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How to Apply for Fully Funded Australian Scholarships in 2024-2025: A Comprehensive Guide for Bachelors, Masters, and PhD Students

Australia is one of the top study abroad destinations for international students looking for high-quality education and an enriching experience. The Australian government and universities provide a significant number of prestigious scholarships each year to support talented students from around the world. These scholarships aim to attract top talent and future leaders to contribute to the development of Australia and their home countries.

Below are up-to-date information on the top fully funded scholarships in Australia for the 2024-2025 intake, including eligibility criteria, application timeline, selection process, benefits offered and tips for creating a strong application.

Why Study in Australia?

Besides world-class education, Australia offers unique advantages that make it a favored destination for international students:

  • High standard of living, excellent infrastructure, and cultural diversity
  • Opportunity to work part-time and gain international work experience
  • Post-study work options and pathways to permanent residency
  • Vibrant student life and chance to explore the natural wonders of Australia

By winning a prestigious Australian scholarship, you can fund your education and gain exposure that will be invaluable for your career and personal growth.

Top Fully Funded Scholarships in Australia

Here are some of the most prestigious fully funded scholarship programs offered by the Australian government and top universities in Australia:

1. Australia Awards Scholarships

Offered by: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)


  • Full tuition fees
  • Return airfare
  • Establishment allowance
  • Monthly stipend for living expenses
  • Introductory Academic Program
  • Overseas Student Health Cover

Eligibility: Citizens from participating Asian, Pacific, Middle Eastern and African countries

Application deadline: 30 April 2024

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2. University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships

Offered by: University of Melbourne


  • Full tuition fees waiver
  • Annual stipend of $30,600 AUD

Eligibility: International students undertaking graduate research at the University of Melbourne

Application deadline: 31 March 2024

3. UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarships

Offered by: UNSW Sydney


  • Full tuition fee waiver
  • Annual stipend of $40,000 AUD
  • $5,000 housing allowance per year
  • $2,000 relocation allowance

Eligibility: High achieving international PhD applicants

Application deadline: 31 March 2024

4. University of Sydney International Research Scholarships

Offered by: University of Sydney


  • Full tuition fee waiver
  • Annual stipend of $30,000 AUD

Eligibility: Outstanding international research degree applicants

Application deadline: 31 March 2024

Eligibility Criteria

While each scholarship has its own eligibility norms, there are some common criteria international applicants need to fulfill:

  • Academic excellence: Most scholarships require a consistently outstanding academic record with high GPA scores. Some need a first-class degree or distinction average.
    • English language competence: Sufficient English language skills need to be demonstrated through IELTS or   scores, or completion of studies in English medium. Typical requirement is an IELTS score of 6.5 or 7.0 overall.
  • Admission offer: Applicants need to have received an unconditional offer for their chosen program of study before the scholarship application.
  • Financial need: Some partially or fully funded scholarships prioritize applicants who need financial assistance.
  • Home country residence: Applicants must generally be citizens and residents of an eligible country to demonstrate their commitment to developing their home country.
  • Agreement to return home: Scholarship recipients cannot migrate permanently to Australia and need to return home for 2 years after finishing their degree.

Timeline and Process

Students need to plan their scholarship application carefully around the admission application deadlines to maximize their chances:

August-September 2023 – Research scholarship options and shortlist universities

September-November 2023 – Submit admission applications to universities

December 2023-February 2024 – Receive admission offers

January-March 2024 – Prepare scholarship applications

March-April 2024 – Submit scholarship applications

May-July 2024 – Receive scholarship application outcomes

The application process involves:

  • Eligibility check: Confirming that you meet all the basic criteria
  • University admission: Applying and securing admission to your chosen university/program
  • Scholarship application: Preparing a strong application as per guidelines
  • Assessment: Evaluation of applications by selection committees
  • Interview: For some scholarships, shortlisted candidates may undergo an interview
  • Selection and offer: Winning applicants are notified and offered the scholarship

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Application Tips

Follow these tips to create an outstanding scholarship application:

Academic documents – Submit transcripts, test scores, awards and other documents that highlight your academic excellence.

Resume – Include extracurricular activities, leadership experience, publications etc. that demonstrate your talents.

Research proposal – For research scholarships, detail your research interests, gaps in literature and proposed methodology.

Personal statement – Explain your background, academic/career goals and objectives in pursuing your chosen program in Australia.

Recommendation letters – Obtain references from professors or employers familiar with your capabilities and potential.

Attention to detail – Carefully read requirements, ensure completeness and follow instructions.

Budgeting Scholarship Funds

Scholarship recipients need to plan and manage their finances prudently once they arrive in Australia:

  • Create a budget outlining your fixed and variable expenses. List annual tuition, rent, bills, food, transport, entertainment, course supplies, health insurance, emergencies etc.
  • Open an Australian bank account and get tax file number to receive your stipend or expense payments.
  • Limit eating out and budget for groceries and cooking to reduce living costs. Seek student discounts and subsidized housing.
  • Save a portion every month for emergencies and large periodic expenses.
  • Apply for part-time jobs on campus after your course to supplement your income. International students can work 40 hours per fortnight when studying and full-time during term breaks.

Summing Up

The fully funded scholarships offered by the Australian government and universities are highly competitive but provide enormous value. They cover all your expenses to pursue a world-class degree internationally and advance your career. By planning diligently and creating an outstanding application focused on your academic and personal strengths, you can win one of these life-changing opportunities in 2024!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries related to scholarships in Australia:

What are the education levels covered under Australian scholarships?

Most scholarships are offered for pursuing undergraduate, master’s and PhD degrees. Some specialized programs also exist for vocational education and training.

What expenses do fully funded scholarships cover?

Full scholarships generally cover tuition fees, airfare, health insurance, accommodation, living stipend and other allowances related to the degree program.

When should I start planning my scholarship application?

You should start your research 12-18 months before your planned intake. Shortlisting universities and programs, meeting admission criteria and preparing scholarship applications takes considerable time.

Can I work part-time along with my studies in Australia?

Yes, international students on student visas can work up to 40 hours per fortnight when their course is in session, and without limits during term breaks.

What are my post-study work rights after an Australian degree?

International graduates of Australian degrees are eligible for a post-study work visa of 2-4 years duration, facilitating international work experience and migration pathways.

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