Luxembourg work visas, jobs, and europe visa in 15 days: move to europe’s richest country with family. Luxembourg is a small but wealthy European country nestled between Belgium, Germany, and France. With its robust economy, high wages, low unemployment, and excellent quality of life, Luxembourg has become an attractive destination for immigrants from around the world. In 2024, Luxembourg continues to have a strong demand for foreign workers to fill job shortages across sectors like finance, information technology, engineering, healthcare, education, and more.

The country actively welcomes skilled professionals and even has special visa programs to recruit global talent.This guide provides up-to-date information on how non-EU citizens can relocate to work in Luxembourg within 15 days. It covers Luxembourg work visas, in-demand jobs with no proof of funds required, and how to bring your family.

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To work in Luxembourg, non-EU/EEA nationals must obtain a work visa and residence permit before arriving. The initial work visa is valid for 90 days, allowing you to enter Luxembourg to process your residence permit.There are different types of work visas depending on your situation:

  • Salaried Employee Visa – For foreign workers with a local job offer. The Luxembourg employer sponsors the work visa.
  • EU Blue Card – For highly skilled workers and managers. No employer sponsorship required.
  • Working Holiday Visa – For young people aged 18-30 from partner countries to work and travel.
  • Business Visa – For investors, business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Once you arrive in Luxembourg with a valid work visa, you must apply for a temporary residence permit from the Immigration Directorate. This allows you to legally live and work in Luxembourg for the duration of your contract.The initial residence permit is valid for up to one year. You can renew it as long as you continue working for your Luxembourg employer. Permanent residence can be obtained after working continuously for 5 years.

Finding Jobs in Luxembourg

With its strong economy and job shortage across sectors, Luxembourg offers abundant employment opportunities for foreigners who have the right skills and experience. Popular websites to search for English-speaking jobs in Luxembourg include:

Some of the top industries hiring foreign workers in Luxembourg right now:

Finance and Banking

As Europe’s largest investment fund center and a major financial hub, Luxembourg has a thriving finance and banking industry constantly looking to recruit global talent. Open roles include asset managers, investment advisors, actuaries, compliance officers, accountants, auditors, financial analysts, and more. Top employers are large banks and investment firms like BNP Paribas, JPMorgan Chase, Northern Trust, State Street Bank, Clearstream, etc.

Information Technology (IT)

Luxembourg aims to be Europe’s data hub and has heavy demand for IT professionals across domains like software engineering, cybersecurity, data analytics, cloud computing, game development, etc. Multinational tech firms like Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, Vodafone, and startups are hiring programmers, developers, project managers, systems administrators, IT consultants, and other tech specialists.


Major infrastructure projects and industrial innovation in Luxembourg fuels demand for engineers in the construction, chemical, materials, manufacturing, automotive, space and satellite sectors. Electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, industrial, and process engineers are sought after.


Luxembourg provides excellent healthcare and opportunities abound at hospitals, clinics, elderly homes, rehabilitation centers and other medical institutions seeking doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, assistants, and other healthcare professionals.


The tri-lingual Luxembourgish education system needs qualified teachers at international schools and universities to educate youth and expats. Subject teachers, lecturers, special needs teachers, teaching assistants are required across disciplines.

Hospitality and Tourism

Luxembourg’s rising influx of tourists and business travelers drives recruitment in hospitality sectors like hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos, theme parks, museums, etc. Open roles include hotel managers, chefs, waiters, bartenders, casino dealers, tour guides, etc.

Luxembourg Work Visa With No Proof of Funds

Luxembourg offers work visas with no proof of funds for certain categories. This makes relocating much easier compared to other European countries that mandate proof of financial means.The following work visas do NOT require proof of funds or savings:

EU Blue CardNursing Abroad a4bdd031fbe4183c30526ac56a50051b

The EU Blue Card is a special residency permit that allows highly skilled non-EU workers to live and work in Luxembourg. It has lower salary and language requirements than other permits.To qualify for the EU Blue Card in Luxembourg:

  • Annual gross salary must be at least €67,304 (2022 minimum). Lower thresholds apply for professions with labor shortages.
  • Must have a university degree and high professional skills relevant to the job.
  • Initial contract must be for at least 1 year but can be extended.
  • No sponsorship from a Luxembourg employer is necessary. You can directly apply for the EU Blue Card after securing a job offer.

With the EU Blue Card, your spouse can also obtain a residence permit to work in Luxembourg without needing a separate work visa. Children under 18 automatically receive residence permits till they reach maturity.Overall, the EU Blue Card provides an excellent pathway for highly skilled immigrants to relocate with family.

Working Holiday Visa

Luxembourg’s Working Holiday Program allows youth aged 18-30 from partner countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, etc. to live and work in Luxembourg for up to 1 year. The working holiday visa has no proof of funds requirement. You only need to demonstrate having sufficient means to cover living expenses for initial short stay.It’s an open work visa allowing participants to gain professional experience, travel across Europe, and immerse in Luxembourgish culture. Any job is allowed from hospitality, agriculture, administration to high-skilled professions. After the 1 year working holiday, participants can switch their residence permit to other types if they find long-term employment.

Bringing Family to Luxembourg

Luxembourg makes it easy for foreign workers to bring their family members once settled. Eligible dependents include:

  • Spouse/registered or unmarried partners
  • Children under 18
  • Dependent children aged 18-24 in full time education
  • Dependent parents and grandparents

Family members can be brought over together when the worker moves to Luxembourg or later through family reunification programs.

