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How to Apply for PTDF Scholarship 2024: Eligibility, Benefits, and Deadlines for Nigerian Students

The Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarship programs in Nigeria, aimed at developing indigenous human capacity for the oil and gas industry.

If you’re interested in pursuing studies related to petroleum technology and the energy sector, the PTDF Scholarship 2024 presents an excellent opportunity.

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What is the PTDF Scholarship?

How to Apply for PTDF Scholarship 2024: Eligibility, Benefits, and Deadlines for Nigerian Students

The Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship program offered by the Nigerian government through the Petroleum Technology Development Fund.

The scholarship aims to train Nigerians to become graduates, professionals, technicians and craftsmen in fields related to the oil and gas industry.The PTDF offers scholarships for:

  • Undergraduate studies
  • Masters (MSc) programs
  • Doctoral (PhD) programs

These scholarships are available for study at Nigerian public universities as well as at selected overseas institutions.

Key Details of PTDF Scholarship 2024

  • Funding Body: Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), Nigeria
  • Eligible Nationalities: Nigerian citizens only
  • Degree Levels: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD
  • Fields of Study: Oil and gas related disciplines
  • Host Institutions: Nigerian public universities and selected overseas institutions
  • Scholarship Coverage: Full tuition, monthly stipend, research grants, etc.
  • Application Deadline: June 24, 2024 (tentative)

Eligibility Criteria for PTDF Scholarship 2024

The eligibility requirements vary slightly depending on the degree level you’re applying for. Here are the general eligibility criteria:

For Undergraduate Applicants:

  • Must be a Nigerian citizen
  • Must be a full-time student in a Nigerian public university
  • Must be in 200 level of study
  • Course of study must be related to the oil and gas industry
  • Minimum of 5 credits in WAEC/SSCE/NECO including English and Mathematics
  • Valid admission letter into the university
  • Minimum CGPA of 3.0 on a 5-point scale or 2.4 on a 4-point scale in first year
  • Must have completed first year (two semesters) examinations

For Masters (MSc) Applicants:

  • Must be a Nigerian citizen
  • Must possess a full-time admission letter to a Nigerian public university
  • Minimum of Second Class Lower (2.2) degree in an oil and gas related field
  • At least 5 credits in WAEC/SSCE/NECO (maximum of 2 sittings)
  • NYSC certificate or exemption letter
  • Certificate of state of origin

For PhD Applicants:

  • Must be a Nigerian citizen
  • Full-time admission letter to a Nigerian public university
  • Minimum of Second Class Lower (2.2) in undergraduate degree
  • Masters degree with minimum of Merit in an oil and gas related discipline
  • At least 5 credits in WAEC/SSCE/NECO (maximum of 2 sittings)
  • NYSC certificate or exemption letter
  • Certificate of state of origin
  • Research proposal relevant to the oil and gas industry

Fields of Study Covered

The PTDF Scholarship covers various fields related to the oil and gas industry, including but not limited to:

  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Geology and Geophysics
  • Environmental Studies
  • Computer Science/Information Technology
  • Economics (Oil and Gas related)
  • Accounting/Finance (Oil and Gas related)
  • Business Administration (Oil and Gas related)

It’s important to check the official PTDF website for the most up-to-date list of eligible courses, as this may change from year to year.

PTDF Scholarship Benefits

The PTDF Scholarship is a comprehensive funding package that covers various aspects of your education. Here’s what you can expect:Nursing Abroad images 2024 06 27T082842.452

For Undergraduate Scholars:

  • Annual stipend of N500,000
  • One-time grant of N125,000 for books/laptop in the first year
  • Total package worth N625,000 in the first year, N500,000 in subsequent years

For Postgraduate (MSc and PhD) Scholars:

  • Annual stipend of N700,000
  • One-time grant for books/laptop (amount may vary)

For Overseas Scholars:

  • Full payment of tuition fees
  • Monthly living allowance
  • One-time settlement allowance
  • Annual book allowance
  • Warm clothing allowance (where applicable)
  • Health insurance
  • Return flight tickets

How to Apply for PTDF Scholarship 2024

The application process for the PTDF Scholarship is entirely online. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply:

  1. Visit the PTDF Scholarship Portal: Go to
  2. Create an Account: If you’re a new applicant, click on “Create Applicant Account” and fill in the required details.
  3. Log In: Use your credentials to log into your account.
  4. Verify Your NIN: You’ll need to verify your National Identity Number (NIN) before proceeding with the application. Note that NIMC verification charges apply.
  5. Fill the Application Form: Complete all sections of the application form accurately. Ensure you provide correct and up-to-date information.
  • Upload Required Documents: Scan and upload all necessary documents as specified in the application guidelines. These may include:Academic certificates and transcripts
  • Admission letter
  • NYSC certificate or exemption letter
  • Certificate of state of origin
  • Personal statement or research proposal (for postgraduate applicants)
  1. Review and Submit: Carefully review all entered information and uploaded documents before final submission.
  2. Print Acknowledgement: After successful submission, print out the acknowledgement slip for your records.

