JobsElevate Your Nursing Career: Lucrative Non-Bedside Roles in 2024

Elevate Your Nursing Career: Lucrative Non-Bedside Roles in 2024

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, nursing professionals are discovering a wealth of opportunities beyond traditional bedside care. The nursing profession offers a wide range of career opportunities beyond traditional bedside nursing roles. As nurses seek better work-life balance and new challenges, non bedside nursing jobs are becoming increasingly popular.

If you’re a nurse seeking a change or a fresh graduate exploring career options, consider these 10 non-bedside nursing jobs that offer unique challenges, growth potential, and a chance to make a significant impact:

1. Nurse Informatics Specialist

Nurse informatics specialists work at the intersection of healthcare and information technology. They help implement and optimize electronic health record (EHR) systems and other healthcare software.As digital systems become more integral to patient care delivery, demand for informatics nurses will surge over the next decade. The field is expected to grow at a rate of 19% from 2022-2032, over 4 times the average across all occupations.

Job Description

  • Design, build and customize EHR systems
  • Train staff on using healthcare software
  • Improve clinical documentation and data capture
  • Analyze data to identify areas for quality improvement
  • Ensure compliance with regulations around patient data privacy and security

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Required Skills

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Passion for technology and systems optimization
  • Detail-oriented with strong analytical capabilities
  • Project management and leadership skills

Salary Range

The average salary for a nurse informatics specialist is $110,360 per year. With additional certifications such as the ANCC’s Nursing Informatics board certification, salaries can reach up to $130,000 annually.

2. Telehealth Nurse

Telehealth has exploded in popularity over recent years. As virtual care models continue gaining traction, telehealth nurses will be in high demand. The field is projected to grow at a rate of over 50% over the next decade.

Job Description

  • Perform patient assessments and triage virtually
  • Provide health education and counseling via video chat platforms
  • Order diagnostic tests and make specialist referrals
  • Document clinical encounters in electronic health records
  • Follow up with patients via phone, email or patient portal

Required Skills

  • Compassionate bedside manner and communication abilities
  • Comfort with using virtual care technology
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Independent decision making abilities
  • Flexibility to adapt in fast-paced environment

Salary Range

The average salary for a telehealth nurse is $83,000 per year, with potential to earn over $95,000 annually with experience.

3. Quality Improvement Nurse

Quality improvement (QI) nurses analyze clinical outcomes and develop processes to enhance the quality, safety and efficiency of patient care delivery. This field is projected to grow by 10% over the next 8 years due to the healthcare industry’s focus on value-based care.

Job Description

  • Track quality metrics and clinical outcomes
  • Identify areas for improvement initiatives
  • Develop and implement updated clinical guidelines
  • Educate staff on new evidence-based best practices
  • Lead quality-focused committees

Required Skills

  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving abilities
  • Data analysis skills
  • Project management experience
  • Passion for enhancing patient care

Salary Range

The average salary for a quality improvement nurse is $83,000 per year. With 5+ years of experience, nurses can earn over $100k annually in this role.

4. Case Management Nurse

Case management nurses coordinate patient care and services across the continuum of healthcare settings. As care delivery models shift towards value-based systems, demand for nurse case managers will grow substantially. The field is projected to expand by 20% over the next decade.

Job Description

  • Conduct patient assessments to determine care needs
  • Develop and implement care coordination plans
  • Arrange services such as home health, rehab or medical equipment
  • Communicate with care team to facilitate smooth transitions
  • Monitor patient progress and modify care plans accordingly

Required Skills

  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Strong care coordination experience
  • Detail-oriented with ability to multitask
  • Passion for patient advocacy

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Salary Range

The average salary for a case management nurse is $77,000 per year. With 5-10 years of bedside experience, nurses can earn well over $90k annually.

5. Nurse Educator

Nurse educators develop curriculums and teach the next generation of nursing students and hospital staff. This field will grow substantially by 23% from 2022-2032 due to nurse faculty shortages and the need to expand nursing school capacity.

Job Description

  • Develop course curriculums and lecture materials
  • Instruct nursing students in academic and clinical settings
  • Train hospital nurses on new policies, procedures and equipment
  • Perform simulations and competency assessments
  • Serve as a mentor and advisor to students

Required Skills

  • Passion for teaching and mentoring students
  • Expert-level clinical knowledge
  • Curriculum development skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal abilities

Salary Range

The average salary for a nurse educator is $83,360 per year. Nurse educators with doctorate degrees and 5+ years of teaching experience can earn over $100k annually.

6. Nursing Informatics Consultant

Nursing informatics consultants help healthcare organizations select, implement and optimize their EHR systems and other health IT solutions. This is one of the hottest growth areas for nurses, projected to surge by over 20% annually over the next 8 years.

