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How to Immigrate and Become a Licensed Pharmacist in Turkey – A Complete Guide

Turkey is a popular destination for immigrants looking to establish themselves as pharmacists. With its growing economy, stunning landscapes, rich culture and history, favorable immigration policies, and shortage of healthcare professionals, Turkey presents major opportunities for foreign pharmacists. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about immigrating and getting licensed to practice pharmacy in Turkey.

Overview of Pharmacy Practice in Turkey

Pharmacy practice in Turkey is regulated under Law No. 6197 on Pharmacies and Pharmacists. The Turkish Pharmacists’ Association (TPA) oversees pharmacy practice, education and promotes the role of pharmacists in the healthcare system. Pharmacists must complete a 5-year Bachelor’s degree, 1 year of internship, and pass the national Pharmacist Sufficiency Exam to get licensed.

Pharmacists in Turkey provide a range of professional services beyond dispensing medications. These include patient counseling, advising physicians on drug selection/interactions, reporting adverse reactions, preparing compounded medications, ensuring safe medication use, and more. Pharmacists also manage inventory, purchase supplies, supervise technical staff, and promote public health.With its aging population and focus on achieving universal health coverage, Turkey needs more pharmacists to meet rising demand.

This creates favorable prospects for foreign pharmacists looking to establish themselves in Turkey.

Requirements to Practice as a Pharmacist in Turkey

To immigrate and become a licensed pharmacist able to practice pharmacy in Turkey, you must meet the following key requirements:

Educational Qualifications

  • Possess a 5-year Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from a recognized university
  • Complete a minimum 1 year supervised internship under a licensed pharmacist

Language Proficiency

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the Turkish language by passing the Turkish Language Proficiency Exam. This involves reading, listening, writing and speaking components.

License Examinations

  • Pass Turkey’s standard Pharmacist Sufficiency Examination to demonstrate you have the necessary expertise in pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical sciences, law and regulations to practice safely in a Turkish setting. The exam is offered twice a year across multiple cities.

Work Permit

  • Obtain a Turkish work permit to legally reside and seek employment as a pharmacist in Turkey. This involves finding a Turkish employer willing to sponsor your work permit application.

Residence Permit

  • Apply for a residence permit within 30 days of arriving in Turkey once you secure employment and obtain your work permit

Meeting all the above requirements allows you to become a licensed, registered pharmacist able to work at Turkish pharmacies, hospitals, community clinics, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies and academic institutions.

Step-by-Step Process for Immigrating to Turkey as a Pharmacist

Follow this step-by-step process to successfully immigrate to Turkey and have your overseas pharmacy qualifications recognized so you can become licensed to practice pharmacy:

1. Research Job Opportunities – Explore open pharmacist roles at Turkish hospital/community pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. to understand demand. Use recruitment sites and connections in your network.

2. Attain Turkish Language Proficiency – Enroll in accredited Turkish language courses (in your home country or online) and pass Turkey’s Turkish Language Proficiency Exam. This is key for daily life and integrating into the pharmacy workplace.

3. Undergo Credential Evaluation – Submit your pharmacy degree, transcripts, license certificates etc. to Turkey’s Higher Education Council (YÖK) for evaluation and verification. This determines if you meet Turkey’s educational requirements.Nursing Abroad images 2023 11 30T121421.910

4. Prepare Licensing Exam Applications – Once credentials approved, apply to take Turkey’s Pharmacist Sufficiency Exam under the Foreign Pharmacists Examination category. Ensure you meet the application deadlines.

5. Take and Pass Licensing Exam – Study hard and sit the licensing exam held twice yearly in major cities like Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir etc. You must pass this standardized test to demonstrate you can practice pharmacy safely and legally in Turkey.

6. Apply for Work Permit – With job offer from Turkish pharmacy employer in hand, apply for the work permit from the Turkish Consulate in your home country. This allows you to legally reside and seek employment as a pharmacist in Turkey.

7. Obtain Residence Permit – Within 30 days of arriving in Turkey, lodge your residence permit application with the appropriate Immigration Administration Office. This allows you to live and work in Turkey long-term.

8. Register with Turkish Pharmacists Association – Finally, register as a licensed pharmacist with the Turkish Pharmacists’ Association (TPA). This completes the immigration and licensing process.While the process takes time and effort, thousands of overseas pharmacists successfully immigrate to Turkey for exciting pharmacy careers and lifestyles yearly. The key is understanding the step-by-step pathway and checking you meet all requirements.

Immigration Pathways for Pharmacists

Pharmacists have three main pathways for immigrating and working legally in Turkey:

Work Permit – The most common route. Involves securing a job offer from a Turkish employer willing to sponsor your work permit application. Allows you to work specifically for them as a pharmacist.

Turkish Descent – If you have Turkish ancestry, you can apply for an exemption from the work permit under Turkey’s Turkish Descent and Family Residence Permit program. This provides more flexibility to seek pharmacist roles.

Student Pathway – Study a master’s pharmacy degree at a Turkish university. Gives you temporary residence during studies then allows 1 year to find sponsored pharmacist employment in Turkey post-study.

