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Top 5 Countries to Study International Nursing That Prepares You For Best Markets

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International nursing focuses on nursing practice and healthcare delivery worldwide. In addition, It involves nurses who work externally, outside their home county, to provide care to varied populations. Historically, international nursing has roots in establishing colonial healthcare systems. With time, global nursing has evolved to incorporate various aspects, like health globally, migration, ethical considerations, and cultural competence.

Countries such as the United States, United Kingdom (U.K.), Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands are among the top-tier countries suitable for an individual to study as an international nurse. Similarly, these countries have the best education system, thus increasing job chances for their nurses. The in-depth details for the listed countries are explained as follows:

United States (U.S.)

With its popularity in many sectors worldwide, the United States is also known for the international nursing field. There are over two thousand institutions in the U.S. offering learning for nursing programs. Alda professional placement services and Global healthcare resources are among the international nursing recruitment agencies in the United States. Though the process of international nursing in America might be complex, thorough research and patience make it easy. 

Critical things to consider:

  1. Education and Licensing: an international student must have completed a nursing program adhering to the educational requirements of the U.S. to practice nursing in the State. After completing nursing education and passing, one is issued with a license.
  2. Visa Requirements: an appropriate student visa is a must for international nurses. Therefore, getting aware of visa requirements and the application process is important.
  3. CGFNS Certification: The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) certification is frequently required for international nurses in the United States to verify the education and licensure credentials of internationally-educated nurses.
  4. State Licensure: individual state nursing boards are concerned with issuing nursing licenses in the United States.
  5. Job Opportunities: There are many job opportunities in the United States for international nurses. International nurses can work in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare backgrounds. There is a high demand for nurses in the U.S., making it advantageous to nursing students.

 United Kingdom (U.K.)

The U.K. is known for its hub of nursing education and the well-established healthcare system. British nursing degrees are highly recognized worldwide, and various institutions offer nursing programs. The National Health Service (NHS) provides plenty of job opportunities for nurses. To boost its education system, the country has a diverse, multicultural society. International nurses must demonstrate proficiency in the English language by achieving the required scores in approved language proficiency tests. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Occupational English Test (OET) are language tests. One can check the NMC guidelines for the most up-to-date information to know more about the accepted English language test scores’ required scores.


Canada is also ranked as a top and leading attractive destination for nursing. The country is known for its high-quality healthcare system and welcoming environment for immigrants. Canadian nursing programs are well-regarded, and there are openings for specialization. Once one has completed the necessary licensing exams, international nurses can work in various healthcare settings nationwide, like clinics, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. 

Canada has many opportunities and has recently made it easier to work as a nurse there through the Nova Scotia College of Nursing without IELTS or NCLEX.


 The Netherlands is well-known for its progressive healthcare system and high standards of nursing education. Their nursing programs mostly focus on evidence-based practice and provide opportunities for practical training. However, the country’s strong economy offers an all-inclusive environment. It has a strong demand for skilled nurses, with abundant job prospects available in hospitals and community care settings.


There are numerous opportunities for international students at many colleges in Australia. Australian nursing programs provide a solid foundation in nursing practice and theory led by practitioners. The nursing program has enough research facilities and curriculum that facilitate the success of the nursing profession. After completing their studies and fulfilling registration requirements, international nurses can work in a range of healthcare sites, for example, hospitals and community health centers. Nursing study in Australia elaborates more on global nursing, including available nursing courses, course duration, requirements, scholarships, and colleges for nursing. For a person to practice nursing in the Netherlands, Fluency in Dutch is essential as patient care and communication are conducted in Dutch.


The named countries offer top-tier nursing education, favorable working conditions, and good employment prospects. These aspects give them the demand as a destination for international nurses. However, examining particular requirements, registration processes, and visa regulations is essential to guarantee a smooth transition and a successful career in the chosen country.

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