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Germany Ausbildung Visa with Spouse Visa Process 2024 | Spouse and Student Apply Together

Germany has a robust vocational education system that provides practical training and prepares students for skilled professions. The Ausbildung programs combine classroom learning with on-the-job training, leading to nationally recognized qualifications.

In 2024, the Ausbildung system continues to be a popular pathway for Germans and international students alike. This article provides a comprehensive guide on the latest Ausbildung visa requirements and application process for 2024. It also covers key information for spouses applying together with the primary Ausbildung visa applicant.

Why Pursue Ausbildung in Germany

Germany’s strong economy relies on having a skilled workforce equipped with practical abilities. Ausbildung provides the right foundation, which is why international students consider Germany for vocational education.

Reasons to pursue Ausbildung in Germany include:

  • World-class training: German companies invest heavily in Ausbildung programs that reflect industry needs. Students get the best hands-on experience.
  • Specialized skills: Programs are available in over 300 occupations from healthcare to engineering to business. Students gain targeted expertise.
  • Global recognition: German qualifications are valued internationally, improving career prospects.
  • Immigration prospects: Graduates can stay back for work under the job seeker visa. Some transition to permanent residency.

The benefits of Ausbildung make Germany a top destination for students seeking advanced technical skills grounded in real-world practice.

Ausbildung Visa Requirements 2024

To pursue vocational training in Germany, international students will need an Ausbildung visa. The key requirements for 2024 are:

  • Acceptance letter: Proof of admission into a state-approved German Ausbildung program.
  • Qualifications: Relevant academic background, typically completion of 10-12 years of school.
  • Language skills: B1 level of German language ability.
  • Finances: Proof of funds to cover living costs, usually blocked account with €10,236.
  • Health insurance: Valid health coverage for entire stay.

These requirements aim to ensure students can successfully participate in their selected Ausbildung program. Authorities assess qualification, language skills, finances, insurance, and other individual circumstances when approving Ausbildung visas.

How to Apply for Ausbildung Visa in 2024

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The Ausbildung visa process involves preparation, application, approval, and travel to Germany.

Key steps are:

  1. Research programs: Identify appropriate Ausbildung programs and application requirements.
  2. Apply to programs: Submit program applications well in advance of intake deadlines.
  3. Receive admission letter: Confirm admission into the Ausbildung program.
  4. Prepare documents: Gather all required documents for the visa application including proof of finances, insurance, qualifications, etc.
  5. Submit visa application: Schedule an appointment and apply at the German embassy/consulate in your country.
  6. Attend visa interview: Participate in a short visa interview about your plans and qualifications.
  7. Get approved: Wait approximately 1-3 months for visa processing and approval.
  8. Travel to Germany: Enter Germany 30 days before your program start date.
  9. Register residence: Complete local registration formalities after arrival.

Planning well in advance and working with experts can help streamline this process.

Spouse Visa to Accompany Ausbildung Student

In many cases, Ausbildung students wish to bring their spouse or family members along when they study in Germany. A spouse visa, also called a family reunion visa, facilitates this.

The key requirements for a spouse visa to accompany an Ausbildung visa holder in 2024 are:

  • Marriage validity: Couple must have married before the student’s visa application.
  • Accommodation: Student must arrange suitable living space for the couple.
  • Finances: Student must demonstrate ability to cover costs for both.
  • Health insurance: Spouse must have comprehensive health coverage.
  • Minimum age: Both individuals should be over 18 years old.

The spouse can apply for their visa together with the student or after the student has traveled to Germany. In the latter case, additional requirements related to the student’s registration in Germany would need to be fulfilled.When applying together, the student would be the primary applicant and spouse the dependent. Spouse visas are typically processed in 1-3 months.

Rights and Obligations with Ausbildung VisaNursing Abroad images 24

International students with a valid Ausbildung visa have certain rights and obligations in Germany:


  • Undertake vocational training program.
  • Seek part-time employment for up to 10 hours/week in non-study-related jobs.
  • Stay back after Ausbildung for job search under Germany’s job seeker visa.


  • Successfully complete the Ausbildung program.
  • Only work within prescribed limits on student visa.
  • Maintain suitable accommodation and health insurance.
  • Inform authorities about any status changes.

Meeting these commitments allows students to remain legally residing in Germany during their Ausbildung. Spouses on a family reunion visa can also work full-time without any restrictions. They must similarly complete residency registration and meet insurance requirements.

Finding an Ausbildung Program

Germany offers a wide range of Ausbildung programs spanning diverse industry sectors. Some tips for finding a suitable program are:

  • Research occupations in demand that align with your interests, such as healthcare, finance, IT, or engineering.
  • Identify top Ausbildung providers in your chosen occupation via institution directories.
  • Review program details including duration, curriculum, language of instruction, application process, and deadlines.
  • Evaluate if you meet qualification and language requirements. Consider taking German language courses to reach B1 level.
  • Prepare relevant documents and submit applications well in advance of deadlines.

Seeking guidance from student advisors can further help identify programs matched to your academic background and career goals.

Financing Your Studies

As part of the Ausbildung visa process, you must demonstrate sufficient finances to cover your entire stay in Germany. Costs to account for include:

  • Living expenses: Housing, food, transport, health insurance, etc. requiring around €820 per month.
  • Program fees: If enrolled in private institutions, additional program fees may apply.
  • Travel costs: Flights and local transport to attend interviews, relocate, or return home.

Financial resources can include:

  • Self-funding: Savings, income, parental support.
  • External scholarships: Awards from governmental or private institutions.
  • Part-time work: Limited on-campus employment opportunities.
  • Ausbildung salary: Monthly apprentice salary offered in some programs.

You must provide credible documentation for financial resources, such as bank statements, scholarship letters, job offers specifying salary, etc.

Why Use Experts?

Navigating Ausbildung pathways independently can be challenging for international students.

Working with specialized experts provides guidance and support including:

  • Advice on finding and applying for suitable Ausbildung programs
  • Guidance on German visa and immigration processes
  • Preparing documentation and financial statements
  • Managing accommodation arrangements
  • Support after arrival with residency registration and integration

Relying on qualified experts ensures you meet requirements efficiently and avoid costly delays or rejections. They can make a big difference in your application success.Nursing Abroad TSI Classroom Boy and Girl 04 1560x560 1

Key Takeaways

Pursuing Ausbildung in Germany requires extensive preparation culminating in a visa application.

Highlights to keep in mind are:

  • Germany’s Ausbildung system offers advanced vocational skills that lead to rewarding careers.
  • International students need an Ausbildung visa with strict language, finance, qualification, and health insurance requirements.
  • Spouses can accompany Ausbildung students on a family reunion visa when certain conditions are met.
  • Finding quality programs, demonstrating financial capacity, and submitting a complete visa application are critical.
  • Working with legal and student application experts can optimize your chances of approval.

With some early planning and expert guidance, an Ausbildung pathway offers international students the chance to gain specialized skills and global exposure in Germany.

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