Each pathway has different application criteria, processes and benefits. Choosing the right option for your situation is vital.Nursing Abroad Pflegeausbildung in Deutschland Aufgaben und Gehalt

Finding Pharmacist Jobs in Turkey

Turkey’s growing economy and healthcare system means increasing demand for skilled pharmacists – from major cities to regional towns. However, finding roles from overseas takes effort. Useful tips include:

  • Networking – Leverage personal and professional connections already in Turkey. Attend overseas pharmacist meetups. These can reveal unadvertised roles.
  • Recruitment Sites – Check leading sites like İşkur and for pharmacist vacancies with employers willing to sponsor work permits.
  • Social Media – Follow pharmacy company and professional association pages on Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Useful for spotting job ads.
  • Recruitment Agencies – Specialist medical and pharmacy recruiters like Seda International match qualified overseas pharmacists with employers needing to fill vacancies.
  • Attending Conferences – Look for Turkey-based pharmacy conferences in your specialty. Great for making local contacts and discovering openings.

Persistence and a multi-pronged job search strategy are key to landing that ideal Turkish pharmacist position.

Requirements to Practice in Turkey by Nationality

Turkey offers favorable immigration policies towards certain nationalities due to historic migratory ties and bilateral agreements. This means more streamlined processes for certain pharmacists.

EU Nationals – As an EU citizen, you can directly apply to have your pharmacy qualifications recognized in Turkey then seek employment without needing visas or work permits thanks to EU freedom of movement rules.

Turkic States – Pharmacists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and other Turkic countries receive preferential treatment regarding visas, residence, and work permits in Turkey under various agreements.

Balkan Region – Similar favors apply to pharmacists immigrating from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova and other Balkan states owing to cultural proximity with Turkey.

However, those from other regions like South Asia, Middle East, Africa etc. face more stringent requirements. The Turkish Embassy website of your country provides specific details. Checking if you qualify for relaxed criteria is prudent.

Cost of Immigration and Relocation

Immigrating and relocating your life to Turkey as a pharmacist does entail significant financial costs. Budget for expenses like:

  • Credential Evaluation – $200 to $500+ for Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) certification
  • Licensing Exam – $300 to $600+ for pharmacist sufficiency exam fees
  • Language Tuition – $1000+ for accredited Turkish language courses & proficiency tests
  • Visas & Permits – $400 to $900+ for work, residence permits and associated legal fees
  • Flights & Relocation – $2,000+ for one-way flight to Turkey plus shipping belongings

You may also need extra budget for short-term housing, Turkish pharmacy registration fees, living costs as you find work, and more. Preparation helps avoid financial issues.Nursing Abroad images 2023 11 30T093155.178

Why Immigrate to Turkey as a Pharmacist

Beyond expanding your career prospects, immigrating to Turkey as a pharmacist offers many benefits:

Growing Economy – Turkey has one of the fastest growing emerging economies globally, which drives healthcare expansion and pharmacist demand.

Pharmacist Shortages – With only ~60,000 registered pharmacists in Turkey, there are shortfalls in meeting population health needs, especially in regional areas.

High Salaries – Turkish pharmacist salaries range from ₺8,500 to ₺15,000+ per month – on par with top European countries. Significantly more than many other nations.

Mediterranean Lifestyle – Enjoy an affordable, high quality Mediterranean lifestyle in Turkey’s vibrant cities, towns or picturesque coastal communities.

Gateway to Europe – Turkey’s unique geographical position lets you easily explore Europe while benefiting from Middle East proximity.

If you seek superior pharmacy career opportunities without the barriers of practicing in Western countries, Turkey ticks all the boxes.

Getting Help With the Immigration Process

Navigating Turkey’s pharmacist immigration and licensing pathway alone can be incredibly daunting.

Seeking assistance from specialist organizations streamlines the process:

SAMPİS – SAMPİS provides dedicated advisory services to guide overseas pharmacists through every step of credentials assessment, immigration paperwork, exam preparation, finding employers and relocating to Turkey.

Pharma Groups – Turkish Pharmacists’ Association forums like the Foreign Pharmacists Commission connect you with pharmacists who have already emigrated from your country to Turkey for advice.

Recruitment Firms – Specialist medical recruitment agencies often have dedicated Turkey immigration experts to handle visas, permits, credential verification and job placements for overseas pharmacists.

Lawyers – Turkish immigration lawyers and law firms can provide legal assistance with immigration applications and ensuring you meet all requirements to practice pharmacy in Turkey.

Doing it alone is challenging even for the most seasoned pharmacists. Expert assistance makes your move smoother.Nursing Abroad images 2023 11 30T094815.356

Start Your Turkish Pharmacy Career Today!

With its growing healthcare system, pharmacist shortages and favorable immigration policies, Turkey presents unmatched opportunities for overseas pharmacists looking to advance their careers and lifestyles.

This definitive guide outlined everything from licensing requirements to job search tips through to the immigration process and associated costs.

If you are a qualified pharmacist feeling limited by the barriers to practice in your current country, now is the perfect time to take that bold step towards an exciting pharmacy career and life in amazing Turkey! Reach out to our team of experts to start turning your Turkish pharmacy dreams into reality.

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