Important Dates for PTDF Scholarship 2024

While exact dates may vary, here’s a general timeline based on previous years:

  • Application Opening: Mid-May 2024
  • Application Deadline: Late June 2024
  • Shortlisting of Candidates: July-August 2024
  • Interviews: August-September 2024
  • Announcement of Results: September-October 2024
  • Scholarship Commencement: Varies based on academic calendar

Always check the official PTDF website for the most current dates and deadlines.

Tips for a Successful PTDF Scholarship Application

To increase your chances of securing the PTDF Scholarship, consider these tips:

  1. Start Early: Begin preparing your application well before the deadline. This gives you time to gather all necessary documents and information.
  2. Meet All Eligibility Criteria: Ensure you meet all the stated eligibility requirements before applying.
  3. Choose the Right Course: Select a course that aligns with PTDF’s focus on oil and gas industry development.
  4. Prepare a Strong Personal Statement: For postgraduate applicants, craft a compelling personal statement or research proposal that clearly demonstrates your passion for your field and its relevance to the oil and gas industry.
  5. Maintain Good Academic Standing: A strong academic record significantly improves your chances of selection.
  6. Be Honest: Provide accurate information in your application. Any discrepancies or false information can lead to disqualification.
  7. Follow Instructions Carefully: Read and follow all application instructions meticulously.
  8. Proofread: Review your application multiple times to catch any errors or typos.
  9. Prepare for the Interview: If shortlisted, prepare thoroughly for the interview by researching current trends in the oil and gas industry and practicing common interview questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about PTDF Scholarship

1. Can I apply for the PTDF Scholarship if I’ve benefited from it before?

No, applicants who have previously benefited from any PTDF scholarship cannot apply for the same or lower category of degree.

2. Is the PTDF Scholarship only for oil and gas related courses?

While the primary focus is on oil and gas related disciplines, some management and technology courses relevant to the industry are also considered. Check the official list of eligible courses on the PTDF website.

3. Can I apply for the PTDF Scholarship if I’m already a beneficiary of another scholarship?

No, current beneficiaries of any other scholarship are not eligible to apply for the PTDF Scholarship.

4. Is the PTDF Scholarship available for part-time studies?

No, the scholarship is only available for full-time studies. Part-time programs are not considered.

5. How competitive is the PTDF Scholarship?

The PTDF Scholarship is highly competitive. Only candidates who demonstrate exceptional academic performance and potential are selected.

6. Can I choose any university for my studies under the PTDF Scholarship?

For local scholarships, you must be admitted to a Nigerian public university. For overseas scholarships, PTDF has partner universities in specific countries where scholars can study.

7. What happens if I’m unable to complete my studies within the scholarship period?

Scholars are expected to complete their studies within the stipulated time frame. Extensions are rarely granted and are subject to PTDF’s discretion.

8. Is there an age limit for PTDF Scholarship applicants?

While there’s no specific age limit mentioned in the general eligibility criteria, it’s advisable to check the most recent application guidelines for any age restrictions.Nursing Abroad images 100

9. Can I work while on the PTDF Scholarship?

Scholars are generally expected to focus full-time on their studies. Any employment or other commitments that might interfere with your studies should be discussed with PTDF.

10. What are my obligations after completing the PTDF Scholarship?

Scholars are expected to contribute to the development of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry upon completion of their studies. Some may be required to work in the industry for a specified period.


The Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) Scholarship 2024 offers an incredible opportunity for Nigerian students passionate about contributing to the oil and gas industry. By providing comprehensive financial support for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral studies, PTDF is investing in the future of Nigeria’s energy sector.

If you meet the eligibility criteria and are committed to excelling in your studies, we encourage you to apply for this prestigious scholarship. Remember to start your application process early, prepare all necessary documents, and present your best self throughout the application and interview stages.

For the most up-to-date information and to start your application, visit the official PTDF Scholarship portal at luck with your application!

Additional Resources

To further assist you in your PTDF Scholarship application and studies in the oil and gas field, here are some valuable resources:

  1. PTDF Official Website: For the latest news and updates about PTDF initiatives.
  2. Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC): Learn about Nigeria’s national oil company and industry trends.
  3. Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE): A global organization for oil and gas professionals, offering resources and networking opportunities.
  4. Journal of Petroleum Technology: Stay updated with the latest technological advancements in the petroleum industry.
  5. Energy Information Administration (EIA): For global energy statistics and analysis.

Remember, staying informed about the industry can give you an edge in your application and future career. Best of luck in your pursuit of the PTDF Scholarship and your studies in the exciting field of petroleum technology!

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