Have you ever dreamed of moving to Finland, the land of beautiful landscapes, design, technology and happy people? Finland routinely ranks high on lists of best countries to live, thanks to its high quality of life, excellent education system and vibrant culture.

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The thought of picking up and moving to a new country can seem daunting. But with some preparation and know-how, you can make moving to Finland quick and easy, even doing it in as little as 10 days if need be. This article will walk you through the fastest and easiest way to make Finland your new home.

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Getting Prepared

Before you embark on your journey to Finland, you’ll need to get a few key things in order. This preparation will make your move smooth and help you settle in once you arrive.

Secure a Job

First things first, you’ll need a way to support yourself in Finland. The easiest option is to secure a job before you move. Finland has a thriving technology sector, so programmers and developers are in high demand. If you don’t work in tech, there are still plenty of multinational companies that hire foreigners.

Reach out to recruiters and companies in Finland about open positions. Be sure to highlight what makes you a strong candidate. Finland ranks high for English proficiency, so language barriers shouldn’t be too much of an issue in the job search process.

Look Into Accommodations

Once you’ve secured a job, start researching short-term accommodations. Long-term rentals often require Finnish social security numbers and bank accounts. But many Airbnbs and corporate apartments will rent to you before you are fully settled.

Browse listings in the city where your job will be located. Reach out to hosts and ask if they’ll rent to you when you first arrive without Finnish documentation. Temporary housing will allow you to land on your feet when you get to Finland.

Apply for a Residence Permit

The next crucial task is applying for your Finnish residence permit. This allows non-EU citizens to live and work in Finland long-term. Thankfully, Finland makes it easy for skilled foreign workers to get residence permits.

You can start the application process completely online. The main requirements are having a valid passport, securing a full-time job contract in Finland, and providing a criminal record check. Make sure to begin this process well in advance of your move, as it can take a few weeks to get approval.

Get Your Affairs in Order

Before leaving your home country, you’ll want to tie up any loose ends. Doing so will allow you to focus on settling into Finland without any lingering responsibilities back home.

Some things you may want to handle are:

1.Terminating your housing lease

2.Canceling cell phone plans and gym memberships

3.Setting up mail forwarding

4.Closing bank accounts

5.Saying goodbye to friends and family in person

The more thoroughly you prepare pre-move, the less stressful your transition period will be after arriving in Finland.

The Big Move

You’ve done all the groundwork, and now you’re ready to make the big move to Finland! This is the fun part where your dream of living in Finland becomes reality.

Packing Essentials

Carefully decide what to bring with you and what to leave behind. You likely don’t need to bring all your furniture and belongings. Remember, you can always buy items again in Finland if need be.

Focus on the essentials like clothes, toiletries, electronics, and important documents. Useful items to pack are:

Warm winter clothes

Prescription medications

Bank records and passport

Laptop and phone chargers

Comfort items like family photos

Double check luggage restrictions with your airline to ensure your belongings make it safely to Finland.

Traveling to Finland

Once you’re all packed up, it’s time to hop on a plane to Finland! Book a one-way flight to Helsinki Airport, which offers many direct flight routes from major international cities.

Jet lag and long travel days can be brutal. Make it easier on yourself by:

1.Staying well hydrated and eating healthy in-flight meals

2.Sleeping on the plane if possible

3.Moving around on the plane to promote blood flow

4.When you deboard in Helsinki, congratulate yourself – you made it to Finland!

Clearing Customs

After landing, you’ll need to make your way through customs and immigration. Be prepared to provide paperwork like your passport, residence permit approval, job contract, and proof of health insurance.

If asked why you are moving to Finland, clearly state it is for full-time employment. With the proper documentation, the immigration process is straightforward.

Before you know it, you’ll be out of the airport with Finland ahead of you!

Getting Settled In

You’ve officially arrived in Finland. Now it’s time to adjust to your new living situation and life abroad. Here are some tips for getting settled in those first few days:

Living Accommodations

Head straight to your temporary furnished apartment. This will function as your home base while transitioning to Finland. Jet lag will likely hit you hard, so plan to nap and take it easy your first day or two.

Open a Bank Account

One urgent task is to open a Finnish bank account. This allows you to receive your Finnish salary. Bring your job contract and passport to any major bank to open an account the week you arrive.

Secure Housing

Once reasonably adjusted to the time zone, start the housing hunt. Tour rental apartments and meet landlords in person. Finns value trust, so make a good impression. If you found a rental online beforehand, visit to sign the lease.


Public transportation in Finland cities is top-notch. Buy a public transport card to get around easily. You can also sign up for city bike and scooter shares.

For longer day trips, intercity trains and buses are efficient options. Consider bringing your valid driver’s license to Finland and looking into buying a car.Nursing Abroad images 2023 11 24T121552.288

Set Up Utilities

Contact internet, electricity, and heating providers to establish accounts. As a renter, utilities are often separate from housing costs. Promptly scheduling service activations ensures you have running water and wifi.

Adjusting to Life

Give yourself grace and time to adjust to Finnish daily life. Everything from buying groceries to making doctor appointments will have learning curves. Simple tasks may overwhelm at first.

Combat culture shock by connecting with other foreigners and expats in Finland. They can relate to your experience and offer insider tips.

Registering with the Authorities

Once settled, you must legally register your move with the local authorities within a few weeks. This involves filing paperwork that formally declares Finland as your new tax home and place of residence.

To register, schedule an appointment at your local police station or immigration office. They will issue your Finnish personal identity code. This important number gives you access to healthcare, insurance, voting rights and more.

Next Steps

Congratulations – just like that you are officially a Finland resident! Your move only took 10 days thanks to thorough preparation. You successfully arranged a residence permit, packed your bags, found a home, and registered with Finnish authorities.

Of course, fully adapting to a new country takes much longer than 10 days. But you built a strong foundation within your first weeks in Finland upon which to establish your new life. Nursing Abroad images 2023 12 11T170013.567

As you continue adjusting, remember to:

Practice the intricate Finnish language

Build local friendships and contacts

Immerse yourself in cultural activities

Travel to see more of the beautiful country

Consider applying for permanent citizenship down the road.

With an open mind and spirit of adventure, Finland will open its arms to you. The hardest part is behind you, and an incredible life abroad lies ahead.