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Full MSc & PhD Scholarships in Australia With $34,000 Stipend – 2024 Opportunities

Studying abroad for a master’s or PhD degree can be an enriching yet costly experience. With high-quality universities and a welcoming multicultural environment, Australia has become an increasingly popular study destination for international students from around the world. However, the high tuition fees and living costs often deter prospective students.

Fortunately, Australia offers a number of competitive and prestigious scholarships for international students that can make achieving a graduate degree down under much more affordable. These fully funded scholarships cover not only the tuition fees but also provide a generous monthly living allowance stipend.This article provides a comprehensive guide on the full scholarships available for international students looking to pursue MSc and PhD degrees at leading Australian universities in 2024.

Overview of Fully Funded MSc & PhD Scholarships in Australia

Australia aims to attract top global talent in science, research and innovation through prestigious scholarship schemes funded by the government, universities and external donors.These competitive scholarships for MSc and PhD degrees provide:

  • Full tuition fee coverage: All enrolled program fees covered
  • Monthly stipend: AUD $34,000 per year tax-free living allowance
  • Relocation costs: Up to $5000 for visa, flights and moving expenses
  • Overseas Student Health Cover: Basic health insurance covered
  • No placement restrictions: Freedom to choose any accredited university and program

Scholars enjoy exclusive access to advanced research facilities, expert supervision by leading academics, generous funding for conferences/exchange programs, and extensive career support.

These Australian scholarships do not require an agent and have no binding conditions to return home or work for a specific employer after graduation. Scholars are free to stay back in Australia or elsewhere after completing their degree.

Eligibility Criteria for International Students

While specific eligibility can vary between scholarships, most share these general criteria:

  • Completed bachelor’s degree with first class honors for MSc applicants
  • Completed master’s degree for PhD applicants
  • Publications in reputed journals showing research experience
  • English language competence (IELTS/TOEFL score)
  • Not already holding or applying for PR/citizenship in Australia
  • Meet health/character requirements

Specific nationalities, subjects and universities may have additional eligibility requirements for certain scholarships.Tip: Even if you do not meet all academic/English criteria, you may still qualify for a 1 year pathway program before the MSc/PhD scholarship.Nursing Abroad colleagues

Top Government Funded Scholarship Schemes

The Australian government and research agencies offer prestigious scholarships schemes such as:

1. Australia Awards Scholarships


Full tuition + stipend + relocation support

Eligibility: Developing country citizens from Asia, Africa, Latin America etc.

Fields: Priority sectors aligned with Australia’s development assistance goals

Application: Via local Australia Awards delivery partner

2. Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships


Full tuition + stipend

Eligibility: High achieving students from Asia, Middle East, Europe, Americas

Fields: All fieldsApplication: Direct online application when rounds open

These government-funded scholarships aim to develop research and leadership skills in applicants who can positively contribute to their home countries and wider global community after completing their Australian degrees.

University Funded MSc & PhD Scholarships

Leading Australian universities like Group of Eight members offer prestigious scholarships to attract top international research talent across disciplines:

1. University of Melbourne Scholarships

Funding: Full tuition fee + $34,000 annual stipend

Eligibility: High achieving applicants worldwide

Fields: All major fieldsApplication: Directly via university application portal

2. ANU HDR Scholarships

Funding: Full tuition coverage + $28,092 annual stipend

Eligibility: High academic achievers with publications

Fields: Priority given to ANU strengths – space, culture, health etc

Application: Via ANU Scholarships portal when offered

Other universities like Monash, UNSW, UQ and more also offer highly competitive funding across STEM, business, arts and other disciplines.

External Donor Funded Scholarships

Various private donors, foundations and industry partners fund a number of generous scholarships for research degrees:

1. Melbourne Research Scholarships

Funding: Covers full tuition fees and living costs

Eligibility: High achieving international applicants

Fields: 300+ niche research areas

Application: Directly via university portal

2. UWA Scholarship for International Students

Funding: Covers tuition fees, health cover and allowance

Eligibility: Students from select countries

Fields: Engineering, science and research

Application: Direct application when rounds openSome external parties offer scholarships for research in specific interdisciplinary areas like bioengineering, neuroscience, geospatial analysis and more. These are offered directly through university scholarship portals.Nursing Abroad image of joyful bristle man dressed in shirt in a cage print sitting in home and using SBI 302891234 1024x683 1

How to Apply for Fully Funded MSc & PhD Scholarships

Follow this step-by-step process:

1. Find Appropriate Scholarships

  • Research government and university websites
  • Identify relevant external donor scholarships
  • Review detailed eligibility and application requirements

2. Choose Suitable Universities & Programs

  • Shortlist universities aligned with your research interests
  • Identify faculty and departments undertaking research you wish to pursue
  • Apply directly for MSc/PhD programs as a scholarship applicant

3. Prepare Strong Scholarship Application

  • Highlight academic excellence, publications and other achievements
  • Provide evidence of research experience and potential
  • Write focused personal statements tailored for each scholarship

4. Submit Scholarship Applications

  • Apply directly on university/donor portals when rounds open
  • Or get nominated by government body in your country
  • Prepare for interviews if shortlisted

Key Tips for Winning Australia’s MSc & PhD Scholarships

Follow these top tips when applying:

  • Start early: Begin process 12 months before intended study commencement
  • Meet all eligibility criteria: Review requirements thoroughly
  • Highlight research publications: Demonstrate capability to undertake high quality research
  • Show genuine motivation: Align your goals with scholarship priorities
  • Get great references: From advisers able to evaluate your research potential
  • Prepare thoroughly for interviews: Revise your application and research thoroughly

While the application process is highly competitive, with sound preparation and focus, you stand a good chance of winning one of these prestigious full scholarships for global research talent.

Summing Up Benefits of Undertaking Fully Funded Degrees in Australia

Pursuing fully sponsored MSc and PhD degrees in Australia offers multiple advantages:

  • Global expertise: Opportunity to learn from and collaborate with top academics
  • Advanced facilities: Access high tech labs, libraries, datasets and infrastructure
  • Multicultural environment: Enriching student experience befitting Australia’s diversity
  • High graduate employability: Strong industry links and career support
  • Migration prospects: Potential option for post-study work and PR pathways
  • No strings attached: 100% freedom to chart your own career across the globe

As an internationally recognized study destination offering a vibrant lifestyle, Australia presents the complete package. These competitive full scholarships make achieving globally recognized and in-demand research qualifications much more feasible for high achieving international students.

So if you are looking to fast track your academic and research career through fully funded graduate studies abroad, be sure to apply for Australia’s generous scholarship schemes for global talent.

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