Jobs10 In-Demand Non-Hospital Nursing Careers and Salaries in 2024

10 In-Demand Non-Hospital Nursing Careers and Salaries in 2024

Nurses have a wide variety of career options beyond traditional hospital roles. Here are 10 in-demand nursing jobs outside the hospital setting and their average salaries.

1. School Nurse

School nurses work in K-12 school districts providing health services to students.

Average Salary: $63,440-$88,700

2. Home Health Nurse

Home health nurses provide medical care to patients in their homes.

Average Salary: $79,090-$110,590

3. Telehealth Nurse

Telehealth nurses use technology to provide care and advice to patients remotely.

Average Salary: $83,240-$116,390

4. Nurse Educator

Nurse educators develop curricula and teach future nurses.

Average Salary: $73,360-$102,580

5. Infection Control Nurse

Infection control nurses develop policies to prevent healthcare-associated infections.

Average Salary: $82,490-$115,340

6. Forensic Nurse

Forensic nurses collect evidence and provide medical care related to criminal cases.

Average Salary: $63,440-$88,700

7. Nurse Coach/Health Coach

Nurse coaches provide guidance to help patients improve their health.

Average Salary: $61,330-$85,750

8. Clinical Research Nurse

Clinical research nurses coordinate and monitor clinical trials.

Average Salary: $67,690-$94,650

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9. Occupational Health Nurse

Occupational health nurses aim to protect and promote health in the workplace.

Average Salary: $72,000-$99,370

10. Case Management Nurse

Case management nurses coordinate patient care services.

Average Salary: $69,320-$96,930The nursing field offers excellent salary potential and career growth opportunities.


Nurses have diverse career options allowing them to use their skills in non-hospital settings aligned with their professional interests and lifestyle preferences. The salaries for these non-traditional nursing roles are also quite lucrative.

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