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Luxembourg Work Visas in 7 Days: Quick Guide to Jobs, Sponsorship, and Relocation

Luxembourg is a small European country nestled between Belgium, Germany, and France. Despite its small size, Luxembourg has become an attractive destination for immigrants looking for job opportunities abroad.

In particular, Luxembourg offers a quick and easy work permit process that can be obtained in as little as 7 days. The country also has a growing economy with strong job prospects in fields like finance, technology, pharmaceuticals, and more. Additionally, Luxembourg does not require English language tests like IELTS for many work permit applications.

There are also no strict age limits for qualifying for a Luxembourg work permit.This makes Luxembourg an appealing choice for immigrants of all ages and language abilities who want to relocate abroad quickly for a new job.

Steps to Get Luxembourg Work Permit in 7 Days

Luxembourg Work Visas in 7 Days: Quick Guide to Jobs, Sponsorship, and Relocation

The salaried worker permit is one of the quickest and easiest work permits to obtain in Luxembourg.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Secure job offer in Luxembourg: First, you need to secure a valid job offer from a Luxembourg company. The company must prove it was unable to find a suitable candidate within the EU before hiring a third-country national.
  2. Apply for temporary authorization to work: Your employer must submit an application for temporary work authorization on your behalf to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. Approval is generally issued within 7 days.
  3. Apply for salaried worker residence permit: Once you receive temporary authorization, you can enter Luxembourg and work for 90 days while you submit your application for a 12-month salaried worker residence permit.
  4. Begin full-time employment: After submitting your work permit application, you can begin full-time employment with your Luxembourg employer under the terms of your job offer and contract.

So in as little as 7 days after securing a job offer, you can obtain temporary authorization to work in Luxembourg. Within three months, you can acquire a 12-month renewable work permit while working full-time in your new Luxembourg job.

Finding Jobs in Luxembourg Without IELTS/Age Limit

Luxembourg has a very international job market with companies that use English as a main business language. This makes finding employment in Luxembourg possible without speaking French, German or Luxembourgish.

Additionally, Luxembourg does not require prospective workers from non-EU countries to prove English language proficiency with exams like IELTS for salaried employee work permits. Finally, Luxembourg does not have maximum age restrictions for qualifying for work permits like some other European countries.

As long as you secure valid employment with a Luxembourg company, you can qualify at any age. Some of the top industries for foreigners to find jobs in Luxembourg include:

  • Banking and Finance: As a major financial hub, Luxembourg offers many jobs in banks, investment funds, insurance firms, accounting and more. Major employers include BNP Paribas, J.P. Morgan, PwC, KPMG and others.
  • Technology and Telecommunications: Luxembourg has worked to establish itself as a European tech hub, with many IT and telecom companies offering English-speaking jobs for foreigners. Major companies include Amazon, PayPal, Rakuten and Skype.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare: GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott Laboratories and other healthcare companies have operations in Luxembourg in need of multilingual talent. Hospitals also recruit foreign nurses and doctors.
  • Engineering and Manufacturing: Manufacturing remains important to Luxembourg’s economy, with international firms like Dupont, Goodyear and Husky Injection Molding Systems based in the country.
  • Business Services and Consulting: Luxembourg’s business environment creates demand for various support services and consultants for roles like management, HR, marketing and more.Nursing Abroad 6483a2cb05024f0019028b65

So while Luxembourg is small, it offers a robust and international job market in many sectors. Combined with quick and easy work permits, it makes for an attractive immigration destination.

Finding Sponsorship Jobs in Luxembourg

For most foreigners moving to work in Luxembourg, securing a job seeker visa on arrival is not possible. So the key is finding employment sponsorship from a Luxembourg company ahead of time.

