NewsNursing Recruitment Agencies UK- All you need to know

Nursing Recruitment Agencies UK- All you need to know

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Are you a nurse looking to explore job opportunities overseas? While the prospect of venturing into a new country might be enticing, there are a lot of challenges that come with job hunting abroad. This is where nursing recruitment agencies can come in handy. These agencies can help provide valuable guidance to find the perfect job placement, aid in visa applications, and ease the transition of going overseas. In this blog post, we provide a comprehensive guide to nursing recruitment agencies overseas, including the benefits of using their services, top agencies to consider, and the qualifications needed to work abroad. Whether you’re a recent nursing graduate or a seasoned professional, keep reading to find out more!

The Benefits of Using Nursing Recruitment Agencies

  1. Access to a broader job market: Nursing recruitment agencies have connections with multiple healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare organizations. They can provide access to a wide range of job opportunities that may not be publicly advertised.
  1. Time-saving: Job hunting can be time-consuming, especially for nurses who may already have a demanding schedule. Recruitment agencies streamline the job search process by matching nurses with relevant job openings, which can save time and effort.
  1. Expert guidance and support: Nursing recruitment agencies have experienced consultants who understand the healthcare industry and job market trends. They can provide valuable advice on career development, resume building, interview preparation, and salary negotiation.
  1. Increased chances of success: Recruitment agencies often have established relationships with healthcare facilities, and their recommendations carry weight. This can enhance the chances of a nurse’s application being seriously considered and increase the likelihood of securing a job offer.
  1. Tailored job matching: Agencies work to understand nurses’ preferences, skills, and career goals. They can match nurses with job opportunities that align with their specific expertise and interests.
  1. Confidentiality and privacy: For nurses who prefer to keep their job search confidential, recruitment agencies can act as a discreet intermediary, safeguarding their privacy until the nurse is ready to consider new opportunities.
  1. Support for international placements: If a nurse is interested in working abroad, nursing recruitment agencies can assist with the complex process of securing international placements, including visa applications and work permits.
  1. Smooth onboarding process: Agencies often assist with the onboarding process, helping nurses navigate the paperwork, orientation, and training required for their new position.
  1. Temporary and contract opportunities: Recruitment agencies can offer nurses temporary or contract roles, providing flexibility and the chance to gain diverse experiences.
  1. Continued support after placement: Some agencies maintain contact with nurses even after job placement to ensure their satisfaction with the new position and employer.

 A List Of 10 Best Nursing Recruitment Agencies In the UK

The NHS employers provide a list of reputable recruitment agencies to help you select.

Some of these agencies are as follows;

Ambition 24/7 Hours: Your Round-the-Clock Nursing Partner

With an impressive 20-year track record, Ambition 24/7 stands out as a leading nursing agency in the UK. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to serving both agency nurses and care assistants with unparalleled dedication. As pioneers in the industry, they provide an exceptional booking team available 24/7, ensuring you can find the perfect staffing or recruitment opportunity at any time. Discover how Ambition 24/7 can shape your nursing career today.

Tezlom™ – Professional Healthcare and Nursing Recruitment Agency: Your Care Career Catalyst

Tezlom™ has evolved into a renowned franchise catering to the UK’s largest and most esteemed care providers, including NHS Hospitals. Specializing in hiring Care Assistants, Support Workers, and Registered Nurses, Tezlom™ serves as the catalyst for your successful care career. Join forces with Tezlom™ and take your care profession to new heights.

The Flame Lily: Elevating Healthcare Recruitment with Excellence

At The Flame Lily, excellence is the driving force behind their healthcare and nursing recruitment services. As a framework-approved agency, they have demonstrated their commitment to quality through an outstanding NHS audit score, surpassing 97% compliance. With a remarkable 19-year journey as an approved NHS supplier, their expertise in healthcare staffing is second to none. Discover how The Flame Lily can connect you with exceptional healthcare opportunities.

