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Step by Step Process of Moving to New Zealand as a Carer in 2024 | Move with your Dependants | Jobs

Moving to New Zealand as a carer in 2024 is an excellent opportunity for qualified caregivers looking to live and work in a beautiful country with strong demand for aged care and disability support workers. Step by Step Process of Moving to New Zealand as a Carer in 2024 | Move with your Dependants | Jobs

With an aging population and increased government investment in healthcare, New Zealand offers abundant job opportunities, attractive salaries and benefits, and a high quality of life for migrant caregivers.

This guide provides a step-by-step process for international caregivers to move to New Zealand with dependants in 2024. It covers finding a job, visa requirements, costs involved, settling as a family, and support services available.

Finding a Carer Job in New Zealand

The first step is securing a job offer from a New Zealand employer willing to sponsor your work visa. Useful job search platforms include:

  • [Seek]
  •  – Large jobs database with over 980 caregiver vacancies currently advertised. Easy to filter by location and job type.
  • [Health Careers]
  •  – Specialized site listing healthcare vacancies including nurse, doctor, and aged care jobs.
  • [Working in New Zealand]
  •  – Government site connecting migrants with accredited NZ employers. Create a profile and get job alerts.
  • [Live & Work in New Zealand]
  •  – Get job offers and advice tailored to migrants interested in moving to NZ.

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When searching, look for employers advertising roles as “new migrant friendly” or “visa sponsorship available”. Having a confirmed job offer is mandatory before applying for a visa.

Choosing the Right Work Visa

Once you secure a job, the next step is identifying and applying for the appropriate work visa. Common options include:

Essential Skills Work Visa:

For carers with an offer for full-time (30+ hours) ongoing work. Valid for up to 3 years.

Work to Residence Visa:

For roles on the Long Term Skill Shortage List. Allows applying for residence after 2 years.

Working Holiday Visa:

For ages 18-30. Work in short-term roles up to 12 months. Can extend stay to 23 months.

Consult [Immigration New Zealand’s website] to determine which visa suits your situation. The visa application process takes approximately 4-8 weeks.

Documents and Requirements

To successfully get a work visa as a carer, you’ll need:

  • Confirmed job offer letter from your NZ employer
  • Contract or terms of employment
  • Proof of relevant qualifications and work experience
  • Police and medical certificates
  • Evidence of English proficiency (e.g. IELTS test results)
  • A valid passport
  • Recent passport-sized photo
  • Completed visa application form

Ensure all documents are certified copies or originals as required. Immigration NZ will process your application and notify you of the outcome via email.

Bringing Your Family to New Zealand

Once your work visa is approved, you can sponsor visas for dependant family members including:

Partner Visa

For a spouse or de facto partner to accompany you. Allows them to live and work in NZ.

Dependent Child Visa

For children under 20 years old to join their parent on a work visa.

Visitor Visa

For dependent parents, grandparents or adult children to visit NZ with you for up to 9 months. Family members included on your application can arrive in New Zealand at the same time.

Submit all required documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, passport photos, police clearances etc.

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Costs of Moving to New Zealand

When budgeting for a move to New Zealand as a migrant caregiver with dependants, key costs include:

Visa Fees

The visa application fee per person over 17 is NZ$530. Under 17’s pay $298. Work visas allow multiple entry for up to 3 years.


Factor in flights for yourself and family. Air New Zealand often has specials for ~$1,200 return from Australia and Asia.


Sending a 20ft container to NZ averages ~$5,000. Use a freight forwarder or agent to coordinate.


No quarantine currently required. Have contingency funds in case restrictions are reintroduced e.g $3,000 per person.


Rentals vary greatly depending on location. Budget $400 – $800 per week for a family home in most regions.

Living Costs

Groceries, bills etc for a family of 4 average ~$1,500 monthly. Consider bringing enough funds to cover initial few months.

Apply for jobs before moving to determine average salaries and talk to recruiters about relocation assistance your employer may offer.

Settling in New Zealand as a Family

To give your family the best chance of settling happily in New Zealand:

Secure Housing

Book temporary accommodation, then inspect rentals/schools to choose your area. Have enough funds for bond, rent in advance etc.

Prep Children

Discuss the move positively. Connect with their new school for familiarity. Consider extra tutoring to help adjust.

Understand Healthcare

Learn how the public health system works, costs, enrolling with a GP etc to access care readily.

Build Support Networks

Join groups on Facebook, meetups and clubs to expand your community and make friends.

Learn about Life in NZ

Read blogs, watch YouTubers etc written by expats and migrants sharing insider tips and experiences.

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Kiwis are super friendly. There are also great free support services…

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Support Services for Migrant Caregivers & Families

New Zealand provides the following free services to help new migrant caregivers successfully establish themselves:

[New Kiwis Immigration Service]
  • Help finding jobs, understanding visas, expanding social networks and more
  • Run webinars, workshops and provide useful online resources

English Language Partners

  • Improve English skills through free classes, lessons and social groups
  • Also teach workplace terminology for healthcare roles

Multicultural NZ

  • Connect with others who’ve made the move to New Zealand
  • Help accessing housing, healthcare, schooling etc

Work the Seasons

  • Meet staffing needs for peak seasonal jobs e.g. fruit picking
  • Welcomes families – separate accommodation provided
  • Supplementary income and regional experience

Dept. of Internal Affairs

  • Free workshops on settling into NZ life and culture
  • Also run citizenship classes and advice forums

These organizations help smooth the transition for migrant caregivers and families adjusting to their new life in New Zealand. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Next Steps for Moving to New Zealand as a Carer in 2024

To recap, key steps for successfully migrating include:

  1. Find a carer job offer with visa sponsorship
  2. Apply for and secure the right work visa
  3. Sponsor visas for dependant family members
  4. Budget for costs like flights, shipping, housing
  5. Settle in by arranging healthcare, schooling, support

With thorough preparation, an open mindset and utilising helpful services, international caregivers and their families are embracing the superb opportunities of living, working and studying in New Zealand now and into the future.

The demand for aged care and disability support keeps growing rapidly with New Zealand’s aging population –

[find the latest carer roles here] and take the next step towards launching your Kiwi caregiving career today!

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