UniversitiesMAECI Scholarships 2024-2025: Fully Funded Masters & PhD in Italy

MAECI Scholarships 2024-2025: Fully Funded Masters & PhD in Italy

The Italian Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), offers scholarships for international students to pursue Masters and PhD degrees in Italy for the 2024-2025 academic year. These fully-funded MAECI scholarships cover tuition fees, health insurance, and provide a monthly stipend of 900 euros.

Eligibility Criteria for MAECI Scholarships

To be eligible for the Italian Government Scholarships, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a foreign citizen or an Italian citizen living abroad (IRE)
  • Hold an appropriate academic qualification required to enroll in an Italian university
  • Meet the age requirements:Under 28 years old for Masters programs
  • Under 30 years old for PhD programs
  • Under 40 years old for Research projects
  • Provide proof of Italian or English language proficiency (minimum B2 level)

Scholarships are available for the following types of courses offered by Italian universities:

  • Masters Degree programs (Laurea Magistrale)
  • PhD courses
  • Research under academic supervision (Progetti in co-tutela)
  • Courses in Arts, Music and Dance (AFAM)

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Benefits of the MAECI Scholarship

The Italian Government Scholarship provides recipients with:

  • 900 euros monthly allowance, paid quarterly
  • Exemption from tuition fees at public universities
  • Health and accident insurance coverage for the scholarship duration

The scholarship is awarded for a period of study ranging from 6 to 9 months, starting from November 1, 2024. Renewal of the scholarship for subsequent years is possible based on academic performance.

How to Apply for the MAECI Scholarship

The application for the 2024-2025 MAECI scholarships must be submitted online through the Study in Italy portal between May 15 and June 14, 2024.

To apply, candidates need to:

  1. Register an account on the Study in Italy portal
  2. Fill out the online application form
  • Upload the required documents, including:CV
  • Proof of academic qualifications
  • Language certificates
  • Admission letter from an Italian university (if available)
  • Passport copy
  • Motivation letter (max 1000 words)

Applications are evaluated by a Committee set up by the Italian Diplomatic Mission in the applicant’s country of origin. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and other criteria related to the applicant’s CV.

Top Italian Universities Offering MAECI Scholarships

Many prestigious Italian universities participate in the MAECI scholarship program. Some of the top institutions international students can apply to with this scholarship include:

  1. University of Bologna – Founded in 1088, it is the oldest university in continuous operation.
  2. Sapienza University of Rome – The largest European university by enrollments with over 110,000 students.
  3. Politecnico di Milano – A leading university in Italy and Europe for Engineering, Architecture and Design.
  4. University of Padua – A premier Italian university founded in 1222, where Galileo Galilei was a lecturer.
  5. University of Pisa – Known for its distinguished role in fields like Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science.

These universities offer a wide range of Masters and PhD programs taught in English across various disciplines. Their research output, industry connections, and international environment make them attractive destinations for scholarship recipients.

Other Scholarship Opportunities in Italy

In addition to the MAECI scholarships, international students can explore other funding options to study in Italy:

  • Invest Your Talent in Italy – A scholarship program supporting students from select countries to pursue postgraduate studies in Engineering, Advanced Technologies, Architecture, Design, Economics and Management.
  • University-specific scholarships – Many Italian universities offer their own merit-based scholarships and tuition fee waivers for international students. For example, the University of Pavia provides 150 tuition fee exemptions
  • While Politecnico di Milano awards scholarships of €5,000-€10,000 per year to talented Master’s students
  • Regional scholarships – Some Italian regions and local authorities grant scholarships to international students based on academic merit and financial need, such as the EDISU Piemonte Scholarships for students enrolled at universities in the Piedmont region

Researching and applying to multiple scholarship opportunities can increase your chances of receiving funding for your studies in Italy.


The Italian Government Scholarships offered by MAECI provide an excellent opportunity for international students to pursue Masters or PhD degrees at top Italian universities for free.

With a generous monthly stipend, tuition fee exemption, and insurance coverage, these scholarships enable talented students to study and live in Italy without financial burdens.

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If you meet the eligibility criteria and are passionate about studying in Italy, don’t miss the chance to apply for the MAECI scholarships between May 15 and June 14, 2024. Prepare your application materials in advance, research your preferred universities and programs, and submit a compelling application showcasing your academic achievements and motivation.

In addition to the MAECI scholarships, explore other funding options like regional scholarships and university-specific grants to maximize your chances of studying in Italy for free. With the right scholarship support, you can turn your dream of pursuing a Masters or PhD in Italy into reality.

Start your journey towards an enriching study experience in Italy today!

Apply now for the 2024-2025 MAECI Scholarships and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to advance your education and career in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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