NewsDiscover Top-Paying Housekeeping Careers in the USA - Salaries, Roles & How...

Discover Top-Paying Housekeeping Careers in the USA – Salaries, Roles & How to Get Hired

Housekeeping is a rewarding career path for those who take pride in maintaining clean, orderly spaces. If you are detail-oriented, hardworking, and enjoy providing excellent customer service, a housekeeping job in the USA could be an excellent fit.

This guide covers everything you need to know about housekeeping jobs, including types of roles, average salaries, how to apply, and tips for landing your desired position.

Types of Housekeeping Jobs

Discover Top-Paying Housekeeping Careers in the USA – Salaries, Roles & How to Get Hired

There are several types of housekeeping jobs available in the USA across various industries:

Hotel Housekeeping

Hotel housekeepers are responsible for cleaning guest rooms, making beds, restocking amenities, and maintaining public areas like lobbies and hallways. They ensure a clean, welcoming environment for hotel guests.

Hospital Housekeeping

Hospital housekeepers play a crucial role in maintaining a sanitary, germ-free environment for patients, visitors, and staff. Their duties include cleaning patient rooms, bathrooms, operating rooms, and common areas while following strict safety protocols.

Residential Housekeeping

Residential housekeepers work in private homes, cleaning living spaces, doing laundry, and performing other household chores. They may work for individual families or residential cleaning services.

Commercial Housekeeping

Commercial housekeepers maintain the cleanliness of offices, retail stores, and other commercial buildings. Their tasks involve vacuuming, mopping, cleaning restrooms, and ensuring common areas are presentable for employees and customers.

Average Salaries for Housekeepers in the USA

According to data from, the average annual salary for housekeepers in the USA is $29,671 as of February 2024. However, salaries can vary based on factors such as location, industry, and experience level.Here are some average hourly wages for housekeepers in different settings:

It’s important to note that these are averages, and salaries can be higher or lower depending on the specific employer, location, and your experience level.

How to Apply for Housekeeping Jobs

There are several ways to find and apply for housekeeping jobs in the USA:

  1. Online Job Boards
  2. Popular job boards like IndeedLinkedInZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor are excellent resources for finding housekeeping job openings across the country. You can search for specific roles, locations, and filter by salary range or other preferences.
  3. Company Websites
  4. Many hotels, hospitals, residential cleaning services, and commercial cleaning companies post job openings directly on their websites. Check the careers or employment sections of companies you’re interested in working for and follow their application process.
  5. Staffing Agencies
  6. Staffing agencies like Integrity National Corporation and Crothall Healthcare specialize in placing housekeepers and other service industry professionals. They can connect you with job opportunities that match your skills and preferences.
  7. Networking
  8. Don’t underestimate the power of networking. Let friends, family members, and acquaintances know you’re looking for a housekeeping job. They may be aware of openings or have connections that could help you get your foot in the door.

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When applying for housekeeping jobs, be sure to highlight any relevant experience, even if it’s not directly related to housekeeping. Emphasize your attention to detail, ability to follow instructions, and commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Tips for Landing a Housekeeping Job

Competition for housekeeping jobs can be fierce, especially in popular tourist destinations or major cities.

Here are some tips to help you stand out and increase your chances of getting hired:

  1. Get Certified
  2. Consider obtaining certifications like the Certified Guestroom Attendant (CGRA) or Certified Residential Housekeeper (CRH) from organizations like the International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA). These certifications demonstrate your knowledge and commitment to the profession.
  3. Highlight Relevant Skills
  4. In addition to cleaning skills, highlight other relevant abilities like time management, physical stamina, and communication skills. Employers value well-rounded candidates who can work efficiently and interact positively with guests or clients.
  5. Be Prepared for Interviews
  6. Research common housekeeper interview questions and practice your responses. Be ready to discuss your experience, cleaning techniques, and ability to handle challenging situations.
  7. Consider Temporary or Part-Time Roles
  8. If you’re having trouble finding a full-time housekeeping position, consider taking a temporary or part-time role to gain experience and build your resume. These roles can often lead to permanent opportunities.
  9. Emphasize Your Attention to Detail
  10. Housekeepers are expected to maintain high standards of cleanliness and attention to detail. Highlight examples from your experience that demonstrate your ability to notice and address even the smallest details.

Housekeeping jobs offer stable employment, flexible schedules, and the opportunity to work in various settings.

With the right approach and dedication, you can land a rewarding housekeeping job that aligns with your career goals and lifestyle.

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