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Ban Ki-moon Elevating the Voices of Women in Agriculture Changemakers 2024: $5,000 Seed Funding Available

The “Women in Agriculture Changemakers 2024” program is a groundbreaking effort that offers $5,000 in seed funding to innovative women-led projects that promise to transform agricultural practices and rural economies. Recognizing this disparity, former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has launched an empowering initiative aimed at amplifying the voices of women in agriculture.

This exciting opportunity recognizes exceptional Africans under 30 who are leading projects that contribute to the empowerment of women farmers.

Women account for nearly half of the world’s smallholder farmers and produce 70% of Africa’s food. Yet they face significant obstacles in accessing land, finances, education and more due to gender inequalities and climate change. The EVWA Campaign aims to raise awareness of the lived realities of women farmers in Africa and galvanize action for their empowerment.

About the EVWA Changemakers Campaign

The EVWA Changemakers Campaign is an annual initiative that gives a platform to young African leaders working on women farmer empowerment projects. Through a nomination process, inspiring changemakers under age 30 will be selected as EVWA Changemakers and featured on the EVWA webpage.

Click here to nominate yourself as an EVWA Changemaker by June 30, 2024!

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Benefits of Being an EVWA Changemaker

  • Gain global visibility for your work empowering women farmers
  • Expand your network with other young African leaders
  • Opportunity to win the $5,000 EVWA Champion Award to scale your project’s impact
  • Chance to be featured in a professional documentary showcasing your initiative

Eligibility Criteria

To be selected as an EVWA Changemaker, you must:

  • Be between 18-30 years old
  • Be a national of an African country
  • Lead a project that contributes to the empowerment of women farmers in Africa

EVWA Champion Award

The most innovative and impactful EVWA Changemaker will be recognized as the EVWA Champion.

The EVWA Champion will receive:

  • A $5,000 seed funding award to scale their project
  • The opportunity to be featured in a multimedia documentary and social media campaign spotlighting their work

The documentary will be published through the Ban Ki-moon Centre’s channels and at key events like the UN Climate Change Conference (COP) to showcase the EVWA Champion as a best practice example.

How to Apply

Click here to nominate yourself as an EVWA Changemaker. Applications are open until June 30, 2024.

The application involves providing details about yourself and your women farmer empowerment initiative. Nominees will be evaluated based on the impact, innovation and inspiration of their projects.


  • June 30, 2024: Applications close
  • July 2024: EVWA Changemakers announced
  • August 2024: Public voting for EVWA Champion
  • September 2024: EVWA Champion announced
  • October-December 2024: EVWA Champion documentary production and promotion

About the Ban Ki-moon Centre

The Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens was founded by former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. It focuses on empowering youth and women, promoting justice and human rights, and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. The EVWA Campaign aligns with the Centre’s mission to give a voice to marginalized groups like women farmers.


Who is eligible to apply?

Africans between ages 18-30 who lead projects empowering women farmers in Africa are eligible. Applicants must be nationals of an African country.

What types of projects qualify?

Any initiative that contributes to the empowerment of women farmers, such as projects focused on improving access to land, finance, education, markets, technology, etc. Projects can be non-profit or for-profit.

How are EVWA Changemakers selected?

A panel of experts will evaluate nominees based on the impact, innovation and inspiration of their women farmer empowerment projects. The selected Changemakers will be publicly announced.

How is the EVWA Champion chosen?

The EVWA Changemakers will be put to a public vote. The Changemaker with the most votes will become the EVWA Champion and receive the $5,000 award and documentary feature.

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When is the application deadline?

Applications must be submitted by June 30, 2024.

Elevate the Voices of Women Farmers

Women farmers are the backbone of Africa’s agriculture sector, yet their contributions are often undervalued. The EVWA Changemakers Campaign shines a light on the innovative work young African leaders are doing to empower women farmers and gives them a global platform to scale their impact.

If you are a young African changemaker uplifting women farmers, apply now for this exciting opportunity for visibility, networking, funding and more.

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