Job Description

  • Perform needs assessments to determine ideal health IT solutions
  • Vet software vendors and provide product recommendations
  • Oversee system implementations and data migrations
  • Customize platforms to support clinical workflow needs
  • Continually optimize technology utilization post-implementation

Required Skills

  • Exceptional communication and stakeholder management aptitude
  • Strong change management experience
  • Passion for enhancing care delivery through technology
  • Comfort learning new platforms and systems

Salary Range

The average salary for a nursing informatics consultant is $118,000 per year. Consultants with niche expertise can earn over $150k annually.

7. Clinical Research Nurse

Clinical research nurses help carry out trials to test new treatments and medical innovations. This field is projected to grow by over 20% from 2022-2032 due to substantial R&D investments across the healthcare sector.

Job Description

  • Recruit patients to participate in clinical trials
  • Obtain informed consent from trial participants
  • Administer investigational treatments and collect data
  • Monitor patient health and watch for adverse reactions
  • Ensure research integrity and ethical guidelines are upheld

Required Skills

  • Strong attention to detail and documentation abilities
  • Passion for advancing medical science
  • Exceptional patient education aptitude
  • Willingness to strictly adhere to research protocols

Salary Range

The average salary for a clinical research nurse is $77,000 per year. Research nurses with 5+ years of experience can earn over $95k annually.

8. Home Health Nurse

Home health nurses provide medical care to patients in their homes. This field will grow substantially by over 20% from 2022-2032 due to aging population trends shifting more care delivery into homes.

Job Description

  • Perform initial and ongoing patient assessments
  • Provide wound care, medication administration, injections
  • Assist with activities of daily living
  • Educate patients and caregivers on care techniques
  • Coordinate services with interdisciplinary care team

Required Skills

  • Strong assessment abilities and clinical judgement
  • Exceptional bedside manner and communication skills
  • High level of independence and adaptability
  • Comfort working in patients’ homes

Salary Range

The average salary for a home health nurse is $77,000 per year. Nurses with 5-10 years of experience can earn over $90k annually in this role.

9. Healthcare Writer

Healthcare writers create content for medical publications, health systems, pharmaceutical brands and more. This field is projected to grow by over 15% from 2022-2032 due to rising demand for health education.

Job Description

  • Write articles, blog posts, eBooks and white papers on health topics
  • Create patient education materials for hospitals and clinics
  • Develop content for medical websites and publications
  • Craft compelling marketing copy for health-related brands
  • Ghostwrite thought leadership pieces for industry executives

Required Skills

  • Excellent writing and communication abilities
  • Strong research and interviewing capabilities
  • High health literacy and ability to translate complex topics
  • Passion for educating patients and consumers

Salary Range

The average salary for a healthcare writer is $76,000 per year. Senior-level writers can earn six-figure salaries.

10. Telehealth Program Manager

Telehealth program managers lead the strategy and operations for virtual care service lines. This is one of the hottest growth areas in healthcare, projected to expand by over 50% from 2022-2032.

Job Description

  • Perform needs assessments and develop telehealth program strategy
  • Construct financial models to determine ROI potential
  • Design clinical workflows and standard operating procedures
  • Hire, train and manage telehealth provider staff
  • Continually enhance programs to improve utilization and outcomes.

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Required Skills

  • Leadership and stakeholder management abilities
  • Strong business acumen and financial analysis skills
  • Exceptional project management experience
  • Passion for innovating care delivery models

Salary Range

The average salary for a telehealth program manager is $105,000 per year. With 10+ years of experience, nurses can earn over $130k annually.

FAQs About Non Bedside Nursing Jobs

What is non bedside nursing?

Non bedside nursing refers to professional nursing roles that do not involve routine direct patient care at the bedside in hospitals or other healthcare facilities. These jobs encompass a diverse range of positions focused on areas like administration, consulting, education, research, writing, technology, business operations and more.

What skills are required for non bedside nursing jobs?

The specific skills required depend greatly on the role. However, strong communication abilities, critical thinking, project management, and passion for enhancing healthcare delivery are common across most non bedside nursing positions. Technological literacy is also becoming increasingly important.

What non bedside nursing jobs have the highest salaries?

Some of the highest paying non bedside nursing careers include nurse executives, consultants, informatics specialists and telehealth program leadership roles. These positions offer average salaries ranging from $100k-$130k annually.

Can I transition into a non bedside job as a new grad RN?

While some facilities may hire new grad RNs, most non bedside nursing jobs require 2-5 years of clinical experience at minimum. Building robust bedside expertise early in your career makes you a stronger candidate for transitioning into non-patient facing roles down the road.

What is the job outlook for non bedside nursing roles?

The job outlook for non bedside nursing careers is very strong across the board. Positions like informatics specialists, telehealth nurses, case managers and quality improvement nurses are all projected to experience rapid double-digit growth over the next decade due to rising focus on value-based care delivery.


While bedside nursing offers immense rewards, non bedside nursing careers allow nurses to apply their skills in diverse settings beyond the patient bedside. These roles provide opportunities to drive advancements in care quality.

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