The UK government has recently announced 40,000 unskilled jobs in the UK that come with visa sponsorship for international workers. This presents an excellent opportunity for those looking to work in the UK without formal qualifications or previous work experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about these unskilled UK jobs.

So if you want to work in the UK despite having no qualifications or experience, keep reading to find out how!

Overview of Unskilled Visa Sponsorship Jobs Scheme

The UK is facing a shortage of workers to fill low-skilled roles across many industries. To address this, the government has introduced a scheme to allow employers to sponsor international workers to take up these jobs.Key details about the scheme:

  • Initially 40,000 visas will be available
  • Valid for 12 months
  • No minimum salary threshold
  • Includes jobs like cleaners, drivers, care assistants etc.
  • Employers must be licensed sponsors

The aim is to provide a route for international workers to gain experience and new skills while also helping to fill staff shortages. Workers can use it as a stepping stone to progress into other roles long-term.

Types of Unskilled Jobs Available

There is a wide variety of unskilled jobs available with visa sponsorship, including:

Hospitality & Food Services

  • Waiting staff
  • Kitchen assistants
  • Fast food workers
  • Dishwashers
  • Baristas

Driving & Delivery

  • Delivery drivers
  • Private chauffeurs
  • Taxi drivers
  • Courier drivers

Manual Labor

  • Farm workers
  • Warehouse operatives
  • Construction assistants
  • Landscapers
  • Cleaners

Care Work

  • Care assistants
  • Home care aides
  • Patient transport drivers

So whether you have experience as a driver, in a kitchen, on a farm or in a care setting, there are relevant unskilled roles available. As long as you meet the visa eligibility criteria, you can apply.

Key Companies Offering Unskilled Jobs

Many employers across the UK are approved to sponsor international workers for low-skilled roles.

Some of the leading ones include:

AB Agro – Recruits for roles in animal feed production

Pro-Force – Construction, driving and warehouse jobs

Concordia – Various agricultural roles

Tasty Careers – Hospitality and food services jobsIn addition, large employers like Amazon, major hotel chains and care home providers also offer unskilled visa sponsorship roles.

Use the government’s sponsor list to search for approved employers in your preferred industry or location.

Salary & BenefitsNursing Abroad images 32

Workers taking up these roles can expect to earn at least £10.10 per hour, in line with National Living Wage requirements. For a full-time 35-40 hour work week, this would equate to around £20,000-£25,000 annually.In addition, many employers provide benefits like:

  • Subsidized accommodation
  • Bonus pay opportunities
  • Paid time off
  • Training programs
  • Job perks like free staff meals

So while these are not highly paid roles, the total compensation package can be appealing, especially for those new to the UK job market.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an unskilled worker visa, applicants must:

  • Be 18+ years old
  • Have a job offer from a licensed sponsor
  • Meet English language requirements
  • Get approval as a Skilled Worker
  • Provide tuberculosis test results

You do NOT need previous work experience, qualifications or to meet a minimum salary threshold.In some cases, employers assist with visa applications and cover visa fees. So be sure to discuss this when applying for roles.

Visa Application Process

If you secure an unskilled job offer, you can apply for visa sponsorship by following these steps:

  1. Apply for entry clearance: Complete the online application and pay visa fees
  2. Attend biometrics appointment: Provide fingerprints and supporting documents
  3. Get approval: Wait for a decision (usually within 3 weeks)
  4. Travel to UK: Once approved, arrive before your entry date

The visa allows you to work for your sponsoring employer only. Family members can’t accompany you on this visa route.You can extend the visa as long as you remain with the same employer. Switching employers requires a new visa application.

Finding Available Unskilled Jobs

With so many unskilled visa sponsorship jobs now available, how do you find the right role? Here are some top tips:

  • Check the government sponsor list for approved employers
  • Search job boards like Indeed and Monster using relevant keywords
  • Look for recruitment agencies specializing in visa sponsorship roles
  • Follow leading employers on social media for job updates
  • Attend virtual job fairs focused on international hiring
  • Tap your network – friends, family etc. already in the UK

Setting up job alerts and checking for new postings daily/weekly is key to finding the best openings.