Family Reunification Visa

After living at least 6 months in Luxembourg as a legal resident, foreign citizens can sponsor visas for family members abroad to join them.Requirements are:

  • Sufficient income and housing to support dependents
  • Health insurance coverage for family
  • Passport, birth certificate and other civil status documents

Spouses/partners receive a residence permit valid for 5 years. Minor children receive permits till age of maturity. For parents/grandparents, permits may be limited to 1 year. Family members then have full rights to live in Luxembourg but will need a separate work visa to be employed.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Luxembourg Work VisaNursing Abroad b405deba8f6affcd3fd35d587ff1cf2d

Follow this step-by-step process to secure a Luxembourg work visa and relocate within 15 days:

1. Find a Job in Luxembourg

  • Search job boards, LinkedIn listings, employer sites
  • Contact recruitment agencies and headhunters
  • Network professionally to find openings
  • Prepare CV and apply for relevant positions

Focus efforts on in-demand fields like IT, engineering, finance, healthcare, education, etc. For EU Blue Card, target jobs with salaries meeting the threshold.Be open to exploring different sectors in Luxembourg. Job stability and opportunities for growth are strong across the board.

2. Obtain Job Offer

  • Prepare thoroughly for interviews with Luxembourg employers via video call or in-person.
  • Present skills, experience and motivation fit for advertised role
  • Negotiate salary package meeting income requirements for work visa type
  • Secure formal job offer letter from Luxembourg company

Having a signed employment contract is critical before applying for work visa. Confirm details like position, salary, benefits, start date, duration are clearly stated.

3. Apply for Luxembourg Work Visa

  • Determine suitable work visa type (salaried employee, EU Blue Card, etc)
  • Submit visa application with required documents to Luxembourg embassy
  • Attend biometrics appointment for fingerprints and photo

Processing time is typically 15 days or sooner for work visas. Confirm from embassy if application will be completed before proposed start date.

4. Receive Work Visa Approval

  • Luxembourg embassy will approve work visa application if all conditions met
  • Passport containing visa affixed and returned by post or collection
  • Notify employer and discuss arrival plans

You now have 90 days from entry to finalize residence permit formalities in Luxembourg.

5. Relocate to Luxembourg

  • Book flight tickets and arrange housing
  • Pack necessary belongings and documents
  • Enter Luxembourg on work visa

Your Luxembourg employer can assist with relocation arrangements including accommodation search.

6. Apply for Residence Permit

  • Report arrival within 3 days and apply for residence permit
  • Undergo medical check and collect biometric ID card
  • Bank account, tax ID, social security registration

Once issued, biometric residence permit allows you to live/work in Luxembourg throughout contract duration.

7. Bring Family Members

  • Apply for family reunification visa after 6+ months of staying in Luxembourg
  • Process paperwork to sponsor entry of eligible dependents
  • Assist family with move to Luxembourg

Spouse can receive 5 year residence permit. Children get permit till age 18.So in as fast as 15 days from securing a job offer, you can: obtain a work visa, relocate to Luxembourg, convert to a residence permit and prepare to sponsor your family!

Cost of Living in LuxembourgNursing Abroad 0a7b882a1678d0fd3f45819eefcd14d6

As one of Europe’s wealthiest countries, Luxembourg does have a high cost of living compared to global averages. However, abundant job opportunities, high salaries and excellent infrastructure make it worthwhile. Some typical costs for basic necessities in Luxembourg are:

  • Rent for 85 m2 (900 Sqft) Apartment in City Center: €2,150 per month
  • Monthly utilities (Electricity, Heating, Water) for 85 m2: €230 per month
  • Domestic beer (0.5 liter): €2.00
  • Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g): €2.30
  • Rice (white), (1kg): €2.20
  • Eggs (regular) (12): €3.60
  • Local Transportation: €2 per ticket
  • Monthly Pass for Public Transport: €50

Luxembourg has high wages corresponding to the strong economy and high costs. Even in entry level positions, you can expect around €2,500 or more monthly in fields like banking, IT, engineering healthcare, etc. Higher-skilled professionals earn €5,000 – €15,000+ per month in salaries and bonuses. This means disposable income is high for expats working in Luxembourg compared to other European destinations.

Permanent Residence and Citizenship

After living continuously for 5 years in Luxembourg with valid residence permits, foreign nationals can apply for permanent residence. Salaried workers, EU Blue Card holders and other categories can all transition to permanent status.10 years of legal residence makes you eligible to apply for full Luxembourg citizenship. Dual citizenship is allowed, so you can retain your existing nationality. As Luxembourg citizens, you receive the full rights of EU citizenship allowing you to live/work freely across member states. Children born in Luxembourg may also claim citizenship by birth.


Luxembourg offers an outstanding environment for foreigners seeking better career and life prospects in Europe. With abundant jobs, competitive pay, excellent infrastructure and support for families, Luxembourg is a welcoming country for immigrants.

The straightforward work visa policies make it possible to relocate in as fast as 15 days with minimal barriers. This allows you to quickly take advantage of Luxembourg’s job opportunities and high living standards. So if looking to immigrate to Europe, consider Luxembourg as your top destination in 2024!

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