools to universities, educational institutions hire qualified teachers and lecturers from abroad.

Transport & Logistics – Companies supporting Ireland’s export economy need qualified truck drivers, warehouse staff, logistics experts, and more.Nursing Abroad ee8a71e965364d48b8965f1b8a177857

Cost of Living Considerations

While Ireland offers attractive career opportunities, assessing typical costs of living helps families plan budgets.

Expenses to factor include:Housing – Rental and purchase prices sit above European averages, especially in cities like Dublin. Expect to spend 35-40% of your pay on housing.

Healthcare – Public healthcare only fully covers Irish citizens and residents. Private insurance costs around €1,500 annually per adult.

Education – Public schools are free for residents, while private schools average €5,000-15,000 per year. Third-level university fees range from €3,000-7,000 annually.

Childcare – Creches, nurseries, and childminders range from €200-250 weekly per child. Government subsidies help offset costs based on income.

Transportation – Ireland’s public transport ranks above average in Europe. Monthly transport passes offer savings for regular commuters.

Utilities – Expect to budget around €200 monthly for electricity, heat, internet, cell phone, and other household utilities.

Groceries – Supermarket bills for family staples like food, household items, and toiletries average €150-300 weekly. Eating out adds further costs.

Steps for Moving Families to Ireland

Relocating with children involves additional planning and preparation. Critical steps in the process include:

Secure Employment & Visas – Obtain necessary work authorization for all working adults making the move.Research Locations – Identify ideal cities or suburbs offering family amenities alongside housing and schools within budget.

Find Accommodations – Lock in long-term rentals or purchase property with enough space to accommodate your family.

Prepare Finances – Open Irish bank accounts and transfer sufficient savings to establish yourself upon arrival.

Coordinate Logistics – Book flights, ship household goods, and pack essentials for your arrival.

Apply to Schools – For families with children, apply to preferred schools early to secure placements.

Register for Healthcare – Understand coverage and sign up for public plans or private medical insurance.

Handle Admin Tasks – Upon arrival, pursue steps like applying for PPS numbers, drivers licenses, public transport passes, utility accounts, and more. Don’t allow administrative burdens to distract from enjoying your new life in Ireland!

Start Your Irish Adventure

With bountiful job opportunities, breath-taking scenery, and welcoming communities, Ireland checks boxes for many seeking to relocate abroad. This guide outlines key factors – from work visas to family transitions – to inform your decision-making.

If the prospect of moving your family to the Emerald Isle stirs excitement about future possibilities, now is the time to take tangible steps to manifest that vision. Reach out to specialized immigration and relocation agencies to kickstart your Irish adventure.

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