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Study Abroad for Free in 2024: Full Tuition Scholarships at Top Universities Around The World

Studying abroad can be an incredibly enriching and life-changing experience. However, the high costs associated with international education often deter students from considering this option. The good news is that there are more opportunities than ever before to study abroad for free through full tuition scholarship programs.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide an overview of some of the top full scholarship options at leading universities around the world with deadlines in early 2024. Whether you are looking to study in Europe, Asia, Australia, or the Americas, this guide covers a diverse range of destinations and subject areas. So read on to discover how you could be attending a top global university next year tuition-free!

Why Study Abroad?

Before diving into the scholarship opportunities, it is worth reflecting on some of the key benefits associated with an international education experience:

  • Expand your worldview – By immersing yourself in a different culture and environment, you will expand your global perspective and ability to appreciate diversity.
  • Enhance your employability – Graduates with international experience are highly valued by employers for their adaptability, cultural awareness, and language skills.
  • Build a global network – Studying alongside peers from around the world provides connections and friendships that can last a lifetime.
  • Stand out to graduate schools – International study demonstrates curiosity, independence and problem-solving abilities sought after by top graduate programs.
  • Personal growth – Living abroad accelerates maturity, self-confidence and a sense of independence like few other experiences can.Nursing Abroad images 2023 12 15T110142.467

Finding Fully Funded Opportunities

Scholarships and grants that provide full funding for both tuition and living expenses are highly competitive. Here are some tips to maximize your chances:

  • Start researching early – Some programs have deadlines 6-12 months in advance of the academic year.
  • Cast a wide net – Apply to as many fully-funded scholarship programs as possible.
  • Highlight extracurriculars – Compelling personal statements and resumes are key.
  • Meet all criteria – Carefully review eligibility and application requirements.
  • Get local scholarships – Your hometown, parents’ employers or university may offer scholarships.
  • Enroll directly at universities – Some schools provide more aid to international students.

Top Destinations for Full Ride Scholarships

Now let’s explore some of the top study abroad destinations that offer life-changing fully funded opportunities for international students:


  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees – Prestigious programs integrating studies across multiple European countries.
  • University of Oslo – Norway’s top university provides multiple full scholarships for international master’s students.
  • University of Iceland – Offers tuition waivers and stipends for select graduate programs.
  • ETH Zurich – Switzerland’s leading STEM school offers full scholarships for master’s and PhD students.Nursing Abroad images 2023 12 01T142410.131


  • Korean Government Scholarship – Fully funded undergraduate and graduate programs across Korea.
  • University of Hong Kong – Full postgraduate funding based on merit and recommendations.
  • Chinese Government Scholarship – Covers tuition, accommodation, and monthly stipend for thousands of international students.
  • University of Tokyo – Japan’s top school offers international student scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study.

Australia & New Zealand

  • University of Sydney – Australia’s highest ranked university provides full undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships.
  • University of Melbourne – Offers over 300 fully funded graduate research scholarships each year.
  • University of Auckland – New Zealand’s leading university offers PhD and master’s scholarships covering all expenses.

United States & Canada

  • Fulbright Program – Prestigious and highly competitive US government-sponsored grants for graduate study/research.
  • Schwarzman Scholars – Fully funds graduate study at Tsinghua University in Beijing for future global leaders.
  • University of Toronto – Canada’s top university provides major entrance scholarships for international students up to $60k CAD.

Tips for Writing Compelling Applications

To stand out from the crowd and secure one of these highly competitive fully funded opportunities, your application needs to shine. Here are some top tips:

  • Convey passion & purpose – Communicate genuine enthusiasm and purpose behind your decision to study abroad.
  • Highlight achievements – Quantify accomplishments in academics, leadership, athletics, arts, or service.
  • Define future goals – Articulate how international study connects to career aspirations.
  • Address challenges – Share examples of perseverance despite obstacles or setbacks.
  • Show character – Let positive personality traits and values shine.
  • Get feedback – Have mentors review for comprehensive recommendations.
  • Perfect submissions – Carefully proofread all materials and follow precise guidelines.

By following these tips and casting a wide net, your chances of landing a life-changing full scholarship to study abroad are excellent.

Featured Full Ride Scholarship Programs

To give a more concrete sense of the fully funded opportunities available, here is an overview of five featured programs covering a diversity of destinations, subjects, and eligibility criteria:

1. Australia Awards Scholarships

Destination: Australia.

Subjects: All subjects

Eligibility: Citizens of participating countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Details: Prestigious scholarships from the Australian government fully covering tuition, travel, and living expenses for study at Australian universities.

Priority fields include health, governance, infrastructure, education, agriculture/fisheries, and disaster preparedness.

Deadline: June 2024

Link: Australia Awards Scholarships.

2. Chinese Government Scholarships

Destination: China.

Subjects: All subjects

Eligibility: Citizens worldwide. Minimum 2 years undergraduate study for master’s programs and 3 years for doctoral programs.Details: Fully funded scholarships for study across China. Covers tuition waiver, accommodation, stipend, and comprehensive health insurance.

Deadline: Early 2024

Link: Chinese Government Scholarship

3. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

Destinations: Europe

Subjects: Wide range available

Eligibility: Citizens worldwide. Minimum bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Details: Prestigious programs integrating studies across at least two European countries. Full scholarships cover tuition, international travel, living costs, and insurance.

Deadline: October to January 2024.

Link: Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

4. Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Destination: United States.

Subjects: All subjects

Eligibility: Non-US citizens studying a full academic program at the graduate level.

Details: Competitive grants from the US Department of State fully funding graduate level study, research or teaching assistantship across the United States.

Deadline: May to August 2024.

Link: Fulbright Foreign Student Program

5. University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships

Destination: Auckland, New Zealand

Subjects: All subjects

Eligibility: Open to international students beginning a PhD.

Details: Prestigious and generous scholarships from New Zealand’s top university fully funding 3-4 years of doctoral study. Value over NZ$260k.

Link: University of Auckland Scholarships

Maximizing Your Experience AbroadNursing Abroad image1 41

Securing the funding to study overseas tuition-free is an amazing accomplishment. However, you also want to make sure you make the most of the opportunity by:

  • Immersing yourself on campus and around town by joining clubs and activities.
  • Building connections with students and professors from the host country.
  • Traveling on weekends or holidays to expand your cultural experience.
  • Seeing if you can extend your stay after graduation for work or travel.
  • Keeping an open mind and positive attitude when encountering cultural differences.
  • Appreciating that you’ve earned a truly life-changing opportunity.

Start Your Application Today

As you can see, there are numerous high quality universities across the globe that offer full scholarships covering tuition, room, board and other expenses for international students.

If you meet eligibility requirements and application deadlines , you could be embarking on the experience of a lifetime studying abroad completely tuition-free by 2024.These competitive programs allow talented and deserving students to access outstanding international education opportunities that might otherwise be out of financial reach.

We encourage you to browse the links above, identify programs matching your background and interests, and get a head start on applications even a year in advance.

With a polished application highlighting your strengths, passion and purpose, you have an excellent shot at securing full funding.Imagine yourself immersed in a prestigious foreign university classroom surrounded by new friends from around the world by this time next year. Take the first step and start your scholarship application today.

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