Application TipsNursing Abroad DACA Student

To boost your chances of securing an unskilled sponsored job, make sure to:

  • Highlight any relevant experience, even if not formal work
  • Obtain an English certificate at the right level
  • Research the employer and role requirements
  • Prepare strong answers for competency-based interview questions
  • Be flexible about work hours, duties, location etc.
  • Show your long-term commitment to working in the UK

Submitting thoughtful applications and interviewing well gives you an edge over other applicants.


How long can I work in the UK on an unskilled visa?

The visa is granted for up to 12 months initially. You can apply to extend it as long as you continue working for the same sponsoring employer.

Can I switch employers?

No, visa sponsorship is tied to a specific employer. To change jobs, you would need to return home and apply for a new visa with the new employer’s sponsorship.

Can my family/dependents join me?

No, unskilled worker visas do not allow dependents to accompany you. Only single applicants can be sponsored.

Do I need to speak English?

Yes, you need English ability at CEFR Level A1 to meet visa eligibility requirements. Some roles require higher levels.

What happens if I lose my job?

You must inform the Home Office and will need to leave the UK or find a new eligible job within 60 days to remain legally. So in summary, the introduction of 40,000 unskilled visa sponsorship jobs represents an exciting opportunity for international workers looking to gain experience in the UK job market.With roles across many sectors and excellent employment prospects, it offers a realistic path to enhance your skills and career progression.

As long as you meet the visa requirements and follow sound application advice, you have a good chance of securing a sponsored role in 2024.

55,000 Horticulture Jobs Available in UK

In addition to wider unskilled work opportunities, the horticulture sector in the UK is also in need of thousands of new workers in 2024. An estimated 55,000 jobs are expected to become available over the next year alone.This presents a great option if you are interested in gaining experience in the horticulture and agriculture industry while working in the UK with visa sponsorship.Let’s take a closer look at these exciting roles:

Overview of UK Horticulture Industry

Horticulture involves the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs and other plants. The UK’s horticulture industry has an estimated annual value of £3 billion, with the following key segments:

  • Fruit and vegetable production
  • Amenity horticulture e.g. parks, gardens
  • Landscaping services
  • Plant and flower nurseries

Major crops include apples, pears, cherries, hops, mushrooms and many more.The industry relies on access to seasonal, flexible workforces to help with planting, crop maintenance and harvesting work.

55,000 Jobs Opening Up

Due to Brexit limiting worker inflows from the EU and poor retention of existing workers, the UK horticulture industry is facing unprecedented staff shortages.

Industry body Horticulture Week estimates there could be up to 55,000 unfilled roles across the industry within the next year.This represents a huge opportunity for international workers looking to enter the sector.

Range of Jobs AvailableNursing Abroad Couple sorting through paper work 1

Typical horticulture jobs available to migrant workers seeking visa sponsorship include:

  • Fruit & vegetable pickers/harvesters
  • Packers & product graders
  • Plant husbundry assistants
  • Propagators e.g. taking cuttings
  • General horticulture laborers
  • Tractor & machinery operators
  • Supervisory roles
  • Farm administrative assistants

So whether you have some previous agriculture experience or are completely new to the field, there are ample vacancies expected across both entry-level and semi-skilled roles.

Salary Packages & Benefits

Wages for horticulture jobs requiring visa sponsorship generally range from £10.10 per hour up to £15 per hour depending on your exact role and experience level. In addition, most positions come with added benefits like:

  • Free shared accommodation
  • Paid breaks and leave entitlements
  • Training and upskilling opportunities
  • Career progression prospects
  • Temporary labor-to-permanent schemes

So you can achieve a reasonable standard of living from these jobs, with scope to enhance your skills and earning potential over time.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for visa sponsorship for UK horticulture jobs, the key criteria are:

  • 18+ years of age
  • Physically fit for labor-intensive work
  • Passport from eligible country
  • Job offer from licensed sponsor
  • Meet English language requirements
  • Get approval under Skilled Worker or Seasonal Worker visa routes

Note that most sponsors will arrange visa applications and cover visa fees for you.

Finding Job Opportunities

If you’re interested in exploring these exciting horticulture work openings further, good places to search include:

You can also connect with leading industry associations like Horticulture Week Jobs and GrowUp SmartHort to access their latest work opportunities. Setting up tailored job alerts is recommended so you don’t miss any suitable openings.

So if you think a job in the thriving UK horticulture sector may interest you, grasp this chance to develop specialized skills and secure visa sponsorship. The industry urgently requires committed workers, so take advantage of the estimated 55,000 roles becoming available over the next year.

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