NewsBreaking News: UK Unveils New Immigration Salary List with Job Codes for...

Breaking News: UK Unveils New Immigration Salary List with Job Codes for Dependant Visas

The UK government has recently published a new Immigration Salary List (ISL) that outlines the job codes and minimum salary requirements for skilled workers seeking to bring dependents to the country. This move is part of the government’s efforts to reform the immigration system and address concerns over high levels of net migration.

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What is the Immigration Salary List?

The Immigration Salary List replaces the previous Shortage Occupation List (SOL) and serves as the official list of skilled jobs eligible for lower salary thresholds when applying for a Skilled Worker or Health and Care Worker visa. Occupations on the ISL can be paid up to 20% less than the general salary threshold, subject to specific minimums.

According to the Home Office, the ISL aims to “allow employers to recruit migrant workers in occupations where it is sensible to offer a discounted salary, rather than being a list of all occupations experiencing labour shortages.”

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Key Changes and Implications

  1. Increased Salary Thresholds: The general salary threshold for the Skilled Worker route has been raised from £26,200 to £38,700, representing a significant increase of 48%. This change is expected to make the Skilled Worker route unavailable for many occupations, particularly those at lower skill levels.
  2. Removal of the 20% ‘Going Rate’ Discount: The previous benefit of paying 80% of the ‘going rate’ for occupations on the SOL has been removed, further increasing the salary requirements for many roles.
  3. Dependant Restrictions for Care Workers: From March 11, 2024, care workers and senior care workers under the Health and Care Worker visa will no longer be able to bring dependents as part of their visa application. This change aims to address concerns over the potential abuse of this route.
  4. Transitional Arrangements: Individuals who obtained their Certificate of Sponsorship before April 4, 2024, or have continually held a Skilled Worker visa since then, may be eligible for lower salary requirements during a transitional period until April 2030.

The New Immigration Salary List

The ISL comprises 23 occupations spanning various sectors, including construction, agriculture, healthcare, and creative industries. Some notable inclusions are:

  • Biological scientists (all jobs, UK-wide)
  • Graphic and multimedia designers (all jobs, UK-wide)
  • Laboratory technicians (requiring 3+ years of experience, UK-wide)
  • Dancers and choreographers (skilled classical ballet or contemporary dancers, UK-wide)
  • Musicians (skilled orchestral musicians, UK-wide)
  • Bricklayers (all jobs, UK-wide)
  • Care workers and home carers (all jobs, except in England where additional requirements apply)

To view the complete list and salary requirements, employers and applicants can refer to the official government publication.

Impact on Employers and Applicants

The introduction of the ISL and the accompanying changes to salary thresholds and dependant rules are expected to have a significant impact on employers and skilled workers seeking to migrate to the UK.

Employers may face challenges in recruiting and retaining talent, particularly in sectors heavily reliant on migrant workers, such as healthcare and social care. They will need to review their recruitment strategies and ensure compliance with the new rules.

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Applicants, on the other hand, may find it more difficult to meet the increased salary requirements or bring their dependents to the UK, potentially deterring them from pursuing opportunities in the country.


The UK government’s reforms to the immigration system, including the introduction of the Immigration Salary List, aim to address concerns over high levels of net migration and ensure a more sustainable and fair approach to skilled worker migration. However, the changes have also raised concerns among employers and advocacy groups about potential labor shortages and the impact on families.

As the new rules come into effect, it is crucial for employers and applicants to stay informed and seek professional advice to navigate the complexed immigration landscape. The government has stated that further reviews and adjustments to the ISL may be forthcoming, indicating an ongoing effort to strike a balance between economic needs and immigration control.

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