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Comprehensive Guide: Scholarships in the Netherlands 2024-2025 for International Students Pursuing Bachelors, Masters, and PhD Programs

The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is globally recognized as a leading study destination in Europe. Its prestigious universities, cutting-edge research facilities, multicultural environment and high standard of living attract students from across the world. The Dutch higher education system also offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities for international students at the bachelor’s, master’s and PhD levels. These fully-funded and partially funded scholarships significantly lower the financial burden, making quality education in the Netherlands easily accessible.

Here is the comprehensive Guide: Scholarships in the Netherlands 2024-2025 for International Students Pursuing Bachelors, Masters, and PhD that explores the key aspects of scholarships in the Netherlands, including the application process, eligibility criteria, deadlines and available funding at various degree levels. It also provides tips to strengthen your scholarship application.

Overview of Scholarships in Netherlands for International Students

The Netherlands government, along with Dutch universities and external funding organizations, offer numerous scholarship programs to support talented international students.

While some provide a full ride, covering tuition fees and living expenses, others offer partial funding or discounts on tuition fees. Most scholarships are merit-based, aimed at students with an outstanding academic record.Popular scholarship programs in the Netherlands include:

  • NL Scholarship: Funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, it provides €5,000 for the first year of studies. Offered for bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
  • Holland Scholarship: Similar to the NL Scholarship, it provides €5,000 in the first year for non-EU/EEA students.
  • University Scholarships: Leading universities like Delft University of Technology, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Maastricht University offer scholarships ranging from €3,000 to €25,000 per year.
  • Orange Knowledge Program Scholarship: Fully-funded scholarship offered by the Dutch government covering tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, travel costs and more.
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree: Fully-funded 2-year master’s program offered jointly by a consortium of European universities, including Dutch universities.

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Detailed Overview of Key Aspects

This section explores the key aspects of scholarships in the Netherlands that international students should know before applying.

Types of Scholarships

There are three main categories of scholarships available in the Netherlands:

  1. Government Scholarships – Offered by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and other government bodies. Includes the NL scholarship, Holland Scholarship, Orange Knowledge Program etc.
  2. University Scholarships – Offered directly by Dutch universities, specifically for their degree programs. Funding and coverage vary across universities.
  3. External Scholarships – Offered by charitable foundations, private companies and organizations. For example, the Huygens Scholarship Programme, Mena Scholarship Programme etc

Eligibility Criteria

The standard eligibility criteria for most scholarships in the Netherlands are:

  • Non-EU/EEA nationality.
  • Academic excellence, typically a GPA above 3.5 on a 4-point scale.
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree aspirants can apply. PhD scholarships may have additional requirements.
  • Meet English language proficiency scores, usually IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 90.
  • Some scholarships have additional criteria, like age limit, country of origin etc.

Application Process

The application process varies depending on the type of scholarship:

  • NL Scholarship – No separate application. Directly apply to the university by the deadline.
  • University Scholarships – Apply directly through the university by the scholarship deadline. Upload required documents.
  • External Scholarships – Submit an online application and documents by the deadline given on the official website.

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Typical documents required are:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Motivation letter or personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Passport copy
  • Additional documents may be needed for specific scholarships


Application deadlines depend on the program you are applying to:

  • NL Scholarship – 1st February or 1st May annually.
  • University Scholarships – Varies by university, usually 1st February for September intake
  • External Scholarships – Check official website, deadlines vary

It’s critical to verify the exact deadlines from the official websites and apply well in advance.

Available Funding for International Students

This section provides an overview of the funding and coverage provided across different scholarship categories in the Netherlands:

Fully-Funded Scholarships

Fully-funded scholarships cover your entire cost of studies, including:

  • Tuition fees
  • Monthly living allowance
  • Health/travel insurance
  • Flight tickets
  • Visa fees
  • Additional allowances like thesis grant, study materials etc.

Examples of fully-funded scholarship programs:

  • Orange Knowledge Program Scholarships.
  • Holland Scholarship (for 1st year)
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree.
  • University-level scholarships like Delft Excellence Scholarship.

Partially-Funded Scholarships

Partially-funded scholarships provide partial financial assistance. You may need additional funds to cover the remaining costs.

Coverage provided by partially-funded scholarships:

  • Partial or full tuition fee waiver
  • Monthly stipend for living expenses
  • Insurance coverage
  • No flight tickets or visa fees

Examples of partially-funded scholarships:

  • NL Scholarship – €5,000 for 1st year.
  • University-level scholarships like Utrecht Excellence Scholarship – Up to €25,000.
  • Huygens Scholarship Programme – € 1,000 to € 2,000 per month.

Discounts on Tuition Fees

Some universities provide discounted tuition fees to scholarship recipients, making quality education more affordable. You may need external funding to cover additional costs.

Examples include:

  • Leiden University Excellence Scholarship – Reduced tuition.
  • University of Groningen Talent Grant – Reduced tuition.

Tips to Strengthen Your Scholarship Application

Follow these key tips to submit a compelling scholarship application:

Academic Excellence – Maintain a stellar academic record with excellent grades, awards and recommendations to demonstrate merit.

Well-Crafted Documents – Prepare focused motivation letters tailored to each scholarship. Proofread all documents extensively.

Research Universities Thoroughly – Show how your academic goals align with the university’s mission. Refer to specific professors and research projects in your statement.

Show Existing Funding – Provide proof of financial resources you already have access to. This indicates you can complete studies even without external funding.

Apply Early – Complete applications well before the deadlines. Last-minute applications are more prone to errors.

Apply to Multiple Scholarships – Don’t limit yourself to one scholarship. Apply to multiple programs that match your profile to increase your chances.

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Summing Up Key Highlights

The Netherlands provides a wide range of prestigious scholarship opportunities for international students:

  • Scholarships are offered by the Dutch government, universities and external organizations.
  • Both fully-funded and partially-funded scholarships are available, providing different levels of financial assistance.
  • Most scholarships require academic excellence, English proficiency, non-EU/EEA nationality and bachelor’s/master’s status.
  • Application deadlines vary; verify from official websites and apply well in advance.
  • Prepare focused applications tailored to each scholarship program.

Scholarships can make quality international education accessible to deserving students by lowering financial barriers.

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