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Top 5 Cheapest Colleges in Canada for International Students | No IELTS Required, Low GPA Accepted

Canada has become an increasingly popular study abroad destination for international students due to its high-quality education system, safe communities, opportunities after graduation, and relatively affordable tuition costs compared to countries like the US, UK and Australia.

Unlike some countries, Canada also does not have strict English proficiency requirements for international students. Even applicants with low GPAs still have good chances of being admitted.

This makes Canada one of the most accessible countries for international students looking for an affordable yet worthwhile overseas education. To help you find the cheapest Canadian colleges, here is a ranking of the top 5 most affordable options based on published 2024 international student tuition fees.

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1. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

With annual international student tuition fees starting from only $16,575 CAD ($12,300 USD), NAIT offers one of the most affordable college educations in Canada.Located in Edmonton, Alberta, NAIT focuses on providing career-oriented diploma and certificate programs in high-demand fields like business, health sciences, and various trades. Popular program choices include Business Administration, Chemical Engineering Technology, Computer Systems Technology, and Bachelor of Technology in Technology Management.

NAIT has a long history of working with industry partners to make sure its programs meet current needs and help graduates secure jobs. The most recent employment rate for NAIT graduates was 96%.International students made up 18% of NAIT’s total student population of over 30,000 in 2022. Students come from various countries like India, Nigeria, China, Vietnam.With plenty of services to support international students, NAIT makes it easy to study and live in Canada on a budget. Affordable on-campus housing starts from just $450/month for a shared room.Tuition fees:

  • Diploma/certificate programs: $16,575 CAD per year
  • Bachelor of Technology: $18,752 CAD per year
  • Bachelor of Business Administration: $19,959 per year

Admissions requirements:

  • Completion of secondary school diploma
  • Minimum grade average varies by program (typically around 60-65%)
  • No IELTS score or proof of English proficiency required

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2. Medicine Hat College (MHC)

Medicine Hat College MHC in Alberta offers international students one of the most affordable college experiences in Canada. With annual tuition fees of $18,000 CAD ($13,400 USD), it’s over $8,000 cheaper than the national international tuition average of $26,520 CAD.

MHC provides a full range of programs including university transfer, career diplomas, applied degrees, and apprenticeship training. Popular fields of study like Business, Education, Fine Arts, Health Care, Human Services, and Skilled Trades.The college’s small class sizes, hands-on learning, and connections to industry help students gain the skills needed to start their careers.

MHC also has partnerships with universities across Canada that allow graduates to transfer into degree programs. Located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, the college’s safe small-town community makes it easy for international students to adjust to life in Canada. On-campus housing is available with shared rooms starting from $450 per month. Various meal plans are also available for purchase.

With students from over 34 countries in 2022, MHC offers good support services for internationals including airport pickup, orientation sessions, peer mentoring programs, and events to experience Canadian culture.Tuition fees:

  • Diploma or certificate programs: $18,000 CAD per year
  • Bachelor’s degrees: $18,000 – $19,500 CAD per year

Admissions requirements:

  • Completion of high school diploma
  • No IELTS score or minimum grade average required

3. College of the Rockies (COTR)

International students can study at College of the Rockies (COTR) in British Columbia for around $18,000 CAD ($13,400 USD) per year.COTR offers two-year diploma programs, one-year certificates, university transfer courses as well as career training and adult basic education.

Students have a choice of over 25 programs across diverse fields like Business & Tourism, Health Care, Human Services, Trades, Visual & Performing Arts.The college focuses on hands-on learning to help students gain practical skills. Facilities include health simulation labs, trades workshops, commercial kitchens, student-run restaurants, salon clinics.

Small class sizes also allow for more one-on-one time with instructors.Located in the East Kootenay region, COTR’s mountain campus at Cranbrook provides access to nature with plenty of skiing, biking, hiking nearby. On-campus housing is available starting from $450 per month for a shared room.

COTR also has a second campus in Creston located in a rural farming valley. Combined, the two campuses have around 1,100 full-time students and 150 international students from over 26 countries.Tuition fees:

  • Diploma programs: $17,970 – $18,270 CAD per year
  • Adult basic education: $3,690 CAD for full program

Admissions requirements:

  • Completion of high school diploma or equivalent
  • No IELTS score or minimum grade average

4. Conestoga College

Conestoga College has three campuses located in Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph, Ontario. With annual international tuition fees starting from $15,000 CAD ($11,200 USD), Conestoga offers an affordable pathway for international students to gain Canadian work experience and permanent residency after graduation.

