NewsHow to Become a Nurse in Dubai as an Internationally Trained Nurse 

How to Become a Nurse in Dubai as an Internationally Trained Nurse 

Dubai has emerged as one of the ultimate places with demand for nursing professionals. With its good pay for nursing, many people have made this a reason to pursue nursing and work in Dubai. However, there are several steps to secure a nursing job in Dubai. 

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Steps to becoming a nurse in Dubai.

1.  Meet nurse professional qualification requirement

United Arab Emirates has a standardized licensing document explaining the qualification requirements for healthcare workers. In Dubai, the health authorities have unified professional qualification requirements (PQR) showing its standards. For international nurses, qualifications are certification of nursing practice and training, academic transcripts, and diploma in bachelor’s degree in nursing.

To learn more about nursing standardized licensing, visit the unified professional qualification requirements website.

2.  Possess the required documents

Necessary documents like valid passports, birth certificates, nursing certificates, a photo (passport size), and employment references are required during registration. The passport should have a validity of six months. Similarly, as a nurse, you must possess a training transcript for all nursing programs. Employment references are meant to confirm the good character as well as the excellent health condition of the nurse. The documents need to be ready as some of them are verified by the United Arab Emirates embassy or home embassy. Remember, one has to make a particular payment to serve as an application fee and for document verification.

3.  Achieve the required Language level

English is the recommended language in Dubai health cares. It is, therefore, a requirement for any nurse aspiring to work in Dubai. Exams like the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) are conducted to prove proficiency in the language needed. Once you are familiar with the English language, you can qualify to be a nurse in Dubai.

4.  Availability of working permits and work visas

Dubai has multiple work permits and visas to facilitate foreign workers in different working areas in the state.

These allow foreign workers to be employed and work legally and get protected by the country’s laws. However, any foreign nurse intending to work in Dubai needs to apply for a work permit.

The federal authority for identity and citizenship is concerned with issuing a work permit. A work permit allows a foreign nurse to enter the country; hence it is issued before getting into the country.

Again, the work visa is essential and is issued once you are in Dubai. The work permits differ depending on your work in Dubai and whether you are a full-time or a part-time worker. If you intend to be a full-time nurse in Dubai, having a work permit and visa is recommended to simplify the working process and lifestyle in the state. If you have secured a job and a nursing license, your employer can help you obtain a work visa and permit.

5.  Taking the nursing license exam

You must have all the documents DHA requires before applying and sitting for a nursing license. Once you are verified to apply for a nursing position, you can now undertake the licensure examination.

A nursing license exam is essential to anyone interested in being a nurse in the UAE. The exam is referred to as the registered nurse examination and is meant to test for knowledge and skills in the nursing profession.

For an international nurse, you do the exam through OnVUE online proctoring. You are getting monitored on your webcam during exam time for exam security and to prevent unethical practices. As an international nurse, you must complete a six-month post-graduation internship to be authorized for the nursing licensure exam. You also need to have a valid license to practice nursing in your country to enable you to apply for a license exam in Dubai. Meanwhile, a minimum of a basic life support certificate applies to all nurses ready to take licensure examinations from Dubai.

6.  Registration

Registration is among the crucial steps in applying to be a nurse in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Registration as a nurse is being done through Dubai Health Association (DHA). DHA is a regulatory body responsible for healthcare professionals like nurses in Dubai. You are also eligible for registration still as an international nurse. The registration can be done online by creating an account and might involve a dataflow process like verification. The DHA registration process may require you to become verified, undertake an assessment exam, and finally acquire the license after passing the test to become registered. Depending on the nursing professional you have obtained, you register to the DHA the license of that specific area, and you can only work within that capacity.


Becoming a nurse in Dubai offers a fulfilling and rewarding career with excellent healthcare facilities and a multicultural work environment. While there may be challenges such as licensing requirements and cultural differences, the experience is enriching and life-changing. Nursing in Dubai allows professionals to positively impact diverse individuals’ lives and contribute significantly to the city’s healthcare landscape. With the support of Dubai’s progressive healthcare system, ambitious nurses can pursue a successful and meaningful career in this vibrant city.

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