GuidelinesNew Zealand Offers Generous Visa Sponsorship and Relocation Packages in 2024

New Zealand Offers Generous Visa Sponsorship and Relocation Packages in 2024

New Zealand has long been recognized as one of the best countries in the world in terms of quality of life. Known for its stunning natural landscapes, progressive social policies, and thriving economy, an increasing number of people are looking to call New Zealand their new home.

In 2024, New Zealand rolled out ambitious visa sponsorship and relocation packages to attract global talent and skills. These opportunities provide a pathway to permanent residence for workers in high-demand occupations with full financial support up to NZ$20,000 for relocation costs.

Highlights of New Zealand Visa Sponsorship and Relocation Support

  • Work to Residence Visas: These visas provide a pathway to permanent residence for workers in over 200 identified future growth and highly skilled shortage areas. Applicants need a confirmed job offer in New Zealand.
  • Relocation Support up to NZ$20,000: Selected visa holders may be eligible for relocation support to cover costs like flights, shipping belongings, recognizing overseas qualifications, visa costs, and more.
  • No Restrictions on Family Members: Successful principal applicants can also sponsor the residence applications of their partner and dependent children.
  • Faster Processing Times: Priority visa processing for applicants who have a job offer in identified future growth areas. Most visas are processed within 12 weeks.

High-Demand Occupations Eligible for Generous Visa Packages

New Zealand has identified several industries projected to have strong growth in the coming years. Occupations in these sectors are eligible for work visas leading to permanent residence.

Some of the key industries and occupations in highest demand with relocation support include:

Construction: Architects, quantity surveyors, civil engineers, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, electrical engineers.

Digital Technologies: Software developers, programmers, IT project managers, systems analysts, cybersecurity specialists, game developers.

Health and Disability Care: Midwives, registered nurses specializing in aged care, pediatric care, disability support care.

Primary Industries: Veterinarians, agricultural and horticultural scientists, farm managers, agricultural technicians.See the full list of over 200 eligible occupations.

Generous Relocation Support Packages

In addition to streamlined visa processing, New Zealand offers generous relocation packages valued up to NZ$20,000 to help new migrants settle into their new communities.This support aims to cover costs like:

  • Return airfares for the migrant and their family
  • Shipping household belongings like furniture and vehicles
  • Recognition of overseas qualifications
  • Visa application fees
  • Setting up a new home (including bond and rental payments)
  • A relocation service to help migrants settle inNursing Abroad Accenture Students Graduates Content 724

Eligibility for this relocation support is assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on the applicant’s occupation, work experience, and qualifications.Priority is given to applicants in occupations hardest to fill that are crucial to regions outside major cities like Auckland.

Growing Economy With Strong Job Prospects

New Zealand has an open and competitive economy that supports innovation and growth. The country has world-class infrastructure, high levels of economic freedom, and stable political institutions.Some key facts about why New Zealand offers attractive employment opportunities:

  • GDP growth rate consistently over 2% annually
  • Unemployment rate at near record lows, around 3.3% at the end of 2023
  • Strong business environment ranked 1st in the world for ease of doing business
  • Highly skilled and educated workforce – over 80% of adults have upper secondary qualifications

With sound long-term economic prospects across many industries, New Zealand offers a robust job market for migrants with in-demand skills.

Vibrant Lifestyle in a Progressive Society

In addition to career prospects, New Zealand also offers an enviable lifestyle filled with natural beauty and diverse communities.As a progressive nation that celebrates diversity, new migrants can expect an open and welcoming society. Some key facts about living in New Zealand:

  • Ranked #1 in the Global Peace Index – known as a safe and peaceful country
  • Home to over 200 ethnicities, with 30% of citizens born overseas
  • Progressive social policies promote equal rights and multiculturalism
  • Stunning natural landscapes from majestic mountains to lush forests
  • Thriving arts, culture, cuisine, and entertainment scenes

New Zealanders enjoy an outstanding work-life balance with ample leisure time to enjoy the outdoors. Settlement support helps new migrants quickly embrace the famous Kiwi lifestyle.

Application Process for New Zealand Visa Sponsorship

If you are interested in applying for New Zealand visa sponsorship and relocation support, follow these steps:

1. Check Your EligibilityConfirm that your occupation features on New Zealand’s current Immediate Skill Shortage List or Long Term Skill Shortage List.Alternatively, take INZ’s visa eligibility self-assessment.

2. Find a JobSearch job boards, LinkedIn listings, and employer websites for openings that match your skills and experience. Reach out to recruiters in your field as well.

3. Prepare Your ApplicationCollate all required documents like skills assessments, police certificates, health checks, and evidence of work experience.

4. Submit Your EOISubmit an Expression of Interest via INZ’s website selecting the correct visa category.

5. Await Invitation to ApplyIf your EOI is selected, you will receive an Invitation to Apply asking you to formally lodge your visa application.Check visa processing timelines to set expectations.The process does take time and effort, but for those willing to invest, New Zealand offers unmatched visa and relocation packages.

With sound long-term career opportunities, stunning natural beauty, and welcoming communities, New Zealand is an alluring destination for global talent.

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