The college provides career-focused programs at the certificate, diploma, degree and post-graduate level across an extensive range of fields – from skilled trades and IT to business, design, engineering technologies, health care and more.Conestoga’s curriculum is designed with input from thousands of industry partners to make sure graduates have the right job skills. Many programs include paid co-op work terms so students gain Canadian work experience. This helps graduates secure jobs after completing their program.

The college has a growing international student population of over 4,000 students from more than 60 countries. Various student clubs and peer connections help internationals adjust to life in Canada. Specialized advisors also provide dedicated support.Affordable housing options are available, including homestays with local families starting from $750 CAD per month. Shared on-campus housing is also available near Conestoga’s Waterloo and Guelph campuses.Tuition fees:Nursing Abroad 1696576540577

  • Career certificates: $15,000 – $17,000 CAD per year
  • Diploma and advanced diploma programs: $15,500 – $18,500 per year
  • Degree programs: $16,500 – $19,500 per year
  • Post-graduate programs: $16,200 – $19,200 per year

Admissions requirements:

  • Completion of high school diploma
  • No IELTS score or minimum grade average required

5. Saskatchewan Polytechnic

With four campuses across Saskatchewan province, Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers international students affordable college programs focused on hands-on learning. Annual tuition fees start from around $16,500 CAD ($12,300 USD), making it roughly $10,000 cheaper than the average Canadian university tuition.

Program options range from one-year certificates to multi-year diploma and degrees specializing in skilled trades, health care, mining, technology, business, hospitality and more. The most popular programs among international students are Business, Engineering Technology, Health Care, Hospitality and Information Technology.Over 6,100 international students from 75+ countries currently study at Sask Polytech. The college focuses on practical learning, including having industry-trained instructors, over 500 employer partnerships, and the latest technology and facilities used by companies.

This level of career preparation gives graduates an employment edge.Sask Polytech has a dedicated International Student Support team located across all campuses. Services include airport pickup, housing assistance, peer mentoring, events and workshops. Multiple affordable housing options are also available, including homestays for around $750/month.Tuition fees:

  • Certificate programs: $16,500 – $17,000 CAD per year
  • Diploma programs: $16,500 – $18,000 CAD per year
  • Degree programs: $17,000 – $22,500 CAD per year

Admissions requirements:

  • Completion of high school
  • No IELTS score or minimum grade average required

Why Study at an Affordable Canadian College?

There are many advantages for international students who choose to study at an affordable Canadian college:

1. Save money on tuition fees – Canadian college tuition for international students can cost as little as $13,400 USD per year compared to universities which average around $26,000 USD per year.

2. Gain practical career skills – College programs are focused on hands-on learning and job preparation which leads to good graduate employment outcomes.

3. Easier admission requirements – Unlike universities, most colleges do not require international students to prove English proficiency or achieve high school grades. The easier admissions process helps more students access Canadian education.

4. Pathway to permanent residency – Graduates from many college programs can get a 3-year post-graduation work permit, which helps them gain Canadian work experience and qualify for permanent residency faster.

5. Supportive environment for internationals – Canadian colleges provide dedicated international student advisors, airport pickup, housing help, peer mentoring and other services to help new internationals adjust.Nursing Abroad canada

6. Study in a safe, welcoming country – Canada has an international reputation for safety, diversity, tolerance and giving immigrants opportunities to integrate successfully.

Key Steps for Admission

Follow these key steps for admission to an affordable Canadian college as an international student:

1. Choose your program – Decide which college and program is the best fit for your career goals. Use college websites to compare program details, courses, fees, graduate outcomes.

2. Check admission requirements – Make sure you meet the minimum admission requirements. Most colleges require completion of a high school diploma but no IELTS score or minimum grades.

3. Submit application – Apply online along with scanned copies of your transcripts and other documents. Pay the application fee.

4. Get acceptance letter – Colleges will assess your application and issue an acceptance letter typically within 1-3 weeks. This letter is required for the study permit application.

5. Apply for study permit – Work with the college’s international advisors to prepare your Canadian study permit application and submit to your nearest visa office.

6. Arrange accommodation – Book campus residence or homestay for when you arrive. Colleges can guide you through the booking process.

7. Pay first semester tuition and fees – Once your study permit is issued, pay the deposit and first semester tuition to confirm your admission.

The straightforward admissions process helps make Canadian colleges an accessible study abroad option for international students looking to launch their careers and immigrate to Canada.

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