Nursing Personnel: Your Pathway to NHS Excellence

As part of Medical Professional Personnel Ltd, Nursing Personnel proudly holds the title of the highest paying nursing agency under the esteemed Health Trust Europe NHS framework agreement. Their approval to supply NHS Hospitals across the UK in all specialties showcases their profound experience as a trusted nursing agency. Embark on a rewarding career with NHS through Nursing Personnel today.

Kate Cowhig International Healthcare Recruitment: Empowering Your Nursing Journey

KCR is not just another recruitment agency dedicated exclusively to the healthcare sector. Their recruiters possess in-depth knowledge and experience, guiding you at every step of your journey to a fulfilling nursing career in the United Kingdom or Ireland. With KCR’s personal touch, rest assured that you’ll find the perfect fit for your future in healthcare. Discover how KCR can empower your nursing aspirations.

Mayday Healthcare: Your Trusted Partner in Nursing Recruitment

Mayday Healthcare takes nursing recruitment to new heights by specializing in both private sector and NHS placements. Their live vacancies encompass a wide range of roles, from agency nurse jobs to A&E nurse positions and midwife jobs. Committed to exceptional service and risk reduction, Mayday Healthcare is the agency of choice for both clients and nurses seeking their dream roles. Explore how Mayday Healthcare can shape your nursing career.

HW Healthcare LTD: Putting Nurses First

With two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, HW Healthcare knows exactly what nursing and care homes expect from their agency partners. Their focus on valuing their staff translates into a belief that nurses should earn what they deserve. Experience the difference with HW Healthcare and explore a rewarding nursing journey with them.

Take Five Healthcare: Empowering Care Sector Staffing

Specializing in providing staffing support to the care sector, Take Five Healthcare is a trusted partner for care and nursing homes, hospices, and supported living environments. Serving Gloucestershire and surrounding areas, their dedication to exceptional staffing solutions is unparalleled. Partner with Take Five Healthcare for top-tier care sector support.

Drake Medox: Your Gateway to International Healthcare Opportunities Drake Medox has earned a stellar reputation for successfully managing international recruitment projects for NHS Trusts and independent hospitals. With over 18,000 healthcare professionals placed in the UK since 1998, their expertise in international recruitment is unmatched. Unleash your potential with Drake Medox and explore rewarding healthcare opportunities.

Pearls International Recruitment Agency: Your Global Nursing and Care Partner

For over 16 years, Pearls International Recruitment Agency has been a pillar of support for organizations of all sizes. Their global reach enables them to source and place nurses, care, and allied health professionals across the UK, European Union, and worldwide. Partner with Pearls International Recruitment Agency and unlock a world of healthcare opportunities.

Requirements for Applying Through Nursing Recruitment Agencies Overseas

When applying to a nursing agency, candidates typically need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Valid nursing qualifications: Candidates must have completed an accredited nursing degree or diploma.
  2. Nursing license and registration: Nurses must hold a valid license and be registered with the appropriate nursing regulatory body.
  3. Work experience: Some agencies require a minimum amount of relevant nursing experience.
  4. Updated CV/Resume: Candidates need to provide a detailed document outlining their education and work history.
  5. Compliance checks: Background checks, health screenings, and immunization records may be required.
  6. Specialty certifications: Specialized nursing roles may require additional certifications.
  7. Language proficiency: Nurses seeking placements in non-native language countries may need to prove language proficiency.
  8. Right to work: Overseas nurses must demonstrate their right to work in the country where the agency operates.
  9. Professional indemnity insurance: In some cases, nurses may need professional indemnity insurance.


In conclusion, nursing agencies in the UK play a crucial role in connecting skilled nursing professionals with healthcare institutions. Their diverse offerings and specialized services empower nurses to find rewarding career opportunities while providing flexible staffing solutions for healthcare providers. These agencies prioritize excellence, exceptional service, and global impact, shaping the future of the nursing profession in the UK. As indispensable pillars of support for the healthcare sector, they foster meaningful connections, ensuring the continued success of the UK’s healthcare system and the well-being of patients and communities.

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