Samples of NNAS Quality Report – Cannada

Are you looking for a real NNAS advisory report sample?

I am sharing the advisory report I got from NNAS last 2017 for those who are curious about how the report looks like. I got two advisory reports – one for Registered Nurse (RN) evaluation and another one for Practical Nurse (PN) evaluation.

Here are the sections and subsections of the advisory report:

  • Part A: Applicant Data Review
    • A1: Personal Information
    • A2: Nursing Education Overview
    • A3: Registration/License Overview
    • A4: Nursing Practice/Employment
  • Part B: Nursing Education Analysis
    • B1: RN Education Domain Breakdown
    • B2: RN Summary of Technology-Mediated Analysis of Entry to Practice Requirements
    • B3: RN Summary of Technology-Mediated Analysis of Dimension Requirements

Here are the three possible outcomes for the advisory report:

  • Comparable – MEETS or EXCEEDS minimum Canadian standards
  • Somewhat Comparable – PARTIALLY MEETS minimum Canadian standards
  • Not Comparable – DOES NOT MEET minimum Canadian standards

Advisory Report for RN

NNAS advisory report for RN
NNAS not comparable result

For RN evaluation, NNAS issued me a Not Comparable result. It meant that my nursing education is not comparable to Canadian nursing education.

RN advisory report
NNAS AR sample

Advisory Report for PN

advisory report sample for PN
somewhat comparable nnas result

For my LPN evaluation, NNAS issued a Somewhat Comparable result.

comparable nnas result
NNAS AR sample for PN

What Happens Next?

After getting your advisory report, you will be given a link to register to your chosen regulatory body (RB). Each province has their own regulatory body. The process differs a little bit between provinces but it basically boils down to these outcomes:

Comparable: You will be allowed to take the CPNRE (for LPN) or NCLEX (for RN) right away.

Somewhat Comparable: The RB may do another evaluation. You may also be required to complete some courses. Some RBs may also just give authorization to take the CPNRE or NCLEX right away.

Not Comparable: There are two options that might be offered for this depending on your RB – take courses based on the outline of gaps that will be given to you by the RB or take the Competency Assessment Supplement (CAS) for LPNs or the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) for RNs. After finishing one of the two options, you will be authorized to take the CPNRE or NCLEX.

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