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Nurses Can Now Migrate to Canada for Free Through the AHS Pilot Program in 2024

Canada is facing an acute shortage of nurses and healthcare workers to meet the needs of its aging population. It is estimated that Canada will need to hire around 199,000 healthcare workers by 2024 to fill this gap. To address this shortage, Canada has introduced various immigration pathways to attract qualified international nurses.

One such initiative is the AHS (Alberta Health Services) pilot program that allows nurses to migrate to Canada for free.

Overview of the AHS Pilot Program

The AHS pilot program is an initiative by the Alberta provincial government in collaboration with the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta. Under this program, internationally educated nurses can get their credentials assessed and recognized in Alberta to become eligible for nursing jobs. Some key features of the AHS pilot program:

  • Nurses do not need to pay any fees for credential assessment and licensing
  • Fast-track process to get nursing license within 6 months
  • Guaranteed job offer from AHS upon licensing
  • Free end-to-end immigration and relocation support.
  • By removing the financial barriers and streamlining the licensing process, this program aims to attract thousands of international nurses to fill vacancies in Alberta.

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Why Choose the AHS Pilot Program?

The AHS pilot program offers international nurses a quick and cost-effective pathway to migrate to Canada.

Here are some of the main benefits of this program:

1. No Credential Assessment Fees: The biggest advantage is nurses can get their credentials assessed and recognized without paying any fee which typically costs around $1000 CAD.

2. Guaranteed Job Offer: Once licensed, nurses are guaranteed jobs by AHS saving them the effort of job hunting. The job locations can be in various health facilities across Alberta.

3. Relocation and Immigration Support: Right from getting the nursing license to relocating to Canada, nurses are provided complete support. The immigration fees and relocation costs are also sponsored making it free for nurses.

4. Pathway to Permanent Residence: With a job offer from AHS, nurses can easily apply for permanent residence in Canada through provincial nomination programs.

5. High Salaries: Salaries for nurses in Canada rank among the highest globally. On average, nurses earn around $80,000 CAD annually allowing them to enjoy a high standard of living. Considering these benefits, the AHS pilot program provides the easiest route for international nurses to migrate to Canada in 2024.

Who Can Apply for the AHS Pilot Program?

To apply for the AHS pilot program, nurses must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree or diploma in nursing
  • Have at least two years of recent nursing experience
  • English language proficiency (IELTS 7+ or equivalent)
  • Registration and license from home country nursing body
  • Clear criminal record and health checks

Additionally, nurses must go through a two-step assessment process:

1. Credential Assessment: Firstly, nurses must get their credentials assessed by an approved Canadian assessment agency to check their authenticity.

2. Competency Assessment: Secondly, they must pass a competency test conducted by the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta to demonstrate their nursing skills and expertise. Nurses who successfully clear both these assessments are issued a nursing license by the College allowing them to start practice in Alberta.

How Can Nurses Apply for the AHS Pilot Program?

Here are the key steps nurses need to follow to apply for this program:

Step 1: Check if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Step 2: Prepare the required documents for credential assessment.

Step 3: Register your profile on the AHS pilot program portal.

Step 4: Appear for competency assessment tests.

Step 5: Obtain Alberta nursing license.

Step 6: Sign job contract with AHS.

Step 7: Apply for Canada PR once you have an AHS job offer To assist with this entire process, AHS has empaneled designated immigration agencies that help nurses with their visa applications. It’s best for nurses to take guidance from these agencies as they are well-versed with the program’s policies and processes.

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Scope of Nursing Jobs Through the AHS Program

Once licensed, nurses have ample job opportunities across various specializations in Alberta. Some of the top nursing occupations in demand are:

  • Acute Care Nurses
  • Ambulatory Care Nurses
  • Cardiac Care Nurses
  • Critical Care Nurses
  • Emergency Room Nurses
  • Geriatric Care Nurses
  • Pediatric Nurses
  • Psychiatric Nurses

Apart from hospitals, nurses can also find jobs in community health centers, clinics, senior homes, and other healthcare facilities managed by AHS.

Salary and Incentives for AHS Nurses

Nurses hired through the AHS pilot program are offered lucrative salaries and incentives such as:

  • Base Salary: Starts at around $80,000 CAD per year which is higher than most provinces
  • Annual Increments: 8% salary raise every year
  • Shift Premiums: Additional $5 per hour for overnight and weekend shifts
  • Travel Allowance: Up to $2000 CAD to cover travel costs
  • Relocation Funds: $10,000 CAD for relocation expenses
  • Free Healthcare: Comprehensive medical coverage for the whole family
  • Job Security: Full-time permanent positions with long-term career growth

With free healthcare, high disposable incomes and an excellent work-life balance, nurses can attain a very high standard of living working at AHS.

Next Steps for Nurses

The AHS pilot program offers a lifetime chance for nurses aspiring to migrate to Canada in 2024. Here is what nurses should do next:

1. Assess Your Eligibility: Start by checking if you meet all the eligibility conditions to apply under this program.

2. Prepare Required Document”s: Keep all your documents ready for credential assessment and immigration procedures.

3. Register with Designated Agencies: Approach empaneled agencies to apply for the AHS program and get guidance.

4. Appear for Assessment Tests: Once approved, appear for competency tests to get Alberta nursing license. By following these steps, internationally qualified nurses can leverage the AHS pilot program to migrate and find excellent nursing jobs in Canada in 2024.

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