GuidelinesPreparing for the NGN: Resources, Books, and Online Materials

Preparing for the NGN: Resources, Books, and Online Materials

Embarking on the journey to ace the Nigeria Graduate Network (NGN) exam necessitates a robust preparation strategy. The right blend of resources, books, and online materials is crucial to not only passing the NGN exam but also mastering the underlying concepts. This article elucidates the myriad of resources available, and how to strategically utilize them to ensure success in the NGN examination.

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Understanding the NGN Exam Framework.

Exam Structure:

Understanding the structure and format of the NGN exam is the preliminary step toward successful preparation. Delve into the official NGN exam blueprint to grasp the domains covered, and the weightage of each domain.

Syllabus Overview:

A thorough examination of the NGN syllabus will aid in identifying the key areas of focus. This will also serve as a roadmap to align your preparation resources accordingly.

Books and Study Guides.

Official Study Guide:

Procure the official NGN study guide, which is tailored to cover all the exam objectives comprehensively. It’s imperative to meticulously go through each chapter to build a solid foundation.

Recommended Books:

There are several other books recommended by NGN exam veterans. Some of these include titles like ‘Networking Essentials’ and ‘NGN Architecture, Protocols and Services’. Ensure to diversify your reading to get a holistic understanding.

Online Resources.

Online Courses:

Engage in online courses from reputable platforms like Coursera, Udemy, or the official NGN training platform. These courses are structured to provide in-depth knowledge with the flexibility of learning at your own pace.

Practice Exams:

Utilize online platforms offering practice exams to test your knowledge and exam readiness. These mock exams emulate the real exam scenario, aiding in alleviating exam anxiety.

Forums and Discussion Groups:

Join NGN-related forums and discussion groups to interact with other aspirants. Platforms like Reddit or the official NGN community are invaluable for sharing insights and clarifying doubts.

Supplemental Resources.

Labs and Simulations:

Engage in hands-on labs and simulations to garner practical knowledge. This practical approach will cement your understanding of complex concepts.

Flashcards and Revision Guides:

Employ flashcards and revision guides for a quick revision before the exam. These resources are excellent for reinforcing key concepts.

How to Prepare for the NGN: A Comprehensive Guide

Preparing for the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) can be a daunting task, but with the right resources, books, and online materials, you can be well-equipped to tackle the exam. The NGN is a new version of the NCLEX licensing exam that was implemented in 2023. The exam test nursing students on their ability to apply clinical judgment and decision-making skills in real-life scenarios.

To prepare for the NGN, you should start by reviewing your nursing school textbooks and notes. Additionally, you can consider taking an NGN prep course or using an online study platform that’s specifically designed for the NGN. There are many various resources available for studying and preparation for the NGN. Choose the resources that fit your learning style, needs, and budget. Be sure to look for NGN 2023, not the old NCLEX-RN 2019 versions.

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) website has a wealth of information including the application and registration steps, exam day process, tutorials, frequently asked questions, testing locations, and more. You can also use social media to stay up to date with tips and reminders from NCSBN @NCLEXinfo & NCSBN NCLEX.

The 2023 NCLEX-RN Test plan was effective from April 1, 2023, through March 31, 2026. The test plan outlines content areas on the exam through categories, subcategories, as well as detailed related activity statements. A breakdown of the percentage of the test that will apply to each of the content areas is illustrated in the distribution of content. Find answers to the NGN here: NCLEX & Other Exams | NCSBN. You can find the New NGN 2023 Test plan here: 2023_RN_Test Plan_English_FINAL.pdf. 

There are many apps available to do practice questions on your phone. Here are some examples: UWorld, Lippincott’s NCLEX-RN PassPoint, Hurst Review Services, Kaplan, Nurse Achieve, and

In addition to these resources, you can also browse books that contain content to prepare students for the NGN. Elsevier Education has a list of books categorized by topics such as Community Health Nursing, Critical Care, Drug Calculations, Fundamentals/Foundations/Skills, Gerontology, Health Assessment, Health Promotion, Informatics, Issues/Trends, Leadership and Management, LPN/LVN Maternity/Pediatrics/Women’s Health.

Remember to determine a timeline and set a study schedule that fits your needs. Give yourself enough time to study between completing your program and writing the exam. Form a study group or have a study buddy so that you can study together.


The journey to conquering the NGN exam is demanding yet surmountable with the right resources and a disciplined study regimen. A blend of books, online materials, and supplemental resources is instrumental in ensuring a well-rounded preparation. Equip yourself with these resources to stride confidently towards achieving NGN certification.

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