Here are some tips for finding sponsorship jobs:

  • Use recruitment agencies: Specialized recruitment agencies can match your skills and experience with suitable vacancies while navigating Luxembourg’s employment landscape. Leading agencies include Morgan McKinley, Hudson, ManpowerGroup, and more.
  • Search job sites and LinkedIn: Major sites like Moovijobs and Jobfinder as well as LinkedIn are used by Luxembourg employers for recruitment. Set up job alerts and networking contacts with relevant companies and recruiters.
  • Attend job fairs: Luxembourg and international job fairs provide opportunities to meet recruiters and hiring managers in person to inquire about open positions. Some major fairs include Moovijobs Day and European Job Days.
  • Target multinational companies: Big companies with presences in multiple countries are more likely to handle relocation and immigration sponsorship for foreign hires. Identify those operating in your industry.
  • Get help from industry associations: For certain sectors, industry associations maintain job databases, organize recruitment events and provide career support. This includes groups like Luxembourg for Finance and Luxembourg Tech School.

While the overall job market is quite welcoming to foreigners in Luxembourg, having an offer of employment and sponsorship lined up before arriving is essential for securing a quick and easy work permit.

Understanding Luxembourg Work Permit SystemNursing Abroad images 9

To legally work in Luxembourg as a non-EU/EEA national for over 90 days, you must secure a salaried worker residence permit or other type of work authorization from immigration authorities.

Here are some key things to understand about Luxembourg’s work permit system:

Types of Work PermitsLuxembourg issues different categories of temporary work permits based on the type of employment. Common ones include:

  • Salaried Worker Permit – For regular local employment under an employment contract. Quick and renewable.
  • ICT Permit – For intra-company transfers needing to work temporarily in Luxembourg for a multinational employer.
  • Blue Card – For highly skilled workers in shortage occupations like IT, engineering, finance etc. Offers fast-track permanent residency.
  • Temporary Worker Permit – For short-term temporary contract work like consulting projects, freelancing etc.
  • Business Permit – For investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed wishing to operate a business in Luxembourg.

Cost of Living Considerations in Luxembourg

While Luxembourg offers very attractive salaries for many occupations, it does come with a high overall cost of living compared to other European destinations.Some key things to factor in:


  • Renting city center apartment in Luxembourg City averages over €1,500 per month
  • Buying apartment in Luxembourg City averages over €10,000 per sqm
  • Options may be cheaper in suburbs and towns farther from the capital


  • Top income tax rate of 42% applies to salaries over €200,000
  • Effective personal tax rates range from 0-38% depending on income
  • Social security contributions can add another 12-15%

Food and Essentials

  • Grocery items can be 20-30% higher than EU average
  • Eating out is pricey, with restaurant meals averaging €20-25
  • Childcare costs are very high, with creches averaging over €1,000 per month

So you need to factor in higher costs for housing, goods and services in your financial planning when relocating to Luxembourg for work. However, the country does offer generous tax allowances and certain benefits to help offset expenses for employees and residents.

Additional Tips for Newcomers to Luxembourg

Here are some other helpful things to know when preparing your move to Luxembourg:

  • Luxembourg has three official administrative languages: Luxembourgish, French and German. But English is widely used in business settings.
  • Public transportation like buses and trains make it easy to live car-free, especially in Luxembourg City.
  • Prepare to open a local Luxembourg bank account to receive your salary payments and pay bills.
  • Luxembourg uses the Euro common European currency so conversion or exchange requirements are minimal.
  • Luxembourg enjoys a very high quality of life standard with great infrastructure, education, healthcare, low crime rate and more.

So if you don’t mind higher salaries offset by a higher cost of living, Luxembourg offers quick and easy immigration combined with great economic opportunities and quality of life incentives.


In summary, Luxembourg presents an attractive destination for immigrants seeking quick and straightforward work permits without strict language or age requirements.It offers many employment opportunities with international companies in fields like finance, technology, healthcare and more.

Sponsored jobs can lead to temporary work permits issued in a week. These are easily renewed annually towards permanent residence. While Luxembourg is expensive, higher wages help compensate for pricier housing, taxes and living costs. Excellent infrastructure and benefits also support residents.

For those looking to relocate abroad as soon as possible for a great job, Luxembourg checks all the boxes. Follow the tips above for finding sponsorship opportunities to secure your work permit within a week in most cases.

So don’t delay! Search for your next overseas position in Luxembourg today.

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