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How to Apply for BRAC University’s Need-Based Scholarships 2024-2025: Eligibility, Requirements, and Benefits

Are you an outstanding student looking to pursue higher education at one of Bangladesh’s top private universities?

BRAC University offers a range of needs-based scholarships to help economically disadvantaged but academically talented students achieve their educational goals.

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What are BRAC University Needs Based Scholarships?

How to Apply for BRAC University’s Need-Based Scholarships 2024-2025: Eligibility, Requirements, and Benefits

BRAC University needs-based scholarships, also known as the BRAC Scholarship, provide a 100% tuition fee waiver along with coverage of other fees like semester fees, lab fees, and library fees.

The scholarship also includes food and accommodation for deserving students who demonstrate financial need but excel academically.

These scholarships aim to make quality education accessible to meritorious students from economically challenged backgrounds. By removing the financial barriers, BRAC University hopes to nurture the country’s brightest minds regardless of their economic status.

Eligibility Criteria for BRAC Scholarships

To be eligible for the BRAC Scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Demonstrate financial need: The scholarship is designed for students from economically disadvantaged families. Applicants will need to provide evidence of their financial situation.
  2. Academic excellence: Candidates must have a strong academic track record. For continuing students, a minimum CGPA of 3.00 on a scale of 4.00 is required to maintain the scholarship across all semesters.
  3. Full-time enrollment: Recipients must be enrolled as full-time students in an undergraduate or postgraduate program at BRAC University.
  4. Maintain good standing: Awardees are expected to uphold the university’s academic and disciplinary standards throughout their studies.

How to Apply for BRAC University Needs Based Scholarships

The application process for BRAC University needs-based scholarships is as follows:

  1. Submit the scholarship application form: Interested students need to fill out the designated scholarship application form available on the university website or from the scholarship office.
  2. Provide supporting documents: Along with the application, candidates must submit documents that prove their financial need, such as income certificates, bank statements, or other relevant papers.
  3. Academic records: Applicants should furnish their previous academic transcripts and certificates showcasing their excellent performance.
  4. Recommendation letters: Two recommendation letters from teachers, community leaders, or employers can strengthen the application by vouching for the student’s merit and need.
  5. Await decision: The BRAC University Scholarship Committee reviews all applications and makes the final selection based on the established criteria. Successful applicants are notified of the award.

Maintaining the BRAC Scholarship

Once awarded, students must continually meet certain requirements to retain their BRAC Scholarship:

  1. Minimum CGPA: Undergraduate students must maintain a CGPA of 3.00 or higher on a 4.00 scale across all semesters. Postgraduate students need to maintain the minimum CGPA set for their specific program.
  2. Credit requirements: Undergraduate recipients have to enroll in at least 12 credits per semester, while postgraduate awardees must take a minimum of 9 credits. Some programs like Law and Pharmacy have higher credit requirements.
  3. No failures or retakes: If a student fails a course or needs to retake/repeat it, the scholarship will not cover those subjects. Students must bear the cost of retakes or failures.
  4. Timely grade completion: Scholarships are awarded based on the previous semester’s results. So students with incomplete grades need to complete their assessments promptly to be eligible for the waiver in the following semester.
  5. Disciplinary compliance: Recipients must adhere to the university’s code of conduct. Any disciplinary violations can lead to the termination of the scholarship.Nursing Abroad images 2024 07 08T193024.058

Renewal and Discontinuation of BRAC Scholarships

The BRAC Scholarship is renewable each semester subject to the student meeting the above-mentioned ongoing eligibility criteria. However, the scholarship may be discontinued under the following circumstances:

  1. Failure to maintain minimum CGPA: If an undergraduate student’s CGPA falls below 3.00, they will be given a grace period of two consecutive semesters to improve their grades. Failure to achieve the required CGPA within this period will result in the scholarship being revoked.
  2. Disciplinary misconduct: Students found guilty of serious academic or behavioral misconduct as per university policies may forfeit their scholarship.
  3. Withdrawal or transfer: The scholarship is not transferable to other institutions. If a student withdraws from BRAC University or transfers to another university, the scholarship will be discontinued.
  4. Failure to meet credit requirements: Students must enroll in the minimum required credits each semester to avail of the scholarship. Failure to do so may lead to discontinuation.
  5. Providing false information: If any information provided in the scholarship application is found to be false, misleading, or intentionally omitted, the university reserves the right to cancel the scholarship.

Other Scholarships and Financial Aid at BRAC University

In addition to the needs-based BRAC Scholarship, BRAC University offers several other scholarship and financial aid opportunities for students:

Merit Scholarships

BRAC University rewards academic excellence through merit-based scholarships. These are awarded to students who achieve outstanding results in their previous academic programs or maintain excellent CGPAs during their studies at BRAC University.

The scholarship amount varies based on the student’s performance.To be eligible for merit scholarships, undergraduate students must complete at least 30 credits, while postgraduate students need to finish at least one-fourth of their program credits.

The minimum credit enrollment and retake/failure policies are similar to the BRAC Scholarship.

The merit scholarship percentages based on CGPA are:

  • CGPA 3.70 – 3.84: 10% tuition waiver
  • CGPA 3.85 – 3.89: 25% tuition waiver
  • CGPA 3.90 – 3.94: 50% tuition waiver
  • CGPA 3.95 – 3.99: 75% tuition waiver
  • CGPA 4.00: 100% tuition waiver

Other Financial Aid

BRAC University also provides other forms of financial assistance to support students, such as:

  • Sibling discounts
  • Need-based fee waivers
  • Student loans
  • Work-study programs

Students can explore these options by contacting the scholarship office or visiting the university website.


BRAC University’s needs-based scholarships provide a life-changing opportunity for talented students from economically challenged backgrounds to access world-class education.Nursing Abroad 9e51846e30d7c78bcd22964e3825e691

By offering full tuition waivers and additional benefits, these scholarships remove the financial hurdles that often prevent deserving students from pursuing their dreams.

If you are a meritorious student with financial constraints, we encourage you to apply for the BRAC Scholarship or explore other financial aid options at BRAC University.

With dedication, hard work, and the right support, you can unlock your full potential and build a brighter future.

For more information on BRAC University’s needs-based scholarships and other financial assistance programs, please visit the official website at or contact the scholarship office at [email protected].

Don’t let financial challenges stand in the way of your education.

Apply for the BRAC University Needs Based Scholarships 2024-2025 and take the first step towards a transformative academic journey. Good luck!

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